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HOW TO Age Well
WHEN YOU think about age, you are usually drawn to your chronological age – the number of candles on your birthday cake. Let’s imagine you are 55. Your underlying assumptions are that your chronological age is the go-to measure; that you can look bac
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Live in a hard water area? Then this new beauty buy is a must – especially if you have dry skin and/or frizzy hair. The HELLO KLEAN Shower Filter (Euro 65, removes minerals that lead to soap scum, which causes hair to feel dry and wei
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“Love , Get Organised And Drink Good Wine!”
IT’S BEEN EIGHT YEARS SINCE I first started feeling like I was losing a grip on the old me,’ says radio presenter and podcast host Jenny Eclair. ‘Since then, I can’t say that I’ve emerged like a beautiful butterfly from some hideous old menopausal ch
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And Your Winners Are...
Welcome to the first ever Top Santé Bodycare Awards! Last year we decided to split the awards into three: facial skincare, haircare and bodycare. This month we’re featuring all the winners and highly commended products of our body categories. All the
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HOW TO AVOID (or DIVORCE a break )
LOCKDOWN HAS placed couples under enormous and sustained pressure so it’s no wonder the number of divorce enquiries at solicitors has more than doubled. If you’ve been feeling the strain, it’s vital you allow yourself time to recalibrate before rushi
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Editor’s Choice: Best Eco Beauty Brand
Weleda ( Founded in 1921, Weleda is one of the original natural beauty brands, growing its own ingredients using biodynamic methods and being free from mineral oils, silicones, micro beads and liquid plastics. Weleda is the first beaut
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Past The Point Of No Return?
My advice is always to work on the relationship and not give up. However, there are times when you need to be brave and face the fact that it isn’t working. If you are with a partner who doesn’t love you it will be damaging to your confidence and sel
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Your New Skin Saviour
RETINOL IS ONE OF the products I’m most frequently asked about, and potentially one of the most confusing. All you need to know is that it’s all vitamin A. In the same way that white sugar, brown sugar and maple syrup are all sugar, retinoid is the f
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Lockdown has been a challenging time for us all in various ways, but one of the positives to come out of this strange, difficult and uneasy time is the fact more of us are looking closely at our purchasing habits, both in terms of the quantity and al
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A Luxury Woodland Spa Retreat In Yorkshire!
THE PEACEFUL WOODLAND GROUNDS OF the Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa, in Otley, Yorkshire, are the setting for delightful luxury lodges and cosy cabins, some with their own hot tubs, offering the perfect getaway after the trials and tribulations of l
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A Rough Guide To Retinoids
Tretinoin (retinoic acid/all transretinoic acid), aka ‘Tret’, is available as prescription-strength products only. It comes in three strengths and you will work up from 0.025% to 0.05% and finally 0.1%, guided by your dermatologist. It is suitable fo
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The Top Santé Manifesto
“We believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age, regardless of health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the
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BAM, the creator of soft bamboo activewear, has announced its radical goal to become impact positive by 2030 – the first established British clothing brand to do so. By 2030, BAM has set goals for zero carbon, zero waste to landfill, zero pollution a
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True Blue
Give your face some TLC with the Forever Living Aloe Bio-Cellulose Mask (£51 for five, foreverliving. com). It’s made from a superfine natural fibre that’s pre-loaded with skin-loving ingredients including naturally fermented aloe vera gel and seagr
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Top Sante UK
Editor Katy Sunnassee Deputy Editor Yvonne Martin Art Director Jennifer Ratcliff With thanks to: Lizzy Dening, Jessie Pavelka, Sarah Sellens, Kim Willis, Gemma Calvert, Sara Davison, Samantha Rea, Natalie Millman, Caroline Hirons, Edd Kimber, Owen
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“I Lost Four Stone In Lockdown!”
I WEIGHED 26 STONE AND wore a size 28 clothes when, in 2018, my doctor referred me for bariatric surgery to reduce the size of my stomach so that I could lose weight. I hadn’t been big as a child but getting pregnant at 22 had meant the weight began
Top Sante1 min de lectureFood & Wine
Smidge 100 per cent Natural Lunch Boxes (from £13.99, are made from biodegradable plant materials derived from corn! Kilner Fresh Storage Glass Food Containers (from £8.99, are stackable, airtight, and hugely versatil
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Your Healthy July
We grow up being told not to copy our friends but new research suggests it might actually hold the key to success when it comes to fitness. Research from the University of Chicago proved that when people mimic their friend’s exercise strategies, they
Top Sante3 min de lectureFashion & Beauty
“We’re Protecting The Planet With Our Products”
Founder Emma Reid explains why Tribe Sports is on track to become the UK’s first 360-degree sustainable fitness apparel brand. My husband originally started Tribe Sports as a community running platform in 2010. He had started to produce running clo
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Ready Set, Bake!
MAKES 6 Don’t let the word laminated put you off making this recipe. Lamination is the way a croissant dough is made, taking hours of effort and a high degree of skill, but this is a much simpler recipe that just uses that idea to add in the flavouri
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Reading List
Emotional Healing, by Dr Harry Barry (£14.99, Orion Spring) Trauma, grief and pain can feel like they’ll never end. While there’s no simple solution, there are steps you can take to start moving forward. Dr Harry Barry uses his clinical experience c
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Treading Lightly...
WHEN THE government announced the lockdown, we were instructed to take no more than an hour’s exercise outside each day, without driving to our destination. With gyms closed and team sports off, 34 million people started discussing ‘running’ on socia
Top Sante1 min de lectureFood & Wine
Edd’s Advice On Choosing The Right Tin...
Each recipe in my book is baked in just one tin, a 23 x 33cm (9 x 13in) cake tin (commonly used for brownies). This means you won’t end up with bakeware falling out of every cupboard and hidden under your bed, it is just one-tin bakes. The obvious qu
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Appy And You Know It
Struggling to sleep or waking up feeling groggy? Give Sleep Cycle a go (free, This clever app analyses your sleep and wakes you at the best time in your sleep cycle to leave you feeling more refreshed. The website is also packed with
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Cycle your way FROM COUCH TO 10K!
AS THE BRITISH workforce eases back to normal, reports of gridlocked roads and fewer train seats are rife. And there’s little sign of it easing, with the government saying that public transport will be running at just 10 per cent for the foreseeable
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Eating For Immunity
THE STILL-ONGOING pandemic has got us all thinking about our immune systems: how would our bodies cope with infection? Would we shrug it off with just a cough and a fever? Or would we succumb to the full force of the virus? Of course, we want to do e
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Top Of The Pods
The Doctor’s Kitchen, by Dr Rupy Aujla, is packed with simple tweaks to make sure you’re getting the most out of every meal. The NHS doctor also teaches a culinary medicine course, so really knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition. ■
Top Sante2 min de lecturePsychology
“Finding A New Work-life Balance”
ALTHOUGH IT’S HEALTHY AND necessary to set boundaries in life, the very word can sometimes set us off on the wrong foot. Yes, certain situations need healthy boundaries but the word conjures up the image of fixed, rigid rules, doesn’t it? An inabilit
Top Sante1 min de lectureFood & Wine
Sam’s Top 3 Foods For Immunity
GUAVAS These are rich in vitamin C and are something a bit different to add to your fruit bowl. Try making a salsa with ripe guavas, tomato, spring onion, coriander, green chilli, olive oil and lemon juice – it goes brilliantly with grilled fish. M
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3 Of The Best... Eco-sanitary Companies.
1 Callaly organic period products (from £4.50/month, are made from 100 per cent organic biodegradable cotton and packaged in recyclable boxes. 2 &SISTERS subscription box (from £4.80, lets you choose from a range of ta
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