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Celebs You Didn’t Know Have South African Roots
Sasha’s family relocated from Jo’burg to the US when she was three years old. She managed to snag herself a modelling contract just a year later, and has been flourishing ever since. Her main claim to fame was her role in Pretty Little Liars. The Spu
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Meet Africa’s Climate Warriors
With the climate clock ticking, youth around the world are rising up. Movements like Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion are carrying the example of Swedish teen climate crusader Greta Thunberg: speaking truth to power, one small voice at a t
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Here’s The Real Culprit Behind Your Painful Sex
The old blanket advice for uncomfortable sex? ‘Try more foreplay’ and ‘use more lube’. And, yeah, those can help, but what if you’re already having 30-minute make-outs and going through tubes of the slick stuff and it still effing hurts? Follow this
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Try This At Home
Ships sitting in harbours emphasise stagnation, says Lohan. (It was, um, problematic that I had one hanging across from my bed.) Like actual lovebirds. ‘It could be two swans,’ explains Lohan. ‘Swans mate for life. It’s really just about thinking in
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Local Heroes
Did you know that many of our fave beauty products are actually locally founded? From serums, facial oils and cleansers to mists and fragrances – these brands are producing A-grade, industry-hailed items that are worth *all* your pennies (we’ll have
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Eco nuggets Of Knowledge
Wangari Maathai’s autobiography Unbowed – Oladosu Adenike recommends anything written by her. The movie 2040 will be released in South Africa later this year. Directed by an Australian film-maker, it looks at the solutions available to us and what we
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FOR THOSE TIMES WHEN YOU’RE LIKE, ‘I LOVE YOU, But You’re Annoying...’ Coupledom Can Be Hard!
What’s a non-lame V-Day gift? My partner and I are way past the lingerie and chocolate days... TBH, the fact that you still want to acknowledge this holiday the way Cupid intended is sweet enough. Personally, I think a card is plenty (and plenty eff
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Drama with the squad is your theme RN – so sorry, babes! It might be time to ditch the pals who are dragging you down and find some new ride-or-dies. Big changes are coming at work, kitty cat, and there’s no time for fun hangs. You have to keep up w
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Get To Know The Minds Behind Four Of SA’s Rising Beauty Brands
I planned the schedules for TV, radio, print and digital. I enjoyed the digital side of things as it was a new medium with measurable results. I made the switch from advertising to publishing. I had also just read and watched The Devil Wears Prada,
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
1 Eat less meat and aim to always buy local 2 Walk or cycle to work, and think twice before you fly 3 Embrace vintage and secondhand fashion and decor 4 Don’t use single-use plastic (for example, straws and disposable coffee cups) 5 Consider clim
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Dudes Wanna Know
What should I do if my girlfriend always cries after sex? Be ready with comfort and tissues. Sex unleashes a bunch of hormones that can sometimes trigger an emo reaction. The technical term is ‘post-coital dysphoria’, and it’s really NBD, even when
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Sh*t We Stole From The Beauty Closet This Month
Fact: you probably aren’t cleaning your makeup tools often enough. Another fact: this makes them the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, which can be transferred onto your face. No thanks! This clever solid brush cleaner from Pink Cosm
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Un Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change Timeline
197 countries and the EU adopt the Paris Agreement. They commit to reduce carbon emissions and ensure global warming does not rise more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century. The IPCC Special Report on Global Warming warns th
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Need help coming up with new ideas? Brain surgeon and neuroscientist Dr Rahul Jandial* recommends doing a mini brainstorm when you’re in bed, getting ready to fall asleep. ‘Studies show this window of time is a portal to creativity,’ he says. Mull ov
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Down-to-earth Beauty
Got dry skin, dry hair or dry lips? Grab this baby and it’ll solve it all. While replenishing moisture in skin and hair, it also brings back some radiance to your complexion. The Body Shop 100% Raw Shea Butter (R200 at Clicks) High in vitamin E and
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Ready, Set, Runway!
@xia_narain Represented by: Topco Hometown: Durban Age: 24 Highlight: She closed the autumn/winter 2020 Burberry show and was described as a ‘goddess’ by chief creative officer of Burberry, Riccardo Tisci @thereal. annah Represented by: Fanjam
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How To Tell It Like It Is *and Finally Get A Promotion*
five short words. One terrifying phrase. ‘Can I offer some feedback?’ Wherever you’ve worked, the chances are someone has told you just how well – or not – you are doing. But do you really need it? Feedback is the subject of hot debate in the busines
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So This Is How Long You Can *actually* Keep Your Makeup
1 Storing your makeup in the bathroom is a hard no. Heat and humidity can cause faster bacteria growth, shortening expiration dates even more. Instead, leave it in a dry place, like your bedroom. 2 Don’t f*ck with your eye area. Get yourself a spray
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New- Season Knock-outs
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How To Give It
Be as specific as possible with what worked well and what didn’t. Vague feedback doesn’t help anyone. Stick to talking about actions and the impact they had, rather than personality traits, so it isn’t taken as a personal attack. Take a walk – esp
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Ed’s Letter
I am writing this letter to you from my couch. It is Monday, 30th March and we are four days into the nationwide lockdown. It is an eerie, ominous feeling. It’s as if the world has been turned into a dystopian movie set, and we are all being held ra
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I Got A CBD Massage And Blissed The Eff Out
CBD oil, which is derived from the cannabis plant, is big business. Not only can you now *legally* purchase non-psychoactive CBD supplements and tinctures for physical and mental ailments, but you can get a massage infused with the ‘happy herb’ as we
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Float Like A Butterfly…
Disclaimer: it sounds like hippy nonsense, but with swank studios (including Cape Town’s Float Zero, Johannesburg’s Cloud 9 and myFloat, and Float Wellness SA in Durban) springing up everywhere, it’s clear that floatation tanks are on the rise. These
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‘Good Mental Health Can Make A Positive Impact On All Industries’
I have always been passionate about helping people, teaching and making sure that I’m always learning something new in my career. Medicine fits perfectly into all of those categories and, now that I’m working with children as a training paediatrician
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Add To Cart
My favourite fashion finds this month, all proudly made in South Africa by Foschini ■
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The Best Brows Of Your Life
‘Apply gel against the grain of your brows first, then reload your spoolie and brush them back down again. Sandwiching each hair in gel makes brows look extra thick.’ -VINCENT OQUENDO (@makeupvincent) ‘If your brows are on the darker side, save cash
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Is Cardio A Scam? And 7 Other Not-stupid Questions About Fitness Things
Q I worked out yesterday and now it hurts to live. Whence this cruelty? A This is called delayed-onset muscle soreness, and it sucks. It’s the result of contracting muscles over and over, which tears their fibres, says certified personal trainer St
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Nokukhanya’s Inspo
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It provides practical steps to help you achieve your goals and work efficiently every day. Positively Psyched With Valorie Burton and PedsCases. ‘I am who you [God] say I am.’ ■
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Okay, So The Way You’re Reading This Mag Right Now ~reveals~ Something About You
You’re the type to show up right before the two-minute Uber grace period runs out and announce yourself like you’ve been waiting for hours. PS: we see you thinking about bailing on the rest of this page. Teachers called you out for texting in class,
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