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No Trailer Queen
The finish and presentation of this RS Turbo is utterly flawless throughout, with incredible attention to detail. You’ve no doubt seen it at various shows over the years. But don’t go thinking it’s a show pony or garage queen – David built this to dr
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Glenn’s Fleet
So, after 15 plus years, more issues than I can count (magazine issues that is, not personal!), 20k plus posts on the Fast Car website and more social media posts than I’ve had meal deals, the time has come for me to say goodbye to Fast Car. Yep, tha
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Tech Spec: Escort Rs Turbo
90-spec front bumper - modified with lower section of Sapphire RS Cosworth bumper grafted in to accept modified RS500 lower splitter, air intakes modified and enlarged, Alfa Romeo front number plate plinth, tinted headlights, custom headlamp air inta
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Dan’s Tt 225 Quattro
Progress this month has been largely focused on getting the TT to make cool noises. Swapping the headunit is something I’d been wanting to do for a while, because the original one had forgotten how to play CDs (which is a conceptually thorny position
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New Products
It’s always good to see the launch of a new products website, especially when they have one of the coolest ranges on the planet. NRG Innovations sell everything from racing gloves to buckets seats, but what really sets them apart is their collabs wit
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Slim Jules’ Fleet
That’s right readers, this is officially my last issue as Editor of this fine publication. However, I’m still going to be involved in Fast Car behind the scenes and in front of the YouTube cameras, but for now this will be my last Projects entry. I’m
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Wheel Special
It’s not every day that one of the biggest and coolest wheel brands on our scene launches a new set of cast wheels, so imagine our delight when Rotiform announced they’re bringing not one, not two, not even three, but four new sets of wheels to the t
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Midge’s Fleet
OK, yes, I know I actually left to go and do a proper job last month, in fact, these words are the only thing I’ve had to write for the whole issue - I didn’t even have to blow my trumpet in my features! But, to be fair, I’d only be at home talking b
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In Brief:
Originally launched last year for the VW Golf VI, OSRAM has developed the range to fit various VW, BMW, Audi and SEAT models. There are two variants to choose from: the BLACK edition features a tinted, darker design while the WHITE edition features a
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Viper’s Nest
Sometimes, there isn’t much more you can add to a feature, other than to present it for what it is. Jon Guntley’s 2017 Dodge Viper SRT almost epitomises this. I mean when was the last time you saw a Viper laid out on the deck in the middle of the des
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Ed Start
18-years, 6-months, 248-issues, and a ton of spelling mistakes later and it’s finally time for me to hang up my keyboard and move on from editing this fine publication. It really has been a lifetime’s work for me; I joined the team on 10th June 2002
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Giant Killer
Sometimes we choose our project cars carefully; they might represent the realisation of a lifetime’s yearning, or a desire to revisit an old flame, or a deep-seated need to try something new. But sometimes, just sometimes, our project cars find us. A
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Owner Profile
Name: Jon Guntley Age: 40 Occupation: Tennis Pro Instagram: @srtjonboy First car: Fiat Uno Turbo Favourite car: Blown ’68 Dodge Charger Favourite modification on your car? BBS Wheels on my S14 Favourite show: SEMA Track day or show-and-shine? Track D
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Our Crazy Cover!
Before I get a bunch of complaints saying that a Series 2 Escort RS Turbo is from the eighties and Midge’s Beetle is from the noughties, I’ve used something in magazine publishing called creative license. Both these models of car would have been modi
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Stitched Up
One of the most important parts of any build is hiding the bills from your other half, everyone knows that. But Jamie’s pal stitched him up like a kipper… “My best friend had prepared a Best Man speech for my wedding,” he says, “about the truths in h
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Tech Spec: Dodge Viper
STYLING: Livery Design by Khyzyl Saleem ((@the_kyza), Wrapped by MG Customs Garage TUNING: OE 8.4-litre V10 CHASSIS: 19x11-inch (front) and 20x13-inch (rear) Vossen ML-R1 wheels, BC Racing coilovers INTERIOR: Stock ■
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Next Issue
“My biggest Fast Car muck up? Missing a shoot and my flight home after a night out in Dundee, that or pissing myself!” “Erm, I put a spoof magazine called Arse Car together once. It nearly got the editor and the publisher sacked.” “Throwing a sicki
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Owner Profile
Name: Jamie Carter Age: 32 Instagram: @89mr2turbo, @rpm_wiltshire Favourite modification on your car: RPM custom parts Track day or show-and-shine? Show-and-shine Favourite show: MCM Favourite car: Ferrari F40 for its sleek design and retro looks, so
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Viper Origins
For over 20 years, the Dodge Viper was consistently one of the most iconic US sports cars. It was unashamedly brash; a huge capacity naturally aspirated V10 powered the rear wheels via a six speed manual transmission and a curious absence of traction
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Fast Car
Editor: Jules Truss Email: Art Editor: Graham Morecroft Email: Web Editor: Glenda Email: Contributors: Daniel Bevis, Daniel Pullen, Midge Burr, Original Persona, Paddy
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Tech Spec: Toyota Mr2
Rosso Red paint, Border front bumper, Tom’s sideskirts, smoothed Autopista rear bumper, TRD rear spoiler (blade wrapped in carbon vinyl), RPM custom front splitter, RPM custom sideskirt splitters, black aluminium mesh grilles, kouki rear lights, smok
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Arse End
That’s right, we’ve dug out some of our favourite quotes of all time… Glenda: “Ken Block has done a video with Neymar.” Jules: “What the lost fish?” Glenda: “No the footballer you penis.” Initial G: “I coughed up brown phlegm this morning?” Glenda:
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Up Front
Can we just take a moment to say how much we love Lewis Hamilton? 2020 was a pretty turbulent year for fairly obvious reasons, with the good news generally outweighed by the bad, but the fact that Lewis has done what he’s done is more than enough for
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Trial and Terror
There are two kinds of modifiers in this world, the ones who pay others to build cars, or the ones that get stuck in, scrape some knuckles and have a go. “I’ve done pretty much everything on this car apart from the engine porting and mapping. Almost
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Triple Rollover
First Day: 5/04/2004 Number of issues: 220 Most embarrassing moment: Never being offered the Ed’s job Most famous person met: Idris Elba, The Hoff, and Lewis Hamilton FC career highlight: SEMA Las Vegas with Jules (5-years in a row) What you’ll miss:
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A Bug’s Life
The new-wave Volkswagen Beetle has always been a bit of an outsider on the modding scene. Its cute retro looks ensured that it was a decent seller when the covers first came off back in 1998, and there was a decent range of specs and options availabl
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Owner Profile
Name: Ghalib Age: 28 Insta tag: recklesstribe_fc Favourite mod? Definitely the Frolikalley hatch wing, DMAX bonnet and Ganador wing mirrors Show 'n' shine or tack day? Drift day Favourite show? Tokyo Auto Salon Ultimate Car? KPGC110 Kenmeri Skyline o
Fast Car1 min de lectureAutomotive
Midge’s Greatest Hits
This pint-sized spanner-jockey has had a hand in more than a few feature cars over the years. Scanning back through the files, we can see that his rollcall of personal build includes the Fiesta Zetec-S that he bought himself as a 20th birthday presen
Fast Car2 min de lectureAutomotive
Tech Spec: Mazda Rx-7 Fc
DMAX bonnet, Ganador wing mirrors with Aerowolf visors, BN Sports Type 1 aero, BN Sports 50mm front arches, Origin 50mm rear arches, 1700mm Big Country Labs spoiler with uprights and hardware, Aerowolf spoiler endplates and canards, Frolikalley hatch
Fast Car1 min de lectureAutomotive
Owner Profile:
Name: Midge Age: Old enough to know better First car: Fiesta 1.1 Popular Plus Favourite car: I’m loving my pickup truck at the moment, to be fair! Maybe a DMC-12. Favourite modification on your car: Interior trim Track day or show-and-shine? Show-and
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