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375-Year-Old Irish Coin Highlights May World Coin Auction
Heritage Auctions offered a fascinating and rare Irish gold coin struck 375 years ago in the May World Coin Auction #3091. This coin was struck amongst the backdrop of the so-called Wars of Three Kingdoms, or British Civil Wars. This was a variety of
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Davissons E-Auction 39 Delights
THE DAVISSONS E-AUCTION 39 presents a wide array of coinage from many regions and periods. Their ancient selections include some really outstanding examples in terms of quality of strike and preservation of that fine detail. A few that caught my eye
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Lost City of Gold
At the time of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III “the Magnificent” (1391-1353 BC) the ancient Egyptian religion included the god Aten. Aten appeared as a falcon-headed human similar to Ra. Amenhotep IV, Amenhotep III’s successor, made Aten the central god of
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The Coinage of Russia 1547-1598
RUSSIAN CZAR IVAN IV is known to history as Ivan the Terrible and well-earned this feared name. The first years (1533-1547) of his reign were relatively mild as various relatives jockeyed for power. In the absence of firm authority, public order bega
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Bullet Money and Standard Coinage of 18th Century Siam
AT THE START of the 18th century there were, in Southeast Asia, active and coherent governments in Burma, Siam (the name of the country was changed to Thailand in the 20thcentury), Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Down the Peninsula there were a number o
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Royal Albert Hall Celebrates 150 Years
WHEN QUEEN VICTORIA laid the red Aberdeen granite cornerstone of this building over a time capsule of unidentified contents, using a golden trowel made by goldsmiths R.R. Garrard, she stated “It is my wish that this Hall should bear his name to whom
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Classic Horror Coins to Collect
Is it true the U.S. Mint at New Orleans struck coins for Mexico just before the mint shut down? The New Orleans branch mint closed permanently in 1909. During 1907, the facility struck Mexican silver 20- and 50-centavos coins that can be differentia
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Michael John Anderson, Dec 1, 1938 - Apr 9, 2021
MICHAEL WAS INTERESTED in coins from a very early age and studied them intensively for virtually his entire life. During his lifetime he served on the Council of the British Numismatic Society, as Secretary and President of the London Numismatic Club
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India Encourages Buying Cold Coins
The Indian Gold Coin Scheme was launched in 2015 to encourage investing in gold and to use the metal to the benefit of the nation’s economic growth by reducing the amount of the metal being imported. Due to decreased demand, further encouragement is
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60th Anniversary of Antarctic Treaty Celebrated on British Antarctic Territory £2
THIS YEAR MARKS the 60th Anniversary of the enacting of the Antarctic Treaty. Regarded by many as one of the most successful international agreements ever negotiated, this treaty set an example of peaceful cooperation during a tense time in world pol
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Australia Commemorates Indigenous Military Service
THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT has launched a new circulating coin commemorating the Indigenous peoples who have served in the military. Designed by Chern’ee Sutton, an Aboriginal artist and Kalkadoon woman, the coin features numerous Indigenous and milit
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Elton John Medallion Up for Charity Auction
Music lovers and numismatic collectors have once again come together for a new collaboration. The Royal Mint has announced the beginning of another partnership with Elton John, famous British musician and singer, to create a beautiful special edition
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Stack’s Bowers Galleries Makes Plans for ANA Auction
DURING THE PANDEMIC, many collectors have turned their attention to organizing and cataloging their holdings so that they can seek out through internet auctions and offering various coins that have eluded them through the years. The top end of the wo
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Distrust of Cashless Society
The People’s Bank of China recently launched an e-RMB cyber money system allowing a “controllable anonymity” of financial transactions. This anonymity is only good until the government wants to track what the government determines to be suspicious tr
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The Mukden Tiger Attacks!
FOLLOWING UP ON our April issue Pinnacle previews from the Stack’s Bowers & Ponterio Hong Kong sale, we note that records were set for some of the rarest and finest coins the world has to offer. One of the world’s most respected coin auction firms, S
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Paper Addresses Legal Status of Digital Currencies
Ever since specie was replaced with fiat money during the 1960’s circulation strike, coins have been relegated to be nothing more than small change. Bank notes became increasingly important to physical currency systems all over the world as coins no
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Brazilian Reis Reside at Heritage
CRISTIANO BIERRENBACH joined Heritage in 2007 after growing up as a young coin enthusiast in Rio de Janeiro. Bierrenbach had formed his own numismatic business, established an eBay shop early on in 1996 and held the office of Technical Director in th
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Ukraine Replaces Notes with Coins
Countries are known to have converted a single bank note denomination into a coin or a coin into a bank note denomination at a time, but four denominations at once is unusual. Ukraine recently not only stopped issuing four bank note denominations in
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Show Calendar
For complete show listings visit The World Coin News club show and commercial events calendar is a guide to events with a focus for world-coin collectors. Domestic events scheduled up to 10 weeks in advance of the issue date and forei
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Getting It Right
When coins buried for centuries are discovered, the context in which the coins are found become paramount to answering the questions ‘why, when, and who.’ When an 11th century silver coin minted in Scandinavia was discovered in Maine several years ag
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Tears of Goddess Mama Quilla Connect Moon to Silver
GODDESS OF THE MOON, Mama Quilla, was an important deity for the people of the Inca Empire which flourished in the Andes region of South America from the 12 century AD until the Spanish conquest of the 1500s. In Inca mythology, she was the daughter o
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The Mint at Corbridge
CORBRIDGE IS A VILLAGE in Northumberland on the River Tyne, population in the 2011 census 3672, sixteen miles west (upstream) of Newcastle. It was the Roman garrison town of Corstopitum, which is still a major tourist attraction, and the site of the
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Napoleon Returns to St. Helena on Coins
THE FIRST WEEK of May marks the 200th Anniversary of the Death of Napoleon Bonaparte. A stand-alone figure in European history, Napoleon has achieved legendary status for his bold military campaigns and political aspirations. His exile to Elba and fi
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Are They Serious?
Coins have never had a monopoly on being the only form of tangible cash. Intrinsic value or specie coinage has always had strong acceptance. Fiat money, not so much. Paper money, backed by something physical or not, has continued to be accepted as a
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Hit the Open Road with New CIT Coins
CIT COIN INVEST has produced a pair of coins designed to honor the Open Roads of the world and the drivers who love them. This coin issue is for all those drivers and collectors for whom the journey is the reward and the real pleasure. It is a profou
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Coin Clubs Are Still Thriving
Many clubs and groups have been struggling to keep up with the shut downs across the country. Quite a few collectors have been feeling the effects of not being able to meet with their friends and fellow collectors. However, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped cl
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When Did the Use of Hubs to Create Coin Dies Begin?
When did the use of hubs to create coin dies begin? According to Thomas W. Becker’s book The Coin Makers, “In 1839 the reducing machine made its first appearance in European minting houses. This machine copied a design in miniature from a much large
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Cyber Money Counterfeits
So, you view yourself as a thoroughly modern Millie. You use cyber money rather than physical cash. And, why not? Coins and bank notes carry germs. You have to carry and count them. Writing a check is an inconvenience. Money in a bank account can be
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India Find Illustrates Need for Controls
In the second Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the hero is asked to help save children kidnapped from the impoverished village of Mayapore in northern India. The village begins to thrive once more after the hero succeeds, al
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