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Clash Of The Titans
I seem to have been talking a lot about scopes recently. Having described the choices I have made for my own shooting and given readers some thoughts regarding what I consider to be good value optics, I have once again jumped in and purchased yet ano
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A Well-loved Webley
If you’re already an airgun collector, then you will doubtless have one, or more likely several, old Webley pistols. But if you’re not a collector, why would you want one? At this point, I should identify which models I’m classifying as ‘vintage’ her
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The Dragon’s Tale
S Before PCPs became tops there were other forms of pneumatical perfection. Multi-pumpers were popular, but the Single Stroke Pneumatic offered much more, and in the 1990s Parker Hale bit the bullet by commissioning their own, naming it the Dragon. T
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Short And Sweet
I don’t hunt a great deal these days, but when I do I always use ammo that’s consistently accurate in the particular rifle I’m using, and most of the time that means a conventional roundhead pellet. But in the pursuit of more knockdown power – and to
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Boxing Clever For Bushy-tails
The woods where I am shooting today are managed for wildlife conservation, so grey squirrels really aren’t welcome. I tend to hit this particular permission very hard twice a year, once at the beginning of the winter and once again in early spring. B
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Zeiss? Nice!
We’re here to talk about a new range of airgun-friendly telescopic sights from Zeiss, but please indulge me for a bit. Many years ago I was on a long-range shooting course in Wales. I think it was in the summer, but being in Britain it was raining an
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The Barn Door
“So, have you got everything?” “Yes.” “Are you sure? All your books? PE kit? Hand gel, face mask, water bottle?” “Yep, yep, yep-yep-yep.” “Okay, you’re all set. Off you go then. Have fun!” “I will. Bye!” I close the front door and listen to the soft
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Fine Work For Field Target
Since the early 2000s when Field Target and Hunter Field Target became increasingly popular in Europe, manufacturers of precision 10m match air rifles started to produce 12 ft-lb rifles in order for shooters to compete in these disciplines. Prior to
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A Classic Comeback
LAST MONTH saw the exciting news that Elite Optical Distribution has been appointed as UK distributor for RAW, AirForce and, most significantly, Theoben airguns. The name Theoben has been absent from the new airgun market for a while, and I have no d
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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
The last time that I visited my local airgun range a fellow shooter commented on the fact that I was shooting off split sticks. He told me he’d never seen anyone else at the range using sticks; when I thought about it, neither had I. As this particul
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The Airgun Shooter Promise
AIRGUN Shooter is written by airgunners for airgunners. Our team has decades of combined experience in everything from target shooting to hunting and is committed to bringing you the highest quality advice around in print and video form every month.
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Benjamin Cayden Multi-shot Pcp
WORTH £549 The Benjamin Cayden is a sidelever-operated hunting rifle that at first glance looks like a traditional sporter, but on closer inspection actually offers quite a bit more, and in any case is extremely pleasing to the eye. This .22 calibre
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A Wolf In Sleek Clothing
Daystate has announced its first new release of the year – the Red Wolf Heritage – which not only represents the second generation of the British company’s electronic supergun, but is also a limited edition of only 250 rifles worldwide. It’s been sty
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A Classic Remastered
British gunmaker BSA has a talent for striking a very happy balance between classic looks and precision performance when it comes to airgun design, so it’s always exciting when this industry giant comes out with something new. Its latest release is a
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Reader Ads
FOR SALE: Ripley XL9. Hardly used, perfect condition, a rare opportunity to buy, .177 with MTC Taipan scope 4-16x50. Fitted with CS500 stock. Hard carrying case. 12 litre bottle (out of date). £1,500. Colin Ellis (Nottingham). Tel: 07858 305080. Emai
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Join The Slug Revolution FX Airguns have been at the forefront of the slug revolution and make barrel liners and other gun design adaptations to optimise airgun performance with this ammunition. Their Hybrid slugs are claimed to combine the best of pellet a
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Mike Morton
Why do I shoot? I’ve been asked that question many times over the years, almost always from people who don’t shoot. Although they may not want to pick up a rifle or pistol themselves, they aren’t necessarily against guns, they just don’t know anythin
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Speed Thrills!
Despite the obvious advantages of a magazine, multishot, piston-powered air rifles have not been particularly forthcoming. There are some notable exceptions however, such as the recent Swarm series of multi-shots from Gamo, and Hatsan has now entered
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WIN! THE BEST LETTER GETS A SET OF SPORTSMATCH MOUNTS The HW45 article prompted me to write in on my own experiences in what’s referred to on a popular forum as “the gentleman’s calibre”. My Silver Star version’s pellet of choice is the .22 Hobby or
Airgun Shooter4 min de lecture
A Trip To The Country
YOUR EXPERT ANDY McLACHLAN It seems like ages ago that I attended an outdoor HFT competition. Not that anything has been normal for those of us who until March last year enjoyed shooting outdoor competition in either Field Target or Hunter Field Targ
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Red-hot Ratting
Although I am willing to embrace new technology if I think it is justified by the improvement it brings to my results in the field, I am not a fan of newfangled kit that’s complicated to use and ultimately makes for a less enjoyable shooting experien
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R-77 Heaven
Back in the 1990s an iconic CO2-powered pellet-firing revolver arrived on the airgun scene from Spain — the Gamo R-77. Made from a combination of metal and plastic, this handgun has provided a good mix of accuracy and fun over the years, being a ligh
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Airgun Answers
Q I’ve got a few limited edition air rifles and so far have resisted the temptation to actually shoot them as I’m worried about them losing their value. Should I keep them mint or just enjoy them? YOUR EXPERT LEE PERRYMAN A AS A KEEN collector of lim
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Meet The Team
MIKE has been shooting air rifles and pistols for four decades, and loves target shooting, hunting, plinking and tinkering. RICHARD is a journalist, author and airgun hunter who’s been creeping about the undergrowth with his rifle for more than 30 ye
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Through The Looking Glass
“Budget” is often a byword for “not very good”, but if you do a little research you’ll find some great gear can be picked up for a relatively modest outlay. Scopes are a good example. You could easily spend £1,000 or more, but if you’re only planning
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Testing Station BRINGING you the best reviews coverage we can is of critical importance to us. The members of our review team are all passionate shooters and have decades of experience between us, and we put that experience to good use wh
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Theoben Rifles Resurrected
Airguns from RAW, AirForce and Theoben will soon be available in the UK thanks to their exclusive new distributor, Elite Optical Distribution. Guns made by US-based Rapid Air Weapons have a direct lineage to Theoben, and plans are already under way t
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Airgun Shooter
Group Editor, Airgun Brands Mat Manning Editor-in-Chief Mike Morton Art Editor Steve Mumby Designer Rebekka Hearl Production Editor Elizabeth Wood Group Art Director Dean Usher Phil Barker, Thomas Bristow, Phil Hooper, Andy
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Not Just For Polar Bears
UK weather can be unpredictable at best, and we need suitable gear to protect ourselves and our rifles, especially if there’s nowhere to take shelter if it decides to pour down. Glasgow-based Lomo has come up with a great way to protect our guns and
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