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Surface Laptop Go
From $999, Microsoft Surface devices like the Surface Laptop Go have traditionally been super high-end laptops and tablets, aimed at providing the best Windows 10 experience. However starting with the Surface Go back in 2018, Micro
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The Road To Electric Vehicles
In today’s world we always have somewhere to be, and many of us rely on cars to get us there. These vehicles have been around since the late 1800s, and they are on their own evolutionary journey. From the clunky early models that only needed to trans
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Mobile Games
Marvel games on mobile have been the victim of most standard moneymaking tropes – collecting heroes, upgrading heroes, trading in paid currency for heroes. But in most of these games you do not really do anything that exciting, with control over your
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Pressa To Sit Down
Videogames have been making us laugh for as long as we can remember. Yet often it’s by accident rather than design; a result of the player’s involvement spoiling the designer’s intent. “You can have this totally serious, heart-wrenching cutscene and
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The End of Distros?
We’ve seen that in the early days, the distro was very much something that wanted to make your life easier. The first ones probably didn’t seem like they actually did that, but the huge popularity of Linux distros by the late 90s definitely suggests
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Ridiculous Tech
$3.50 per kg, Potatoes have kind of a bad rap on the internet for being a bit simple, but the starchy staple is about to have a dramatic perspective makeover since it was uncovered that they contain the internal power to run Doom
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The Chomebook Search Key Will Now Be The Everything Button
Google is rebranding the Search/ Launcher key on their Chromebooks as the Everything Button as they transition more shortcut functionality to make use of the key. According to Android Police, the Everything Button, which lives above the left Shift an
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How To Recharge
The Honda e can either be slow, fast or rapid charged using the different connectors to supply a range of wattages. These are available at many public charging points and provide an option for fast and more frequent charging or a slower process with
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Corsair One A100
$6,599, The Corsair One returns with, at first glance, no discernible changes. The solid metal case is exactly as we remember it, as a thin tower with a tiny square footprint, gunmetal grey, with two tasteful RGB strips inlaid down the f
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Youth And Young Manhood
Neil says the game industry still has a demographic problem that isn’t necessarily conducive to comedy. “I worked in studios where it was explicitly told to me that I wasn’t the audience for the games we were making simply because of my gender,” she
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Help Station
I have three licenses attached to three computers. One is an OEM laptop. The other two are Pro licenses I purchased. It’s time to upgrade one of the Pro machines, which will be a full rebuild, making the jump from an Intel 6700K to AMD. How do I tran
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Windows 10 May Have Finally Killed Off Flash Player For Good
Back in September 2020, Microsoft reminded users of the impending removal of Flash Player, noting that the product would not be supported on its web browsers after December 31 2020. It looks like Microsoft has now made good on that promise, having re
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Leading The Charge
As most major car manufacturers are beginning to steer towards an electric future, many are envisaging how recharging these vehicles can be made more accessible. With lamp posts already lining most streets, one plan involves incorporating charging po
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Amazon Kindle
$139, If you’re looking to buy an ereader right now, it’s almost certain you’ll be looking to buy something from Amazon’s Kindle range. With three products on offer, the Kindle family offers something for everyone, with top-end fea
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10 Ways To Customise Your Android Phone To Make It Feel Like New
One of the benefits of going with an Android phone for your daily driver is that you’ve got an almost limitless number of ways to customise it. While iOS remains mostly locked down in terms of how you can tweak its look and feel – even after iOS 14’s
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Raise Your Email Game
While there’s a lot to be said in favour of web-based email services such as Gmail and, they can be frustrating. You may be free to access your email from any computer that’s connected to the internet, but they lack the power and features
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IPhone 13 Could Be A Foldable Phone That’s Built To Last
Apple has been toying with the idea of a foldable phone (which could launch as the iPhone Flip or iPhone Fold) for a while now. And now a new patent spotted by Patently Apple, was filed in April and published on October 27, 2020, and it details a pro
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Switch Pro Could Feature A Mini-LED Display
Rumours surrounding a potential Switch Pro suggest the console could feature a Mini-LED display. Mini-LED technology is a fairly new display technology and could mean potential resolution upgrades. It could also result in improvements such as screen
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Sennheiser HD 560S
$319, The Sennheiser HD 560S are a very specific pair of headphones seeking a very specific customer. At a glance, they’re an unremarkable (if slightly dated-looking) proposition. They’re almost entirely plastic, of the black an
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Rise Of The Distros
Linus Torvold wrote “A kernel by itself gets you nowhere” in the release notes for Linux 0.01 in 1991. This statement (or understatement) was apparent to early Linux adopters who actually wanted to use the OS for something and faced a bit of a strugg
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Jargon Buster!
The program you use to access your emails. It can be used to send and receive messages from more than one email account. PIM stands for Personal Information Manager, and describes a piece of software (such as eM Client) that handles numerous tasks su
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Apple Search Engine Rumors Revived As It May Be Looking To Stop Relying On Google
Rumors persisted that Apple has been developing its own search engine to replace Google on its devices, but those efforts might be ramping up – just as Google is facing potential anti-trust actions by the US Department of Justice. Apple is likely to
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PlayStation Boss Says Sony May “Bolster Our In-house Capability” With More Studio Purchases
Sony has indicated that they’re open to getting more studios into their in-house production network. With the PS5’s highly anticipated release day coming ever closer, the company’s desire to expand its group of in-house studios seems to be growing. J
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Alcatel 3L (2020)
$199, The Alcatel 3L (2020) is right down at the cheapest of the cheap phones level, and really that colors everything else we’re going to say about the phone – many of us will be perfectly happy to make some compromises on per
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The Distros That Time Forgot
At this juncture of the narrative we’ll take a quick detour to mention some other ‘pioneer’ Linuxes, now consigned to the history books. Like MCC, TAMU was developed at the Texas A&M University for in-house use only. Unlike MCC it included X-Windows,
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Using A Trackpad
iPadOS 13.4 or later, trackpad compatible with multi–finger gestures How to control your iPad with a trackpad 20 minutes In recent years, Apple has increasingly been extending the abilities of the iPad so it can offer a real alternative to a MacBook
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Windows 10 Will Get A Whole New Look In 2021
Sources who have spoken to Zac Bowden at Windows Central have talked about a major revamp for the UI which is codenamed ‘Sun Valley’, and the current plan is that it should debut with the H2 2021 feature update (which would seem to indicate this won’
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Best New Apps
If you, like me, use your phone as a device that can answer any and all your random questions, then you should probably pick up Ecosia. It’s just a browser and web search app but it uses the ad revenue from searches to plant trees. I did a bit of dig
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WD My Passport (2020)
WD has refreshed its mainstream portable solid state drive, the My Passport SSD, giving it a new design, better internal components and a competitive price tag. However, the market has significantly evolved as well since the My Passport was originall
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Slackage Management
Package management in Slackware is done through the pkgtools suite which includes self-explanatory commands such as installpkg, removepkg, upgradepkg, among others. A common complaint is that unlike almost any other modern package manager that you’d
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