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Boat Bling
CZone’s latest Touch7 display, designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s RV manufacturers, combines excellent viewing and a sleek, modern design with the fastest processor ever in a CZone display. It is also suitable for marine applications.
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Doctor In The House
Dr Robert Haldane Makgill was born at Stirling, Scotland in 1870, the second son of Captain Sir John Makgill, the 10th Viscount of Oxfuird, and Margaret Isabella Haldane, the sister of Lord Haldane, the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain from 1912 to 1
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Back To The Land
For the last several weeks, like everyone else, I haven’t been able to use my boat, and sadly, I sold my kayak last year to make room in the garage for my daughter’s first car. As I write, during COVID Level 3, kayak fishing within reasonable bounds
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Covid Canoe
In no way can I claim to be a boatbuilder. I’ve dabbled in the shallow waters of a sheltered pond at best, but I did start a project some years back that turned me into an interested party at least. Since boyhood I’d wanted a canoe – a proper birchba
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New Faces
STEFAN RICHARDSON ENL GROUP The ENL Group welcomes the return of Stefan Richardson in his new role, ‘Chief of Engineering’. Stefan will join the Senior Leadership Team and take responsibility for combining all engineering under one umbrella to streng
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Austin Powered
Many classic boat restoration stories have odd, unlikely beginnings – it seems to go with the territory. This one started three years ago in an Auckland doctor’s waiting room where Phil Shaw was growing impatient waiting for a seriously delayed appoi
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A Semblance Of Normality
I am sure my somersault out of bed at dawn on the day Level 2 was introduced was replicated by thousands of other boaties around the country. OK, mine was more ‘spirited-roll-on-to-the-floor’ than an actual somersault, but the sentiment was there. Ou
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Yamaha Again Most Trusted Engine Brand
YAMAHA IS NEW ZEALAND’S ‘Most Trusted Marine Engine Brand’ for the fourth year in a row in a Reader’s Digestcommissioned survey of New Zealanders’ opinions of a range of NZ brands. The Trusted Brands survey (now in its 21st year) has grown to include
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Healey Boats
Born in 1898, Healey’s career began with an apprenticeship at the Sopwith aircraft factory. He later studied engineering and soon began dabbling with tuning cars for better performance. That ultimately led to the establishment of the famous Austin-He
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Boating NZ
Editor Lawrence Schäffler Lead journalist John Eichelsheim Regular contributors Roger Mills, Sarah Ell, Norman Holtzhausen, Harold Kidd, John Macfarlane, Matt Vance, Lindsay Wright Art director Debra Tunnicliffe Production mana
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Maritimo One: A Hit With Sportfishers
LUXURY MOTOR YACHT manufacturer Maritimo’s specialist custom division, Maritimo One, has produced yet another vessel specifically designed for a New Zealand game fishing enthusiast. The S51 sedan motor yacht is the first of the offshore cruising sing
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Ida sails Again
Designed and built by Chas Bailey Jnr in 1895, Ida was conceived as a speed machine – a serious competitor to the ‘gun’ vessels racing around the Waitemata before the turn of the last century – and by all accounts she was very successful. Anecdotal e
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Stars On 45
Italy has been hard hit by the Covid-19 epidemic, including its world-leading marine industry. However, Italy’s largest boat manufacturer, familyrun company Azimut Benetti Group, which employs thousands of people in four different shipyards, put in p
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Orion And Smuggler Marine Awarded Costs
FOLLOWING A COURT battle lasting almost four years, the High Court sealed an order for costs against Sealegs of around $500,000 to be paid to Orion and Smuggler Marine before May 26, 2020, or liquidation proceedings will commence. Additionally, a com
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Marine Industry Loses A Stalwart
Bob was a life member of NZ Marine and was the driving force behind his companies Diversified Products and Tohatsu Outboards. In 2009 he was honoured as the first person to be awarded a life membership of the Marine Industry Association of New Zealan
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Patagonia Dreaming
Where do we find a port that hasn’t been shut by Covid-19? Where do we restock food and fuel supplies, clear out and leave for our next port? Do we head back home to New Zealand, across the Pacific Ocean, some 6,000 nautical miles away? What would Ch
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Neel 47 Multihull Of The Year
THE NEEL 47 TRIMARAN has won a major international marine award, Multihull of the Year, in the 40- to 50-foot category. The remarkable trimaran was declared the winner following nominations by Multihulls World magazine judges and the organisers of th
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Letters To The Editor
Dear fellow Auckland boaties, I’ve spent 50 years sailing the Gulf – and 50 years diving beneath its waters. I feel privileged for the experience. But it’s all changed – why do we divorce ourselves from what’s under us? Who wants to sail in a sewer?
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AIS on Manukau Harbour
There are times in any boatie’s experience when it’s helpful for others to know where you are, or for you to know what other boat traffic is nearby. By installing an Automatic Identification System (AIS) on your vessel, you will increase your boating
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Five Flagship Sirena 88s Sold In Just Five Months
AFTER AN EXCELLENT debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival, the Sirena 88 has proven its global appeal with sales to owners from around the world: two from North America, two from Europe and a fifth unit sold to a Russian owner at the Düsseldorf boat s
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Wealth Of Knowledge
Born in Warkworth in 1971, Edlin bypassed dinghy sailing and went straight into keelers by crewing for his uncle David Glasgow on the Townson Moonlight Korora. For the next six years most of his weekends were spent racing and cruising Korora and to t
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Trolling for Trophies
Sometimes you find the most remarkable things where you least expect to see them. For historians looking to preserve irreplaceable artifacts from WWll, the bottom of North America’s Great Lakes has proven to be a veritable treasure trove. That’s wher
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Epic Adventures Moves To Yamaha
FISHING CHARTER OPERATION Epic Adventures is just the latest commercial operator to switch to Yamaha four-stroke outboards. With operations in the Bay of Islands and the Coromandel, the group has begun transitioning its five-vessel fleet of Senator R
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Puzzle no.271 1. Warships often used as convoy or escort vessels (8) 6. ____ sailor – self-reliant boatie! (4) 8. _____ top – cover used to shelter boat cockpit from sun (6) 9. _____ roughy – slow-growing NZ fish caught for food (6) 10. Anchors do th
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Sailing Folk
The bay attracts a variety of modest, wellbuilt cruising boats. The sailors, like the boats, are modest and full of character, with a roundedness that all objects sloshed in saltwater seem to take on overtime. They have made livings as farmers, build
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Surtees Appoints New GM
BAY OF PLENTY TRAILER boat manufacturer Surtees Boats has a new general manager in Philip Wilson. Wilson took over from incumbent CEO Adam Dyck. Originally from the UK, he is a trained mechanical engineer who has worked in the aerospace, defence, mar
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Into The Deep
Built by Florida-based Triton Submarines, the 15.4m DeepView 24 sports large, 140mmthick acrylic windows, a radical design departure from the limited views provided by more conventional submarines. This one is more akin to travelling in a clear, elon
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New Owners At Voyager Trailers
NATHAN AND FERNANDA BROWN recently purchased well respected boat trailer manufacturing business Voyager Trailers. While the Browns are new to the marine industry, they are no strangers to business or boating. The couple brings enthusiasm, new ideas a
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Bosting Loose
The Boston Whaler is also the boat for you if you’re 47 days into self-isolation at the tail end of global pandemic lockdown – she is breath of fresh air – and a big, smooth Swiss-army-knife-of-a-boat that will do it all in style. There’s no beating
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Riviera Mentors Graduate Apprentices
AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST LUXURY motor yacht builder, Riviera, is encouraging its apprentice graduates to participate in a new initiative aimed at enhancing their skills and career pathways. Over a six-month term, graduates of the Riviera apprenticeship pr
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