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Zooming With Bairdo And Murf
A Zoom catch-up with Craig Baird and Greg Murphy during Level 3 revealed that the pair have much more in common than both being winners of the New Zealand Grand Prix (NZGP). Yes, they both started in Formula Ford and ended their careers as profession
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Mustangs Gather
The 2020 Ford National Mustang Convention will take place in Christchurch over Labour weekend, 23 to 26 October. The event could well be the largest single-model classic car convention ever seen in New Zealand. Canterbury Mustang Owners Club presiden
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Dff Autosport 240r: A Kiwi–chinese Collaboration
As Jay Wen settled in Pukekohe, just a stone’s throw from the racetrack, the sound of high-octane racing must surely have steered his thoughts towards highperformance cars. After finishing Pukekohe High School, another piece of the jigsaw took shape
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Book Review fast And Fifty: Celebrating The 50th Anniversary Of Matchbox Superfast
Review by Christopher Moor | Reviewer’s copy: Collectors Club of Great Britain | Published 2019 by Warners plc, UK Most die-cast model collectors will have a Matchbox Superfast model in their collection. Patrick Harlow, Kits and Pieces writer for New
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All’s Well At The Auction House
There was nary a suggestion of a virus pandemic or economic anxiety in the packed auction room at Webb’s collectors cars and motorcycles auction in Auckland on 12 July. It was as if the woes of the world did not exist, or if they did, bidders felt th
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Local Specialists
Exhibitions, museums and other vehicle-related curios Marlborough A unique collection of vehicles giving insight into New Zealand Motoring from the 50s to the 80s. 90 cars on display at any one time. / 03 577 9419 /Aerodome Rd,
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Ron Tauranac
In July, news emerged from Queensland that Ron Tauranac had passed away at the age of 95. His was hardly a household name but he is, in my view, the most significant person in the history of the racing car. That may sound like an outrageous statement
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Detroit Shows The Way
Gary Petersen looked long and hard for the right vehicle before he found this very tidy example of a Chevrolet El Camino pickup in Palmerston — the southerly version — just north of Dunedin. A 1985 model, it’s powered by a 350-cubicinch (5.7-litre) s
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Stored And Restored
Mazda enthusiast Ryan Dunn has a knack for locating cherished examples of this Japanese marque but his latest acquisition will take some beating. This Mazda in outstanding condition has taken a different route to restored glory. As you will know, RX-
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Next Month #358 On Sale 14 September
It’s as French as baguettes and Gauloises. If there’s one thing you can rely on from Renault it is that its cars will have personalities as unique as the Eiffel Tower. Next month we take a closer look at the brilliant-but-under-appreciated Renault GT
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Foreign Correspondents
In June 2020, there was an article: The First McLaren Car. What a — for crying out loud — shame that Graham McCrae did not continue the development of the car into a commercially viable product. Let’s see, it could have been named the portmanteau ‘Mc
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Harold’s Humber
I read the article in your July 2020 edition of New Zealand Classic Car, Issue No. 355, about Trevor Stanley-Joblin’s 1965 Ford Falcon. In the article he mentioned both Harold Heasley, the guy who sold the Falcon new; and the Waimate 50. I don’t know
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NZ Classic Car
EDITOR Ashley Webb, MANAGING EDITOR Ian Parkes SUBEDITORS Karen Alexander, Richard Adams-Blackburn, Peter Kelly PROOFREADERS Odelia Schaare, Peter Kelly DESIGN Day Barnes, Henry Khov ADVERTISING SALES Dean Payn, dean.payn@park
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Alternative Fuels
In Readers’ Writes in New Zealand Classic Car Issue No. 356, Ian Verrall of Waihi asked why the compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) networks were allowed to fail. He wondered if the same thing might happen to electric vehicles
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On The Road Again
As in other parts of our lives, 2020 is proving to be a particularly challenging year for this country’s classic car events calendar due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The virus has resulted in the cancellation of almost all major motorsports and classic
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Classic Garage
Kiwis have grown up with the familiar fragrance of Lynx. For many it was and still is the absolute pinnacle of deodorants in a can, and powerfully recalls the heady days of youth. Now, you can carry that fragrance into your car with the range of Lynx
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Snake Charmer
Carroll Shelby had a dream of building sports cars under his own name long before his professional racing career started. Happily for him — and the rest of us — he eventually managed to direct his energies into realizing that dream after poor health
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The Sun Always Shines In Cortina
The Cortina, spawned on 20 September 1962, was Ford’s answer to growing demand for a mid-sized model to take over from the Anglia-styled Consul and sit under the Zephyr Mk3. In fact, it was originally supposed to be called the ‘Consul 325’. However,
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Well-preserved Ponton
The lines of the 1956 Mercedes 220 S are deeply satisfying. From behind the large steering wheel the bonnet is more aggressively curved than it looks from the outside. It creates definite channels between the wings and leads the eye to the iconic thr
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Rare Ride
1978 Maserati Merak SS $100,000 ONO Launched in 1972, the Maserati Merak was intended as competition for Ferrari’s top-selling Dino 246 and used a stretched, 3.0-litre, 142kW version of the four-cam V6 that had debuted in the Citroën SM. The French c
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The idea of running a Mercedes as a taxi has always seemed a bit incongruous here in New Zealand, where much more mundane but long-legged Holdens and Falcons did the bulk of the work — while they were in production, anyway. Here, Mercedes were almost
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Better In Black
$95,000 According to many Mustang purists, there has not been a better-looking Mustang fastback in the marque’s history. With the addition of striking graphics, colour-keyed side stripes, matte-black hood striping, hood pins, side scoops, chin and bo
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A Tradesman’s Estate The Cortina Gt Estate
In 1962, when the first Cortina was introduced, most of our cars came from the UK. If you were the sort who wore string-back gloves, Viyella shirts, corduroy trousers, and brogues you could buy a good-looking sports car — there was a great choice of
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Snake Bite
Daytona Cobra Shelby Coupe $249,990 This super rare Shelby Daytona Coupe (also known as the ‘Brock Coupe’) has been built by Superformance under licence by Shelby American Inc. Superformance is well known in the industry for its quality replicas, whi
NZ Classic Car11 min de lecture
Vauxhall Of Fame
I was sitting in my cave the other day when my gaze fell on a two-page advert I’d rescued from English performance car mag Cars and Car Conversions, now long gone, from 1972. I’d mounted this advert onto a board, as the image was very alluring for se
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Collins Takes Truncated Series Title
Dynamic young Christchurch driver Michael Collins (Leda LT27) has been tipped as a likely overall series title winner since he joined the SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series in 2017. Those prescient pundits will be congratulating the
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Maramarua Rallysprint
The Maramarua Rallysprint is an event that I have wanted to attend for a long time, but have not been able to due to it coinciding with other events. However, with the introduction of Covid turning the motorsport calendar upside down, I was finally a
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Models To Treasure
Gary Petersen has a hobby that has taken him to all corners of our car culture and it all began quite by chance. This Invercargill scale modeller has an eye for detail that helped him develop a solid reputation for making high-quality intricate model
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Calling All Classic Owners
This year’s Targa New Zealand tarmac rally in the upper North Island for all three categories — Competition, Tour, and Time Trial — has been shortened by one day to four days. That might suit some time-challenged participants. The wholly good news is
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