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The Restoration Show Gets A New Venue For 2020
This year, the Restoration Show and Spares Market is being held at The East of England Showground, Peterborough on November 29th. The show's main draw is always the autojumble, and this move will allow even more traders and stalls to set up outside a
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Peter Love
Peter Love is Kelsey Media’s group editor-at-large. He created its tractor and commercial vehicle titles starting with Tractor & Machinery some 25 years ago. However, he is also a keen steam and classic car owner and loves working in his workshop on
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Split Pins And R-clips
Split pins are often fitted through a hole in the end of a thread and through slots in the nut to prevent it from loosening, or through a clevis pin to stop that from falling out. They are designed to be a single use item, with the ends being bent ov
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Price: £30. Hardback, 280mm x 240mm, 240+ images. ISBN: 978-1-907085-78-9 This book tells the unlikely story of the world’s first production Land-Rover, chassis number 860001. Built in 1948, Land-Rover number one was intended for presentation to Kin
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LKR 963 arrives!
Having brought you news in the October issue of our purchase of the 1949 Allard L, LKR 963, I can now report on further progress. First of all, previous owner Roger Murray-Evans went through the car and replaced the wiring loom and sorted out various
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Slack Prevention Washers
Lock tab washers are often fitted to brake and suspension components to help prevent a bolt or nut from loosening. The ends of the washer are bent over and against the flats of the fastener to lock it into place and remove any possibility of it turni
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Iain Ayre 1992, And All That
The year 1992 was a good one for motor cars. As to whether cars from 1992 are classics, that depends on how old you are because deciding what deserves classic status is a very individual choice. Rob Maynard at RWMandCo has just booked in a 1980s 3-se
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Will Armston-Sheret
Will has a collection of Morris Minors. This column follows the maintenance and modification of them for daily use, as well as the long-term restoration of a 1950 Lowlight Tourer from a desert scrapyard in America and a 1970 Morris Van which has been
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Lockwire or safety wire is a traditional means of reducing the risk of one or more bolts coming undone. The head of the bolt must have a hole drilled through it to allow the lockwire to be fitted, which is available in a range of diameters. A pair of
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Allard's Continuation Jr
Allard Motor Company, a name created in the 1930s from a love of racing, coachbuilding and pre-war ‘hot-rodding,’ is making its comeback for the first time in 60 years and introducing the Allard Sports Cars JR continuation series. This has been a col
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Lowlight Trip To Wales Is Summer Highlight
After several months with relatively little travel, I looked forward to a week-long sojourn in North Wales at the end of August. Regular readers will be aware that this is a trip I like to make annually, as it provides the perfect confluence of inter
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Studs can be particularly problematic to order correctly. On metric studs, the length is measured as indicated here – from the start of the unthreaded shank at the bottom (known as the metal end) to the very top (known as the nut end). You then need
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Graham Robson Missed Opportunities
Yes I know, it happens to every petrolhead at some point or another – the fact that we sometimes have the sort of dream which involves us buying, or keeping, our dream car, then waking up in a cold sweat and knowing that it never happened. And being
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Troubleshooting with Steve Rothwell
Q I have a 1975 Ford Capri 2.0 automatic with the Ford Bordeaux (C3) gearbox. I have the following faults with the transmission: 1. Reverse gear is very slow to engage – it can take a few minutes after selection before the car will move, and sometime
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Thread Lock And Locking Nuts
In some cases, a bolt should be fitted with a small amount of thread lock applied to help reduce the risk of it slackening. This is essentially a mild glue, and manufacturers such as Loctite produce thread lock in a bottle and tube. Avoid saturating
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Rod Ker Keeping A Promise
In 1969, Ford’s new Capri was famously billed as The Car You Always Promised Yourself. That never made much sense to me, but the Blue Oval people had sold nearly two million by the time the last one rolled off the line in 1986, so I guess that it mus
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Figaro Project Part 9 The Finishing Touches
As we come to the end of our Figaro project, there are still a few jobs to be done and a couple of those are being shown here. However, on a car that is nearly 30 years old there will always be some additional fettling and repairs to be done, so it i
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Compression Washers
A washer that can be compressed or crushed is often used where a liquid-tight seal needs to be achieved, such as the fitting of an engine oil drain sump plug. Avoid over tightening the sump plug (refer to a workshop manual for the correct torque sett
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I suspect that most clubs are in a similar position, but the restrictions this year have prevented the meetings that we normally report on in our magazines. That has certainly been the case for the Sunbeam Rapier Owners Club's magazine, Cut and Thrus
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Preparing For Winter Storage
Winter hibernation for a classic car is one of the best means of protecting it from the perils of road salt, dirt and water that can contaminate the chassis legs, wheelarches and sills. However, it could be argued that similar damage can be inflicted
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Light, Fantastic
The history of most British automotive marques is a litany of changing ownership and shifting corporate allegiance. Lotus is no exception: although it had remained under the control of its charismatic founder Colin Chapman from its 1952 birth until h
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Family Favourite
When Ford of Europe unveiled the Escort to the public at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1968, the all-new model was an instant success. Cleverly marketed as ‘The small car that isn’t,’ the Escort hit the ground running. The early models were avai
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Teng Tools offers hand tools in smart storage solutions for demanding professionals within the automotive, maintenance and engineering sectors as well as motorsport and classic enthusiasts who aspire to use the same tools as top mechanics across the
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The Faces Behind The Ads
1 What was the first car that you ever owned? The first car I owned was my grandad’s Ford Cortina Crusader 1.6, fondly known as Brutus the Destroyer. Grandad had owned the Cortina from new and I restored the car after inheriting it at the age of 16.
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Little Urn
When I met up with Marcus Johnson, technically the owner of a Volkswagen Beetle known as Little URN, he was wearing a T-shirt that proclaimed: Vee Dub Dad – like a normal dad but cooler. He was wearing it on the strict instructions of his daughter La
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Fine Or Coarse
Fine and coarse threads are available for most nuts and bolts, a coarse thread having fewer threads per inch than a fine thread. For unified American fastenings, a coarse thread is abbreviated to UNC (Unified National Coarse) while UNF (Unified Natio
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12 Griffin Icons From 12 Decades Of Vauxhall
Vauxhall is the UK’s oldest surviving home-grown brand, and their 117-year history is brimming with models that not only left an indelible mark on the face of British motoring, but also raised the bar in so many areas – performance, design, safety an
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The Collectors
I bought the Duchess, our 1965 Rover 3 Litre saloon, in 1976. That is now 44 years ago, and at the time it had only 22,000 miles on the clock. Although I gave the car to Anne as a wedding present, I have somehow still ended up paying all the bills on
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Stretch Bolts
Cylinder heads on many engines from the 1990s onwards use stretch bolts to secure the head to the top of the engine block. These are capable of withstanding a greater amount of torque than traditional head bolts because they stretch when tightened. C
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Classic Tails
Andrew is still traumatised by the experience of pouring heart and soul into a car, only to see it subsequently ruined within a year. That’s why he’s keeping his current BMW. Looking through some old photos recently, I chanced upon one I took outsid
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