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Day Hunter
. Without realising it, we are often guilty of looking past what others around the world can only dream of. I want to repeat something here: often, we hunters want the best available option of a successful hunt. That is smart thinking really, but at
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Pronghorn Of Wyoming's High Plains
It was fantastic, we got within metres of bugling bull Wapiti, saw moose at a dozen yards, laid eyes on Grizzly bears and got a 10,000km taste of what the American landscape has to offer. I wasn’t travelling all the way around the world and not going
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Recovery Strategies For The Hunter
Having the right recovery strategies can help us to hunt stronger for longer, recover faster and get ready for the next mission. If our training simulates what we will be doing on ‘game day’ our body becomes ‘conditioned’ or familiar with those mov
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NZ Hunter Magazine
Greg Duley Luke Care Fi Duley Andy Lyver John Bissell, Andrew Buglass, Corey Carston, Richard Hingston, Michael McCormack, Hannah Rae, Roy Sloan, Points South, Cody Weller, Matt Winter Luke Care ■
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My Tararua Hunting Trip
He mentioned going up to a farm out of Whanganui where we used to hunt regularly when we were younger but the weather wasn’t looking flash for that. After a few ideas floating around in my head, I finally hatched a plan and gave him a call back. Th
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A Word From The Editor
The whole hunting sector put a huge amount of effort into presenting facts, population modelling and options to the Department, but unfortunately it largely fell on deaf ears. We could not save the bulls in the National Parks, and DOC intend to conti
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Stories From Our Kids
These are such great places to begin teaching kids to hunt and fish and share the skills required to put meat on the table. I believe hunting and fishing has taught my children patience in life and respect for the outdoors. Mistakes were made befor
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I emailed you a while back and you said that you guys shoot the 145gn ELD-X over a starting load of 58gns of Superformance out of your .270 SuperPig. What would be a comfortable range for this load? I normally shoot inside 400 yards but would like to
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Christison Braidyn
We loaded up the D-Max and headed for Pop’s place to grab his gear and enough food to feed an army. . Leica the dog was excited as well, maybe even a bit more than me. Soon enough we got loaded up and headed off to meet Pete and Hughsey in Otane. W
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No Good Yarn Starts With A Salad
I had a couple of beers down at the local to catch up with Jaycob, a mate who had also done a season in Canada. The beers turned into shots and an all-nighter with a whole lot of bullsh*tting. We woke up to find that we had booked the ferry in a week
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Conservation Week 2020
During Conservation Week 2020, the New Zealand Game Animal Council, with the help of some passionate volunteers, launched an initiative named ‘Hunters for Conservation’ The aim of this was to shine a spotlight on the amazing hunter-led conservation
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Twilight Twelve
It’s a lot of fun at this time of year, especially if you’re into saunas and perspiration. Some of the Otago/Southland tussock high country gets temperatures into the 30s, which when you have a pack full of camping and hunting gear and sundries soon
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Top Crawford Hut
The Crawford is the main tributary of the Kokatahi River in central Westland and forms part of a DOC maintained circuit starting in the Styx valley and finishing at the Toaroha road end. There are two alpine saddles on this loop, Lathrop and Zit, b
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Fiordland Chamois
With the entire world facing a pandemic and NZ going into full lockdown, our dreams of finding a mature Fiordland Red stag in the roar were cut short. The first few weeks of lockdown were stunning here in Fiordland and the bluebird days just seeme
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While not targeted at the pure hunting market, this new modular rifle system certainly is a hybrid capable of a wide range of competitive and fun range shooting, while still suitable for less strenuous forms of hunting. Starting with the action, th
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Few And Far Between
This one was about me and the Mountain Goat himself, Jason Thomsen heading into some West Coast scrub country in late November in search of a big, mature bull tahr for Jase. With trips few and far between these days however, it’s more about catching
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Bakewell Burner Deluxe Basecamper
They’re a luxurious evolution on an open fire as the legs bring the heat up closer to you, the flue keeps the smoke out of your eyes and they give you a quick easy cooktop, not to mention all the accessories you can add. If you bring a hot-tent to th
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Advice From A Hunting Newbie Part 3
In 1918 the owners of the station where Scott now works were forced off the place by a plague of rabbits. They literally dropped tools and left the stock to fend for themselves. Some of the hardy Merinos survived and bred in the harsh conditions to b
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Point6 Socks
Merino is a wonderful fibre, but on its own it’s not super durable. A good merino blend brings that all-important durability and can enhance the fit, wicking and drying time. Point6 have capitalised on our world renowned merino and combined that wi
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The Bracken Face Boar
Pig hunting with dogs can be a roller coaster ride – and that’s in the settled times. Raising pups to become good pig dogs is not as easy as it sounds. There is a huge investment in time and energy, and depending on how high you set the bar, sometime
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Something's Missing
Normally it’s a time of high excitement mixed with some nervyness and often if things aren’t quite running to schedule, a fair bit of panic. There were only small degrees of these feelings this season, with everyone acting pretty calm and chilled.
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Hunting With Llamas
I have back issues already from falling off a horse in my younger days so I am a bit conscious about making it worse. On this occasion, I was loaded up with boned out venison and there was no turning back. A few months later, inspired by some serio
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The Gac Update
I don’t want to go into detail about the ins and outs of the recent debate over the 2020-21 Tahr Control Operational Plan as I’m sure most readers will be familiar with it, but despite a pretty challenging process overall the Game Animal Council did
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A Surprising Rut Trip
We’ve gone into the same block for the same dates for five consecutive years. Never did I think, even in early March this year that I may not be going on our trip but as the end of the month arrived, my anxiety level was rising. Sure enough, all of
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Frenchman Phil's Pot Au Feu
It is one of the most celebrated dishes in France, where it honours the tables of both the rich and poor. King Henry IV of France even declared “I want no peasant in my kingdom to be so poor that he cannot have a poule au pot on Sundays.” Poule au po
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Spring Opportunities
And besides, not all of us are interested only in trophies; there’s always a few extracurricular activities that can be included around those morning and evening hunts during warmer days. In the low country, the longer days are the start of growth
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Part Two: Bush Hunting With A Bow And Arrow
The thought of a big Sambar stag or Whitetail buck giving me an opportunity for a shot in the bush definitely gets the mind racing. These two species live at separate ends of the country; one is originally from India and the other from America but
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Himalayan Tahr Control Plan 1993
“To determine, and review from time to time in accordance with evidence from monitoring, the population of thar which for any area is consistent with an ecologically acceptable vegetation and estate condition (the target level)” While the plan ackno
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The Gac Update
Obviously, the impact of COVID-19 and the lockdown goes on and for our friends in the guided and commercial hunting sectors it remains an extremely tough time. The Game Animal Council is doing all we can to support them and make government aware of t
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Port Pegasus Provides
On the last day of March, we steamed south on the Aurora Australis. Our party this year consisted of Ty, Monty, Adam and I. Adam and I had not been to Port Pegasus before and were looking forward to exploring some new ground. We were not to be disapp
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