OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Amsterdam Delight
The apartment is situated in a former distribution centre for the South Holland Brewery from The Hague. Until the mid-twentieth century, this was one of the most renowned breweries in the Netherlands, it even received the Royal designation of Beer Su
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Grimm To The Limits
The house was built in 1905 as a ´stolp´ farmhouse on the foundation of a much older farm. The noble family of Van Stolk, owned the majority of the land in the vicinity. At the beginning of the last century, the family essentially gave around 1000m2
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Elise In The Sky With Diamonds
The Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Toronto is a complex consisting of a 55-story residential condominium tower next to a 30-storey hotel tower in the Yorkville district of Toronto. The two glass towers were designed by Peter Clewes of architects A
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
6 Generations Of Belgian Decorators
Geoffroy designs and decorates houses, apartments and restaurants in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, the UK, France, and the US. He names Leonardo da Vinci, Tony Duquette, St. Nicholas and his mother as his biggest sources of inspiration. He wa
OBJEKT South Africa5 min de lecture
Porsche’s 800-volt Gamechanger
The Taycan is Porsche’s first fully electric sportscar and goes one step further than the company’s myriad hybrid models. From the ground up it’s entirely new and is a crucial piece of a longterm vision towards emission-free motoring. This is just th
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Serenity And Elegance
Renee and Ken Metrick, made their names with Elte, the successful interior business from the Toronto started by Ken’s grandfather in 1919. Furnishing and rugs are their specialty with an extension with Elte Mkt, an affordable luxury line and their ba
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
The White House Painted Black
The White House has quite a history as it was designed by a member of the Harvard Five from New Canaan, Connecticut, USA. This a group of architects that settled there in the 1940s: John M. Johansen, Marcel Breuer, Landis Gores, Philip Johnson and El
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NOCC Studio At Nelly Rodi - L’Hôtel Cromot Du Bourg, Paris
Jean-Christophe Orthlieb and Juan Pablo Naranjo set up the NOCC studio exactly a decade ago. Having tied their hands over the years focusing on artistic direction, interior design, industrial design, staging, and experimental and mass production, tod
OBJEKT South Africa1 min de lecture
Catharsis by Prune Nourry
Catharsis marked a turning point in the artist’s creative process. For over twelve years, Prune Nourry has been developing powerful and thoughtful multidisciplinary work, exploring the body by questioning gender and hybridization. She tended to keep
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Napa Valley Twilight Rooftop Wabi-sabi
During their initial design briefing conversation for Ensue, Kostow asked Chris Shao: “what is your definition of luxury?” His response was that, to him, emotion evoked the greatest sense of luxury, as identifying luxury itself is a very deep and per
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The New Industrial Chic
The transparent house was created for a technology wizard, who approaches design issues from both left and right sides of his brain. The open spaces of the building’s interior allow for fluid transitions between living, working, art collecting, and p
OBJEKT South Africa4 min de lecture
An Icon Returns
The new Toyota Supra has been conceived as a sports car in its purest form and the fifth generation is the first global GR model from Toyota Gazoo Racing. The new Supra has been designed without compromise and driving enthusiasts getting behind the w
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Magic Harlem
The 19-story residential condominium building is located at 111 Central Park North on the northwest corner of Lenox Avenue and consists of 48 apartments. It was designed by Hillier Architecture and SCLE Architects and developed by the Athena Group.Th
OBJEKT South Africa1 min de lecture
Roof | Birds kengo Kuma
“Furniture should blend into the surroundings. I want tables and chairs to be light and delicate. Elegant pieces that are content to play a supporting role and never attempt to steal the spotlight. The starring roles are performed by the human body o
OBJEKT South Africa1 min de lecture
Owl Creek
At Owl Creek a single shared, stand-alone home was built for two families. Additionally, a collection of lodge-like communal areas are clustered together, creating a space that is both intimate and open. The architects: “The strict height limitation
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Italian Emotions
The villa dates back to 1844, located in Albignasego, is a stone throw away of the ancient Italian city of Padua. In former days it was used by a noble family to control the surrounding land. Beginning of the 21th century, the Bottacin family decided
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Rural Industrial Aeshetics
From the road, the house looks like a modest contemporary cottage. It consists of four large interconnected modules with several offset façades reminiscent of a farm, with a central courtyard and outbuildings. Nestled in the vales of the Eastern Town
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Porto, Portugal
Miguel Cardoso Arqtuiteco was responsible for the restoration of the old villa and preserving the original architectural details of its luxurious history. The architect also designed the new extension of the hotel. The new interiors were designed by
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Thunderbird Heights
Originally built in the 1960s, the Stuart Silk Architects team was asked to update a mid-century modern house without sacrificing its charm. Situated in Rancho Mirage on a site perched on a plateau above CoachellaValley, the rugged, inhospitable Sant
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lectureTech
Studio Drift
They form a unique duo in an international world where nature, art and technology meet. They developed an intriguing language based on the question ‘who are we’: what bridge between nature, light and electronics can stimulate the human feelings? “Wha
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
The Grand Dame Of Megève
Attached to the Mont d’Arbois Massif with the Mont Blanc in the distance, L’Hôtel L’Arboisie is the very emblem of the village of Megève, a small village in the Haute-Savoie in southeastern France Alpes. Conceived in the 1920s as a French alternative
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Tucked Away In Castle Creek Valley Colorado
Enter the Conundrum house and studio in Aspen, Colorado. Inspired by recollections of an earlier modernism and specifically by detailing in the early houses of Kahn, Schindler and especially Aalto’s Villa Mariea, Madderlake Designs created the house
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Flipping Waves In The Need For Speed
Made of carbon fibre, the new vessel measures 25.55 metres in length and 5.86 metres in width. The use of carbon not only means lighter weight, greater speed, and lower fuel consumption, but also more volume due to the ability to design larger, more
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Food Bigger Than The Plate
The exhibition ‘FOOD: Bigger than the Plate’ was about how innovative individuals, communities and organisations are radically re-inventing how we grow, distribute and experience food. Taking visitors on a sensory journey through the food cycle, from
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
A surprising series of minimal narratives came to life inside the Villa Imperiale at the project Mirabilia project. The interior design project and site-specific setup was conceived through the observation of a place, and preserved numerous traces of
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Connectivity On The Slope
The Winged Retreat is nestled between groves of oak and madrone trees that both shade the home and provide screening from neighbours and the road. The footprint of the home was carefully considered to eliminate the need to remove any existing trees.
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
Ingenious Curated Mess
The apartment, in one of central Manhattan’s green areas, resembles a small cathedral. It is located in a brownstone building dating from around 1906. Rumour has it that the unusual space was specially incorporated as the golden cage for the mistress
OBJEKT South Africa2 min de lecture
Brazilian Rhythms
Founded in 1983 in Sao Paulo by brothers Fernando (born 1961) and Humberto (born 1953) Campana, Estudio Campana became famous for its furniture design and the creation of intriguing pieces. It has since grown to include Interior Design, Architecture,
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
More Is Never Enough By Bill Bensley
The architects who originally designed Hotel de la Coupole in 1914 wanted to pay tribute to Vietnam and their French homeland through a constant comparison between Parisian Haute Couture and traditional Hill Tribe garments. The result was an enchanti
OBJEKT South Africa3 min de lecture
A Match Made In Heaven Breitling And Bentley: Driving Together Into The Future
Breitling CEO Georges Kern is excited about continuing the partnership with Bentley. He commented: “Bentley and Breitling share so many values. Both companies are known for quality, performance, and design excellence, and both can build on powerful h
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