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Ko ratou, ko tatou—On other-ness, usness, an exhibition that pays homage to the New Zealand Muslim community, was set to open on the anniversary of the Christchurch mosque shootings. But then lockdown happened. When Northart reopened, I attended the
Art New Zealand16 min de lecture
Leaves From The Of Iron
Jeff Thomson has so much old roofing iron and metal in his Helensville workshop/studio/warehouse that, a few years back, he was accused by local residents of interrupting the television reception in the area. The size of a small stadium, his iron-cla
Art New Zealand6 min de lecture
Gothic Revival
With her new exhibition Inheritance, Hannah Kidd’s practice has evolved from primarily depicting animals, often in a light-hearted and accessible way, to a concern with objects that carry the weight of the past. This new direction was inspired by an
Art New Zealand7 min de lecture
& Words
By identifying as a Samoan artist, Fatu Feu’u has helped secure his position as a leading figure in Pacific art. He has acquired chiefly status in his home village, honours and major commissions; yet, the price he has paid is that he is not ranked as
Art New Zealand8 min de lecture
Tubular Constructions
At 80 years old and with a distinguished artistic career now stretching to more than six decades behind him, Mervyn Williams has boldly entered a new phase of development with Late Harvest, an exhibition of sculptures, along with selected earlier wor
Art New Zealand5 min de lecture
Celestial Portraits
‘The Maori people have, by virtue of long residence in a temperate climate, diverged considerably from the other branches of the Polynesian Race in their arts and crafts,’ wrote anthropologist, museum director and politician Sir Te Rangi Hiroa in his
Art New Zealand5 min de lecture
Tyrell & Thompson
Oracles brings together two Oceanic perspectives of contemporary postcolonialism by addressing precolonial culture. This multidisciplinary exhibition pairs Pati Solomona Tyrell and Christian Thompson, displaying two queer artists who both celebrate a
Art New Zealand7 min de lecture
Total Immersion
After two hours on the sculpture trail at Brick Bay visitors often exclaim to the staff and management, the birdlife is incredible! The trees are outstanding! According to co-owner Richard Didsbury, this is a little disheartening. ‘After all the effo
Art New Zealand2 min de lecture
The Power of Gravity
On a clear day in Whanganui you can see Mount Ruapehu glowing in the distance, keeping a watchful eye over the Whanganui River as it makes its way from the mountains to the sea. Tia Huia Ranginui (Ngati Hine Oneone) grew up near Koriniti—one of the s
Art New Zealand8 min de lecture
Realms of Subjective Reality
At the Elam School of Art’s end-of-year prize-giving in 1937, Betty Aislabie and Gennaro Nigro were awarded first and second respectively for Still Life Painting, as well as a second equal and a commendation for Painting from Life.1 Similarly, the fo
Art New Zealand8 min de lecture
I had read Katherine Mansfield and Sylvia Ashton-Warner and Hal had a job at the Otago University so we bundled up the kids, sold everything and left for New Zealand.1 Els Noordhof On arrival in this country in early 1967, Dutch-born artist Els Noord
Art New Zealand10 min de lecture
Brit Pop and Identity Culture
London. Diana Vreeland, editor of Vogue, declared London ‘the most swinging city in the world at the moment’. The moment being 1965. ‘Swinging’ didn’t yet denote casual sexual coupling and decoupling, so much as ’jazz inflected’ because —‘it don’t me
Art New Zealand1 min de lecture
Corrected Attribution
The Len Lye Foundation has asked Art New Zealand to revise three captions to the illustrations for Richard Wolfe’s article ‘Out of This World: Len Lye and the Quicksilver Collaboration’ in the Autumn issue, number 173. The ‘Suggested Costume for Quic
Art New Zealand2 min de lecture
Don Abbott is Deputy Editor of Art New Zealand, and author of Vivid: The Paul Hartigan Story and Elizabeth Rees: I Paint. Grant Banbury is an art consultant, curator, writer and art educator based in Christchurch. Mark Baskett is a visual artist cu
Art New Zealand1 min de lecture
Art New Zealand
COVER ILLUSTRATION: Séraphine Pick, in her Wellington studio, April 2020 (Photograph: Joseph Pick) Editor: William Dart; Deputy Editor: D. G. Abbott; Founding Editor: Ross Fraser Printing: SOAR Printing ■
Art New Zealand8 min de lecture
The Late Painter
Auckland University Press, Auckland 2020 MICHAEL DUNN Colin McCahon: Is This the Promised Land?, the second volume of Peter Simpson’s magisterial study of the artist’s painting and life, picks up where the first volume ends and deals chronologically
Art New Zealand9 min de lecture
Föenander Gallery 5–25 March KYLA MACKENZIE This, Billy McQueen’s third solo exhibition, stems from his family archive of photographs and follows on from Archive at Antoinette Godkin Gallery in 2018. McQueen (Ngati Manawa), a former print technician,
Art New Zealand7 min de lecture
Imogen Taylor’s Fragments
Sappho’s poems have come down to us from Greek literature as teasing fragments, her verses only preserved for posterity through being quoted in classical texts by other authors, or else unearthed as stray lines and phrases on shards of pottery and pi
Art New Zealand7 min de lecture
Tubular Welds
We (I say presumptuously on behalf of those who take a keen interest in contemporary art) expect to be surprised, not see the same thing over and over. Yet sometimes we go to an exhibition by a particular artist precisely because we dimly expect to g
Art New Zealand12 min de lecture
The Body In The Work
Séraphine Pick’s paintings represent heightened states of consciousness and uneasy conditions of unconsciousness. The overriding impression is one of transformation. She translates the experiences of revellers and ravers―intoxicated, euphoric, mesmer
Art New Zealand8 min de lecture
A Space In Between
The Lighthouse was then a silvery, misty-looking tower with a yellow eye that opened suddenly and softly in the evening. Now― James looked at the Lighthouse. He could see the whitewashed rocks; the tower, stark and straight; he could see that it was
Art New Zealand3 min de lecture
Light As
Melissa Macleod The Trappings of Ghosts Ashburton Art Gallery, 7 March–19 April Stillness, silence and a sense of weightlessness permeate this work by Melissa Macleod. The Trappings of Ghosts, her most recent sculptural installation, bears a perfect
Art New Zealand7 min de lecture
Power & Politics
Ruth Buchanan The scene in which I find myself / Or, where does my body belong Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth 7 December 2019–29 March The exhibition The scene in which I find myself / Or, where does my body belong marked the 50th anniver
Art New Zealand6 min de lecture
But Not Sad
Milli Jannides’ recent exhibition, Sympathy Activity at Mossman, Wellington, is a dissonant collection of works painted over the course of 2019 from the artist’s base in Portugal. Across 14 variously sized paintings, intensity rises and mutes, colour
Art New Zealand6 min de lecture
Folds of Time Blooms of Vibrancy
It is my first encounter with Richard Orjis’ Queer Pavilion. The grass in Rangipuke Albert Park is achingly dry, but the flowerbeds are hallucinatory, resplendent with colour, thanks to the university gardeners. It’s 9am, and Richard is knotting the
Art New Zealand5 min de lecture
Divine Timing
Gary Silipa Kenese Mangere Arts Centre Nga Tohu o Uenuku 21 February–4 April As I write this, Aotearoa New Zealand sits in lockdown. We are all nestled behind our closed doors only allowed to venture outside for walks, supermarket visits and to acce
Art New Zealand10 min de lecture
Cultivating Community
Eucalyptus and lemon myrtle burned. Brendan Kerin, a representative of Redfern’s Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, expertly fed leaves and branches into a steel bucket. As each handful of specially gathered material was consumed by fire, th
Art New Zealand14 min de lecture
Beauty in Unlikely Places
A unique feature of mid-twentieth-century New Zealand painting was the contribution by two Auckland brothers, John and Charles Tole. The pair, who had no formal training and who lived together and painted similar subjects in similar styles, have been
Art New Zealand2 min de lecture
Hope & A Living Wage
There are many layers that make up someone’s totality: DNA; the cumulative experiences over a lifetime, shaped by both internal and external realities and imaginings; the structures and limitations in which we find ourselves, and are difficult to bre
Art New Zealand9 min de lecture
Bach Bing & ‘Horse Opera’
During the decade (1938–1948) that Colin McCahon lived and worked intermittently in various parts of Nelson, he made three epic trips by pushbike over the immense Takaka Hill—16 kms to the top, 13 kms to the bottom—to Takaka Valley, Golden Bay, Colli
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