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Rare Starfish Tokens a Symbol of Hawaiian History
At many points in history, tokens have been struck to help fill the void in commerce due to a lack of circulating coinage. Civil War tokens are a famous example and helped everyday people to make the purchases that they needed to, including making ch
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U.S. Mint Boxed in by Legislation
In the year 2018, the U.S. Mint sold 245,500 ounces of gold among the four sizes of the bullion-issue gold American Eagles. In 2019, sales of these four coins fell to 152,000 ounces. With the surge in gold prices last year, sales rose to 844,000 ounc
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2021 Silver Proof Set Released
As of April 12, the 2021 silver proof set is available to purchase. The set includes seven proof coins, all minted in San Francisco. The coins are enclosed in clear plastic lenses within a designed package, allowing for easy display. The quarters, ha
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Online Poll
What do you think of the U.S. Mint’s new Authorized Bulk Purchase Program? Email your response to ■
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Today’s Ho-Hum Metal was Yesterday’s Precious Object
The gold Coiled Hair Stella is a famous rarity, with those from 1879 having only about 12 to 14 pieces known today. Heritage Auctions will be offering a fascinating rarity that is actually even harder to find than the already-difficult gold version:
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PNG to Host Event Prior to ANA Dealer Day
As you may be aware, the current leadership at the American Numismatic Association (ANA) declined to renew our contract for PNG Day this year for the first time in over 40 years. This was incredibly surprising, given that the Professional Numismatist
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The Early San Francisco Mint
Today communication of new discoveries is almost immediate, and it is perhaps difficult to understand the great excitement that gripped the country when vague rumors of gold discoveries in California were confirmed. When James Marshall first identifi
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‘Ship of Gold’ Bell Tolls for Presentation
A sound only a few have heard since 1857 was used to signal the start of a presentation as part of a Newman Numismatic Portal Symposium held March 11. It was the ringing of the ship’s bell recovered from the fabled “Ship of Gold,” the S.S. Central Am
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1795 Half Eagle
The 1795 half eagle is an historic coin and certainly a tough coin. It is also a very interesting coin. It was produced with a small eagle or a large eagle on the reverse. It is an interesting situation because the large or Heraldic eagle reverse did
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2021 Gold Proof Eagles Come and Go
All eyes were on gold Eagles March 11. That was the day the five products in the 2021 gold proof American Eagle lineup went on sale. It was also the day they went off sale, following an intense, one-day sellout. Gold making headlines is nothing new,
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The Greatest Threat to Our Hobby
The Viewpoint commentaries in Numismatic News frequently lament the state of our hobby – how to get younger people to start collecting, the threat counterfeits pose, complaints about the Mint, complaints about dealers, etc. All of these issues are im
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What’s Your Level Of Comfort With Attending Coin Shows As They Begin To Open Up?
Very likely to attend the coin shows. Asim Saddal Chicago, Ill. I feel comfortable going to coin shows. I have been immunized. John Carney Address withheld I think that I am beginning to feel comfortable coming to coin shows. I had plans for last fal
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Only Legal Example of 1933 Double Eagle to Cross Auction Block
The 1933 double eagle gold coin is one of the most intriguing and coveted coins in the world. The only example that is legal to be privately owned will be up for sale in a June 8 auction from Sotheby’s New York. Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman purchase
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Hello. I hope everyone has been doing good. I would like to point out an error in the March 2 edition of Numismatic News. On Page 22, the article done by Robert R. Van Ryzin about the “You Name It” column, the picture of the 1904 U.S/Philippine peso
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COTY-Winning Apollo 11 Coin Overcame Challenges
At the 15th annual Technical Forum held at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany, in 2019, Ronald E. Harrigal, director of design and engraving at the United States Mint gave a presentation entitled “2019 Apollo Commemorative Coin Program Challenge
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New Bulk Purchase Program from Mint
As part of the United State Mint’s ongoing effort to “[improve] the distribution of our Numismatic coin products,” it announced March 22 the launch of a new Authorized Bulk Purchase Program (ABPP). The program permits qualifying bulk purchasers to pu
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Spring Cleaning Your Coin Collection: PART I
Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of a three-part series that originally appeared in Mike Thorne’s “Basics and Beyond” column in Coins magazine in 2019. As I write this, it’s the middle of what used to be called winter where I live. Temper
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1913 Liberty Nickel Changes Hands
Bruce Morelan and Legend Numismatics recently completed an historic $6 million transaction to reclaim an exquisite collection of Liberty nickels, including the 1913 Liberty nickel. The sets, encompassing United States nickels dated from 1883 through
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Numismatic News
VP/GENERAL MANAGER, COLLECTIBLES: Corinne Zielke EDITOR: Maggie Judkins ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Sophia Mattimiro CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Richard Giedroyc, Ken Potter, R.W. Julian, Clifford Mishler, Mark Benvenuto, F. Michael Fazzari and Robert Van Ryzi
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‘Social Collectors’ Begin to Emerge
The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone in some manner. Coin collectors have been impacted in both a positive and in a negative way. The hobby has surged during the pandemic, partially due to the ensuing lockdown many hobbyists experienced. Yo
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Why Not Remove Nominal Value From SAE?
■ Is there a catalog in which all the medals, tokens, and coins of the U.S. Bicentennial are published? A Congressional grant to prepare such a catalog was offered, however no one took them up on it. Considering the Bicentennial is now a distant memo
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Boxer, Blind Man a Standout Figure in Hobby
Editor’s Note: For nearly 60 years, the feature-rich pages of Coins magazine, Numismatic News’ venerable sister publication, have tracked the history, fun and the growth of this great hobby, while also attracting new collectors to pursue what was onc
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New Jersey Coppers Highlight $4.75 Million Colonial Coinage Sale
Rare New Jersey coppers took center stage in Heritage Auction’s latest auction of the Donald G. Partrick collection held March 17-18. Partrick’s collection of Extraordinary Colonial Coinage Featuring New Jersey Coppers realized $4.75 million overall,
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Turner Receives New PCGS Writing Award
Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has launched a new writing award program to honor its top in-house writing staff, the very experts who help deliver the latest information from the grading desks and across the numismatic scene. The first indi
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Finding the Price Point for Barber Dimes
When it comes to collecting coins with the Barber design, there are plenty of fans for the larger two denominations, the quarter and half dollar. These bigger Barbers have some real aficionados when it comes to collecting, based on the eye appeal and
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Show directory
Apr 11 AZ, Chandler. Camelback Collectibles Coin and Stamp Show. American Legion Post 35, 2240 W Chandler Blvd. SH: 8-2. A: Free. Bill Jernigan. PH: 480- 227-3604 or May 16 AZ, Chandler. Camelback Collectibles Coin and St
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Wohn Wins AMSA Medal Competition
A relatively new medalist, Eva-Maria Wohn, of Chicago, Ill., has created the best art medal on the theme of the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. Sponsored by the American Medallic Sculpture Association (AMSA)
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Collectors: Your Hobby Needs You
I write this on the heels of our Central States Numismatic Society Board voting to cancel our convention for the second year in a row. COVID-19 and the resulting governmental restrictions have been tough on all of us. Some have lost loved ones. Some
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Annual Proof Set Becomes Available
Set collectors, take note: the annual U.S. Mint proof set has been released. Available as of March 5, the 2021 proof set contains one each of the following San Francisco-minted coins: • America the Beautiful quarter honoring the Tuskegee Airmen Nati
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Are Silver Or Other Coin Scams A Concern For You? Why Or Why Not?
These silver scams don’t really bother me. I always buy from trusted sources. I have, on the other hand, had friends tell and show me their great find at a fabulous price. A couple were OK. More than a few were bad choices. I put a magnet to a few pi
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