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Home Safe And Secure
Online criminals wasted no time exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic. In March, the government-funded Computer Emergency Response Team (CertNZ) reported attackers were targeting victims with Covid-19 scams. It was always going to happen. Criminals will d
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Sage Advice In Managing A Crisis
Conversations with a dozen experienced New Zealand and Australian chairs, board members and chief executives has revealed five key themes boards should consider in a crisis. Trust, relationships and agile decision-making figure highly as key consider
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Where Does Humanity Live Within Your Digital Strategy?
At the ripe old age of 40, I have had the privilege of living life pre- and post-Internet. But it’s only recently that I have become aware of its impact on the way we now live. Over the past few months we have been thrown into the unknown – not just
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Reclaim Your Time Clever Productivity Tools Tech-savvy Leaders Use
An IBM Institute for Business Value study, released in September 2019, showed that in 2016 executives ranked technical core capabilities for STEM and basic computer and software/application skills as the top two most critical skills for employees. Bu
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Winning Times For E-commerce
E-commerce has been one of the few winners as the Covid-19 pandemic crossed the globe. There have been variations in the scope of ‘lockdowns’ throughout the world but several patterns have emerged: • People are making fewer trips to physical stores.
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Five AI Powered Apps To Make Meetings More Effective
For those of us who are not super-fast typers dictation and transcription tools are a huge time-saver, accelerating the cadence of collaboration. These are five tools I’ve been checking out recently. X.AI is a super simple and easy to use appointmen
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Recover And Rebuild: Covid-19 Cashflow Solution
Lockdown severely impacted many businesses’ cashflow. While wage subsidies have been helpful, fixed costs continue – regardless of whether money is coming through closed doors. For those affected by Covid-19, keeping cash in their business until thei
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Time For A Career Pivot?
The fallout from the global pandemic has already seen tens of thousands of New Zealanders lose their jobs across all levels of organisations whether they be senior leaders, mid-tier management or at the coalface of a business. And there’s likely to b
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Less Talk, More Climate Action
The lockdowns imposed around the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic have resulted in a dramatic drop in global carbon emissions. While that has highlighted that emissions can be cut hard and cut fast we don’t want to go to the wall in the process. Th
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Learner Story: Supplied Content
ANDY JENSEN is a business manager and insurance broker with Matt Jensen Insurance Brokers. He has more than 18 years of experience as an aircraft engineer and has worked with globally renowned brands overhauling commercial jet engines. He says after
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Performing Under Pressure
2020 will go down as a year of uncertainty across all market sectors. While the worst of Covid-19 may be behind us, its lasting impact on business revenues will linger for a long time. New Zealand’s wine industry is worth almost $2 billion in exports
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The Leader’s Role In Evolving Best Practice For Bids And Tenders
Leaders across all areas of most industries are often required to lead or provide input into bids and tenders. With sales and marketing managers generally taking an active role, it’s important they keep abreast of best practice in bids and tenders to
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Be Kind And Carry On
W ell, what a ride the past quarter has been for New Zealand business! I’m in absolute awe over the way the business community has swivelled, pivoted and managed its way through arguably the most tumultuous time in the nation’s history – barring two
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Blessed, But Cautious
As chair of Wine Marlborough1 and GM of Framingham, a vineyard dating back to 1981, Tom Trolove has a good handle on how wine sales have been tracking, both here and overseas, during the Covid crisis. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, he reports,
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One Way To Get New Zealand Working And Playing More
When we first heard about the four-day work week, BioGro thought we could do something fairer [too] and so our board and management came up with a new idea. The Time Warp. We started a quiet revolution two years ago, by giving employees what we call
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NZBusiness and Management3 min de lecture
Is 2020 The Time To Consider A Four-day Work Week?
Is a four-day work week right for your business? There is evidence to support the success of the four-day work week. In 2018 Perpetual Guardian introduced the four-day work week to its workforce of around 240 staff. The company reported a substantial
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Let’s Get A Win From This
So, lockdown is over and everyone is saying ‘let’s get back to normal’. Great in many ways, but the pandemic has provided a great petri dish for experimenting around ways to work, forcing many companies, by necessity, into a massive trial of flexible
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For The Love Of Healthy Living
On the day Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown numerous customer emails suddenly appeared in Shyr Godfrey’s inbox, including one from Foodstuffs, all stating their expectations for ongoing product supply. “That was both fortuna
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Utilising Technology To Enhance Customer Experience
Using well-considered technology is crucial to not only getting through these crazy times, but also thriving in the years to come. However, technology is only as good as the customer experience (CX) it provides. So what should you consider when it co
NZBusiness and Management3 min de lecturePsychology
Plussing In Times Of Pandemic “Yes And…”
In the past few months, much of the world has made a great global pivot. Almost everything we’ve taken for granted as safe and familiar has shifted. Virtually overnight, we’ve moved from meeting in rooms to meeting on Zoom, from office-based work to
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The Techeffect
Technology has NZB always played a leading role in the progress and prosperity of business. From a macro perspective what technologies do you predict will play key roles in shaping the future of business post Covid-19? What impact will they have? M
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Data Deserves Dialogue
Administrative overhead. The biggest source of lost productivity in sales teams is just that. It is the cumbersome constant of data entry. Producing reports. Capturing data. Entering information into a CRM. It all costs businesses thousands of dollar
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Taking A Lesson From Estee Lauder
Former Estee Lauder CEO, Leonard Lauder, created the famous “Lipstick Index” as an economic barometer in the recession the world began facing in the early 2000s. He cited that women would spend on smaller items such as lipstick and beauty products wh
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Covid Diary: Finding Direction Within Disruption
When you consider how this insidious virus has wreaked havoc on the economy, and how New Zealand’s diverse SME community has generally responded, you can’t help but be inspired. We’re smart, we’re inventive, we’re gutsy in this part of the world. Th
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Online Marketing On A Shoestring Budget
New Zealand has done brilliantly as a country during the Covid-19 crisis. The sense of togetherness, solidarity and willingness to help others has been both inspiring and humbling. Luckily, our government acted swiftly and strongly, and while this ha
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Supplement Or Painkiller?
The new business environment will create numerous opportunities in the months and years ahead. Sam Kamani suggests you ask yourself: • What problem does your business solve for your customer? • Due to the change in environment is your product or serv
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The Emperor's New Clothes
There's nothing worse than someone who thinks they have all the answers. Add to that the fact that, as you're reading this you've probably seen about 25 thousand articles all suggesting exactly what your small business needs to do to leverage the opp
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Tech, The Great Enabler
Technology has had a major role to play in assisting businesses to function in this post-Covid world. We’ve all become proficient in conducting Zoom online meetings, but the push is on to make online meetings more functional and this requires a sharp
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Wfh And The Joys Therein
I feel I have been very lucky in my working life in that I have worked from home over the past 20 or so years. And I love it. I love the freedom it offers around both the work itself, family commitments and the chance to be as productive as I can be
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