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Flight Design F2
Flight Design’s F2 is a two-seat aircraft that can be registered as either an LSA with a 600 kg MTOW or as a CS23 aircraft with an MTOW of 650 kg. All composite like its more famous CTLS sibling, the F2 can be ordered with a Rotax 912iS or a turbo 91
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How To Deal With A Dusty Logbook?
Kreisha Ballantyne is one of the most recognisable aviation writers in Australia. With experience writing for several aviation titles, Kreisha has a broad base of experience, an ability to tap into important general aviation issues and a talent for e
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GippsAero Airvan 8
Australia’s own utility aircraft is one of the most versatile in the single-engine piston category. An eight-seater with a large cabin and belly pod, the Airvan 8 is employed right around the world on short-haul airline, freight, parachute, special m
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Sharing the Space
Helicopters and unmanned aerial systems, or drones, as they are known by the general public, have an interesting and challenging future together. Military drones, mostly fixed-wing, have been operating at high altitudes for many years and mostly unno
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Tecnam P2002JF MkII
The P2002JF MkII is certified to 660 kg MTOW under FAR 23 and CS 23. The aircraft is equipped with Garmin G500 TXi avionics designed specifically for FAR 23 and CS 23 aircraft. The twin touch-screens are integrated with the GTN series navigators and
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A Commanding Presence
Rockwell is a big name in military aviation and space, but not in general aviation. Arguably, its most well-known product is the B-1 bomber, but Rockwell is an enormous conglomerate. It grew from a small company making truck axle bearings, to a large
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Mastering the Command
Pilots told me “It’s the hardest check ride. It’s expensive. You’ll think you’ll never make it. But, as difficult, time consuming and expensive as it is, it will be worth it.” There are two main categories of pilots who tackle the Command Instrument
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No Champion Alone
As Shane Carmody prepares to ride off into the sunset, one of his legacies is to leave aviation agonising over the question of whether any future Director of Aviation Safety can effect meaningful change at CASA. The general aviation community has alw
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The Mother Of All Beat-ups
Jim Davis has a passion for instructing. He has been training civil and military pilots, in the air and on the ground for 50 years. His other passion is writing, which he studied at Curtin University in Perth. You can see, and buy, his two pilot text
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Australian Flying
Editor: Steve Hitchen Senior Contributor: Paul Southwick Test Pilot: John Absolon National Sales Manager: Andrew Murphy, 17-21 Bellevue Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. Tel: (02) 9213 8272, Advertisin
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What’s Eating Your Aeroplane?
Human beings are the great engineers of the universe. We take what nature creates and change it to suit our purposes. We reshape it, heat it, bend it, paint it; convert it into something that will perform a desired function. Then mother nature does h
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News Sale Rumours cloud GippsAero’s Future
Poor aircraft shipment figures have fueled speculation that Mahindra Aerospace is looking to off-load GippsAero. Customer delivery numbers published by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) reveal that just one Airvan 8 was sold in th
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Magic In A Box
Everyone who laid eyes on the Garmin Aera 760 (officially “aera 760” but called “Aera” here) said the same thing, and asked the same question: “Looks like an iPad Mini, how much does it cost?” This was a natural reaction, as was “What!” when the pric
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Government injects $41 Million into Regional Airports
The Federal Government announced in May that it had approved projects totaling $41 million in the first round of the Regional Airports Program (RAP). The RAP is a $100 million program announced last year to upgrade Australia's regional airport infras
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The Virtual Return of Flight Sim
Flight simmers around the world had come to accept that 2006's Flight Sim X (FSX) was the tenth and final version of Microsoft's breakthrough flight simulation software. It seemed the platform had reached a maturity that left it nowhere to go. FSX wa
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Breaking News Featured On Recently
1 Research Paper highlights GA Maintenance Issues 2 Letter to Minister urges Rethink on Bristell 3 BRM flies Prototype B8 4 Falcon 6X on Target for 2021 First Flight 5 Pipistrel makes Electric Motor available to OEMs 6 Carmody to leave CASA at Year E
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To Berlin With A Pencil On His Ear
It can be hard to understand for those that started their flying careers after satellite navigators arrived, but once, dead reckoning was the primary source of guiding an aircraft through the sky, and it took very skilled people to get it right. PG T
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New Development to evict Moorabbin Operators
Eviction notices have been sent to several Moorabbin Airport operators in order for the land to be made available for commercial development. Operators at the western end of the Northern apron–several who have freehold buildings on leased land–have b
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Airbus Forms Team Nightjar To Deliver Industry Capability
Airbus Helicopters recently announced that it has joined with over 20 Australian partners to form Team Nightjar to offer Australia a fleet of the proven Airbus H145M helicopters along with a substantial in-country support sweetener. Team Nightjar was
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AMDA defers Rotortech Again
AMDA Foundation announced in July that it was deferring Rotortech until June 2021 because concerns about the spread of COVID-19 are unlikely to allow restrictions on travel to be relaxed in time. Rotortech, Australia's national helicopter and UAV ind
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A Reminder of Progress
A distant rumble caused me to look skyward one chilly morning in July in Canberra. Noise from above has become a rarity these past few months, but this noise, while a surprise, was familiar. It was distant, but it was there. And it was growing and co
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Uncertain Times
The inherent fragility of the general aviation industry is no news to those who exist within it. It operates tenuously at the best of times, and, heading into what is being touted as the worst recession in 90 years, it is nigh-on impossible to constr
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Work To Be Done
Earlier this year the Civil Aviation Safety Authority marked its 25th anniversary. This gave us the opportunity to not only reflect on events, issues and challenges already faced but what we will focus on and improve into the future. CASA has impleme
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GA Singles: the State of Play
Formerly known as the Robin R2120 and R2160, Alpha Aircraft is still alive and living in Hamilton, NZ. The Alphas are low-wing, bubble-canopy two-seaters that have found some favour as aerobatic mounts. The baby of the fleet is the 120T, which is pow
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Recovery Slow but Steady
Aviation has been amongst the most damaged economic sectors throughout the world since March this year. Business aviation in Australia suffered a major downturn in March-April followed by a reasonable month in May, including repatriation flights. Sin
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Aviat Husky
Aviat Aircraft’s A-1C Husky is a justified legend of US back-country flying. Built to outlast an apocalypse and out-climb a mountain range, the Husky has been a favourite of both tail-wheel and STOL flyers all around the world. Nowadays, the Husky is
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The Fight Of Their Lives
Jim Davis has 15,000 hours of immensely varied flying experience, including 10,000 hours civil and military flying instruction. He is an established author, his current projects being an instructors’ manual and a collection of Air Accident analyses,
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