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Heating & insulation
Building a holiday home with friends, a model of collective property ownership, is an exciting venture we are currently on. We are eight months into the part-time build of a lake house. We haven’t killed each other yet and are still great mates, so a
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A Solid Gold Climb
Step back in time and follow pack tracks and old tramlines from the Waikato’s gold mining days in Waiorongomai Valley. The former gold mining area, located in Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park, offers up several tracks and walking options that interlin
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Death & Dying
Last year, when Covid entered our lives, we all faced the concept of death a little more directly than perhaps we had done before. Whether we’ve lost someone or not, we can probably agree that the thought of dying is scary. However, in many cultures,
Good8 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Eat Well & Use It All
(recipe page 82) (recipe page 82) In this recipe we keep it very simple: a small amount of mince, brown lentils and seasoning that doesn’t get carried away. You could use more aromatic herbs if you want a more sophisticated burger, or enjoy its simpl
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@cornersmith @samanthabluemel @hatch_invest After a tumultuous year that brought her home from London amidst the global pandemic, Sam has recently reassessed what living sustainably means to her. Now, she considers herself someone who is on the journ
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Financial Wellbeing
When it comes to investing, women’s biggest mistake has nothing to do with how they invest. In fact, studies have shown that women are often better investors than men. The number one mistake is that we’re not investing enough. The modern woman is ind
Good6 min de lectureMedical
Did you know making lifestyle choices about what we eat, the way we move, how we breathe and the quality of our sleep can assist us in the prevention of chronic disease? Studies published by the World Health Organization have proven that if risk fact
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For The Love Of Words
1 Potential 15 30 – Kiwis throw out 13,000 tonnes of these every year (9) 6 Originally described the sound of a bowstring after an arrow's been fired (5) 9 A slogan of non-violent protest coined by Allen Ginsberg (6,5) 10 A user interface such as Win
Good6 min de lecture
We all know that sinking feeling when an accidental elbow jab causes red wine to spill down the front of your favourite silk dress. The first instinct is to put water on it and begin desperately dabbing or gently rubbing it in an attempt to get the s
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Good Humans
As editor of Good one of the best things about my job is meeting so many good humans: people who are kind, care about stuff and make a positive difference to the world around them. Beautiful humans in this issue include Jessica Brown, co-founder of c
Good3 min de lecturePsychology
Many people struggle to be direct. We fear making a request that’s turned down and feeling embarrassed. Or, we fear hurting others’ feelings or their angry reactions. However, there are lots of advantages to communicating more directly. How can you d
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Editor Carolyn Enting Digital producer Hemma Vara Art direction Archie Blohm and Lisa Lodge Contributing editor Sarah Heeringa Sub editors Síana Clifford and Jennifer van Beynen Monty Adams, Nikki Addison, Vanessa Austin, Kylie Bailey, Helen Bankers,
Good4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Water View
Mijke de Kok and Wouter Valkenier, both architects and owners of design agency Studio Valkenier, designed their own 150m2 floating home, which, with 30 other homes, floats in the Johan van Hasselt Canal in Amsterdam. Mijke and Wouter had to wait a lo
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Turning The Tables
Restoring antique furniture can be a daunting task – especially when it carries sentimental value. This table once belonged to my great grandparents Mary and John – I imagine the two of them sitting at it, in the late 19th century. Later my grandmoth
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Life Hacks & Facts
If you buy a shampoo that doesn’t agree with your hair, there’s no need to waste it. Pour it into a pump action bottle and use it as a liquid soap for washing hands. Thrifty Household from The Country Women’s Association of Victoria Inc. Walking outs
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Good Stuff
Robyn Malcolm adorned the cover of the first-ever issue of Good magazine back in July 2008, and we are loving her latest project – Robyn’s Undies! They’re nothing like the ‘Hoochie Mama’ lingerie she peddled as Cheryl West on iconic Kiwi television s
Good2 min de lectureMedical
Heeding Your Hormones
Sleep problems, night sweats and crazy heavy periods – is this menopause already? And you’re only 42? No, menopause may still be a decade away. This is perimenopause or “second puberty”, which is the two to twelve years before periods stop. Perimenop
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Natural Deodorant? No Sweat!
@sammydaviesxx Armpits are very sensitive parts of the body, and they tend to put up with a lot – including regular shaving and waxing. The least we can do to keep our pits happy is use a natural deodorant. A few years ago, essano (known for its #1 b
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Your Feedback
I would like to thank you for a wonderful read in March/April’s Good (issue 73). My house has settled in for the night. All is quiet and it’s finally me time. I reached for your magazine and read it cover to cover. I cried and laughed, shook my head
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How To Compost
In our household, taking the compost out has become the job the kids have to do when they’re misbehaving. You hit your sister – ‘right, that’s it! Take out the compost’. Not listening to mum when I’ve asked a hundred times not to roller skate through
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Plant Mom Is Bringing Mother Nature Home
Apied piper of the millennial houseplant movement, “Plant Mom” Monai Nailah McCullough has nurtured communities – first in New York, and now in Amsterdam – where watering schedules and wellness rituals are given equal weight. Self-proclaimed “Plant M
Good3 min de lecture
Overnight on Tiritiri Matangi
There’s a soft rustling in the grass. In the red light of the torch, a distinctive bill and round, stocky body becomes visible. Making its way towards a nearby flax bush, the creature disappears into the undergrowth to continue its nocturnal activity
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Rachel Hunter aligned
Rachel Hunter was resident at Sadhguru’s ashram in India when the Covid-19 pandemic began gathering international force. She’d completed 19 days of silence, and 10 days later India went into lockdown. It was four more months before she was repatriate
Good5 min de lectureMedical
Finding The Light: The Power Of Candles
There’s undoubtedly something soothing about lighting a candle. Whether it’s part of your nightly ritual or an act signifying unwinding, what exactly is it about a candle that benefits the mind, body and soul? A candle’s soft illumination is said to
Good7 min de lecture
NZ Producers Worth Shouting Out About
VILLA MARIA More than two decades ago Sir George Fistonich’s nephew Fabian placed a challenge at the Villa Maria founder’s feet: to take its winemaking organic. Sir George agreed, because it was the right thing to do. But it required
Good1 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Local Goodness
One positive spinoff of living in a world where Covid is in existence is that it has reminded us to shop local and support Kiwi products whenever we can. But they’ve got to be really delicious, too. This recipe incudes some amazing Kiwi products wort
Good3 min de lectureFashion
The Art Of Visible Mending
We all have that much-loved cardigan or favourite pair of jeans we’ve been reluctant to toss even though they have several holes. Teach yourself a few basic handsewing stitches and you can make simple repairs on clothes that have holes, stains, or ot
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Good7 min de lectureBiology
Beauty From The Inside Out
What you eat and how you live your life can make a big difference to your health, your skin and your wellbeing – and it can delay the ageing process. The experts and authors of What The Face! give their advice on how to best feed yourself for healthy
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