Boating NZ3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Smart Lithium, Smarter Trolling
But there’s some confusion about the different types of lithium-ion batteries and their safety. And to get the most from them, they need to be installed and used correctly. Lusty & Blundell, distributor of both trolling motors and lithium-ion batteri
Boating NZ1 min de lectureComputers
The Right Zone
CZone’s new Touch 10 Generation 2 display combines an ultra-fast dual-core processor, and an IPS optically-bonded display. The new processor ensures a faster, more intuitive and more responsive user interface, transforming the user experience when op
Boating NZ1 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Culinary Heaven
Chefs Ben Bayly and Andrea Catalinni conjured up an amazing food experience aboard Nautiboy. The six-course meal was largely prepared in Nautibuoy’s spacious galley with help from the portable stainless-steel BBQ on the transom. We were treated to a
Boating NZ6 min de lecture
The Briand Brand
Now, Briand is typically modest about his role in the design, which was built into Sweden’s 1977 Cup challenger, the 12-Metre Sverige. But he has always been fascinated by the America’s Cup. Back in 1978 and with no formal training, he opened up his
Boating NZ4 min de lecture
Fancy Face-lift
It’s the same with boats – a make-over is a risky business – but occasionally you come across a transformation that makes the boat even better than the original. For that to happen she has to have good bones to begin with. Kokomo is one of those boat
Boating NZ6 min de lecture
Turn Up The Heat
Purekraft builds custom aluminium boats designed by HMD (Hall Marine Design). The company’s signature two-step sheerline typically combines with a big volume hull that’s full forward but with a deep entry that morphs to a moderate deadrise aft. The e
Boating NZ3 min de lecture
Cup Of Sorrow
The Plastic Cup is work of Auckland artist Cate Dine, whose unusual medium-of-choice was triggered about eight years ago during her daily walks on nearby beaches. “It was impossible to ignore the volume of plastic rubbish washing up. So I began picki
Boating NZ7 min de lecture
Up The Creek A Journey Up The Mahurangi Creek To Warkworth
Our days on the Mahurangi River and a trip to nearby Warkworth gave us a fresh perspective of this previously un-prepossessing (to us) town. We would dinghy-commute to the supermarket and the sushi place for lunch, tie up at the dock and enjoy the sh
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Letters To The Editor
With the expertise and knowledge within your organisation – and contacts outside it – I’m really hoping you can help me. I own a 3.2m Funfish clinker-style sailing dinghy – fibreglass, for sail/row/motor. While it’s similar to the well-known Seabird
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
For The Eco-tourist
The creation of a Turkish team (Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio – HAADS) the Eco-Floating Hotel takes its inspiration from a vortex and works a bit a like a dynamo, spinning slowly in the tide/current, converting the rotational energy into ele
Boating NZ2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Avoid Low-cost Li-ion ‘Drop-in’ Options
There are low-cost ‘drop-in’ lithium batteries available with internal disconnects to protect the battery. But these can lead to much larger issues. These batteries have huge limitations on the current they can deliver or be charged with. They can al
Boating NZ1 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
Light The Way
THE NEW ‘NAVIGATA’ series of fully submersible LED lightbars are a marine-specific variant of NARVA’s ‘Explora’ automotive lightbar range. The all-white Navigata range utilises 5W LEDs in conjunction with NARVA’s Optic Drive technology, which capture
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Lamont Jet Ribs And Tenders
AFTER SUBSTANTIAL DEVELOPMENT Explorer Boats is rebranding its jet-powered RIB range to Lamont Jet RIBs & Tenders. Over the last two years the company has switched to a Yamaha TR1 100hp engine, installed a Solus jet pump, redesigned the driveline and
Boating NZ2 min de lecture
Turks In Turmoil
The Istanbul Canal – some 45km in length – would run north of Istanbul, linking the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea. Construction is meant to begin mid-year. Engineers estimate it will take seven years to build and cost between US$9.3bn and $14.6bn.
Boating NZ1 min de lectureComputers
Cortex For Trailer Boats
VESPER’S CORTEX HAS redefined VHF by offering high speed, advanced monitoring in a simple, easy-to-use package that’s proving popular in larger trailer boats. Trailer boats left in a driveway or at the bach during the week are vulnerable to theft and
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Abba Takes Sealegs Race
An ABBA-themed Sealegs raced its way into the winner’s circle at this year’s Onetangi Beach Races on Waiheke Island. The team – a new entry at this annual event – was joined by two regular winners: the pistol-toting Fisher family and the Burridge (as
Boating NZ4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Worth Crowing About
While there have been other forays into outboard diesels over the last decade, it is perhaps the Cox CXO300 that marks the emergence from the engine room and onto the transoms of boats around the world. For the first time we have a diesel outboard th
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Sealegs Tender
SEALEGS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has released plans for the world’s most compact amphibious production boat. At just 3.8m overall, the new tender will be powered on land by a Sealegs electric amphibious drive system designed to bring amphibious boating
Boating NZ5 min de lecture
The Sinclairs of Lyttelton
There were two major boatbuilding families in Lyttelton in those early days, the Millers and the Sinclairs, both with Scottish origins. The Millers are identified with the famous yacht Pastime. The Millers’ rivals were the Sinclairs – William Sinclai
Boating NZ1 min de lectureEnvironmental Science
Carbon-offsetting For Boaties
Carbon-offset provider CarbonClick has launched Sapphire Traveller, a new platform tailored to the boating sector. Sapphire Traveller will allow vessels of all sizes, from small trailer boats to superyachts, to easily carbon-offset their travels. Wit
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Maritime Nz’s New CEO
Kirstie Hewlett will be taking on the chief role at Maritime NZ. She is currently Deputy Chief Executive, System and Regulatory Design, at the Ministry of Transport, responsible for transport safety, resilience, security, emissions, regulation, and t
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Boat Business
Boat Business news Dan Leech powercat makeover DIY Boating: lighting your way | Cup replica from trash Review: Purekraft 800HT | Boat Bling Review: HamiltonJet hybrid ferry The Catch: Salt, heat and smoke ■
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Step onboard Boating New Zealand to share thrilling maritime adventures, improve your knowledge of powerboats and yachts, feel the challenge of offshore voyages and be inspired by DIY projects in garages throughout the country. Plus, see the latest n
Boating NZ1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Saving Lives
EXOLOK is a new cylinder locking system from Survivtec Crewsaver for lifejacket gas cylinders. EXOLOK will be fitted to all new Crewsaver lifejackets and can be owner-retrofitted to existing Crewsaver lifejackets with UML or Halkey Roberts firing hea
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
Retro Boats
Reflections: John Street | Crossword Chas Strange and Ferro boats | Blue Duck goes electric Up the Creek: The Mahurangi River to Warkworth VintageView: The Sinclairs of Lyttelton ■
Boating NZ2 min de lecture
Boutique Indulgence
Now lying in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, this grand dame has cruised extensively around the South Pacific since she was first launched in 1976. Previously named Ulysses (the first of the Ulysses series of superyachts), she was built by Australia’s Mi
Boating NZ5 min de lecture
Ferro For Life
Whatever happened to ferro-cement yachts? A few decades ago backyards all over New Zealand housed boatbuilding projects. People toiled on their dream designs – hulls by Hartley, Samson and Donovan – the structures laboriously shaped with steel bar an
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
The Marina
36 Degrees Brokers Busfield Marine Brokers Caribbean Boats Elite Marine Flagship Marine Motoryacht Centre NZ Boat Sales Ocean Time Orakei Marine The Marina Brokerage Team Windcraft NZ Yachtfinders Global ■
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
The New Takacat Nz Team
PAUL AND HELEN POWNEY have taken on the distribution of the Takacat Inflatable Catamaran range for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Founded by Greg Sowden in 2007, Takacat has become a global success with well over 10,000 boats sold around the wo
Boating NZ1 min de lecture
How To Handle The Housing Heat
Searching for your dream build, whether new or old, may come with challenges — largely thanks to continued competition — yet, for those willing to stay the course, do their homework and understand the risks and benefits, the right home awaits. Trade
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