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Key Canadian
While acknowledging that the dominant politicians among the Western Allies in the Second World War were Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, Neville Thompson makes a case that the Canadian prime minister also played an important role. W. L. Mack
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Diverse Trio
Rachel Trethewey’s The Churchill Girls: The Story of Winston’s Daughters proves, an enormous Churchill literature notwithstanding, that there is always more to learn about a man who lived a long life that often dominated the world stage, as well as a
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Observing “Churchill At The Helm”
In January 1952, Winston Churchill travelled to Washington to meet with President Harry S. Truman. During his stay, Churchill was invited to be a guest in the gallery when the President delivered his annual State of the Union address to Congress. A f
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Franklin D. Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882–1945) served as thirty-second President of the United States from 1933 until his sudden death on 12 April 1945. Five days later, Prime Minister Winston Churchill delivered the following eulogy in the House of Commons.
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Winston Churchill And The Approach To D-Day
In 1967 former President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890–1969) published a collection of memoirs under the title At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends. Unlike his previous books about the Second World War and his service as the thirty-fourth President of the
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The White House Bronze:
For more than fifty-five years a bust of Winston Churchill has been part of the permanent collection of the White House. An identical bust owned by the British Embassy in Washington has twice been loaned in the present century to American presidents
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Churchill’s Presidents
Winston Churchill met more American presidents than most American presidents. The articles in this issue show that, of the fourteen presidents who served from 1897 to 1977, all but three had some form of direct contact with Churchill. At the time of
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American Presidents and Winston Churchill at Westminster College
“This is a wonderful school in my home state,” wrote Harry Truman on 3 October 1945, at the bottom of the letter from Westminster College President Franc McCluer to Winston Churchill. The American president added a personal plea and a promise: “Hope
Finest Hour2 min de lecturePolitics
Winston Churchill—Honorary Citizen
Acting upon authorization from Congress, President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963), the thirty-fifth President of the United States (1961–63), proclaimed Sir Winston Churchill an honorary citizen of the United States of America on 9 April 1963. In a Rose
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Action This Day
Churchill admits in My Early Life that, after he returned from Cuba and prior to departing for India in September 1896, he spent the spring and summer in idle pursuits, primarily polo as well as social engagements designed to enhance his prospects fo
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The International Churchill Society Gratefully Acknowledges Donors To The Society In Support Of Its Many Educational Endeavors.
Original contributors to the International Churchill Society at $100,000, $50,000, $25,000, and $10,000 respectively Jack and Barbara Bovender • Churchill Heritage, Ltd. • Laurence Geller CBE Audrey and Martin Gruss Family Foundation • Michael Michel
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International Churchill Society Affiliate Organizations
John David Olsen, Representative (0401) 92-7878 G. R. (Randy) Barber, Chairman (905) 377-9421 | AB–CALGARY: Rt Hon Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Society of Calgary
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Winston Churchill:
Richard M. Nixon (1913–1994) served as the thirty-seventh President of the United States from 1969 to 1974. He frequently said that Winston Churchill was the most impressive man that he ever met. Likely it was as a member of the House of Representati
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The Ultimate Social Climber
The publication of a new edition of the Channon diaries has attracted considerable attention, with extensive reviews in national newspapers and weekly journals. The reasons are evident. The first edition in 1967, edited by Robert Rhodes James, was a
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Dr. Monroe E. Trout Awarded Winston Churchill Leadership Medal
For his community service and contributions in the fields of education, health care, and the art world, Dr. Monroe E. Trout, of Appleton, WI, has been awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Leadership Medal by America’s National Churchill Museum a
Finest Hour2 min de lecturePolitics
In Memoriam HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh (1921–2021)
The many connections between Sir Winston Churchill and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh extend back several years before the future prince consort was born. As First Lord of the Admiralty in 1912, Churchill selected Prince Louis of Battenberg, Prince Philip
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Quantum Query
Quizmaster Kieran Whit-worth, who previously produced The Ultimate World War II Quiz Book in 2017, has now focused on one of the war’s leading figures with The Churchill Quiz Book. He could justifiably have included the word “ultimate” in the title o
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Finest Hour
Second Quarter 2021 • Number 192 ISSN 0882-3715 The International Churchill Society David Freeman Department of History California State University Fullerton, CA 92834-6
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Complete Picture
Celia and John Lee, through their friendship with the late Peregrine and Yvonne Spencer Churchill, have had unrivalled first access to the private papers of Peregrine’s father, Major John Strange Spencer Churchill, Winston’s younger brother “Jack.” T
Finest Hour1 min de lecture
1. Winston S. Churchill, The Age of Revolution (Norwalk, CT: Easton Press, 1992), p. 308. 2. Ibid., pp. 308 and 315. 3. Winston S. Churchill, The Great Democracies (Norwalk, CT: Easton Press, 1992), p. 119. 4. Ibid., pp. 224–25. 5. Ibid., pp. 261 and
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Email: PENDER ISLAND, BC—I want to commend your achievement here in pulling off this tricky assignment—the right thing to do at the present moment and very aptly done here. Your article about “Standing for Tolerance and Li
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Truman Visits Chartwell
Harry S. Truman (1884–1972) was the thirty-third President of the United States, serving from 1945 to 1953. He and Churchill met several times over the course of eleven years. Truman also has the distinction of being the only American president to ha
Finest Hour6 min de lectureAmerican Government
Prelude To Power: Churchill And The American Presidency Before The Second World War
As Prime Minister, Winston Churchill had important working relationships with three different American presidents: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Churchill’s involvement with holders of the Oval Office, however, did
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A Popular Loser
Despite being the grandson of a duke, Winston Churchill shrewdly perceived that his name and pedigree alone would not suffice to launch him onto the serious political career to which he aspired. He therefore spent several years as a young army office
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Shaw, Wells, and Maugham: Authors Churchill Knew
Winston Churchill’s literary world included novelists, playwrights, poets, and writers of short stories. Three of his best-known friends, who were professional authors, were George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, and W. Somerset Maugham. Churchill met and
Finest Hour1 min de lecture
Leading Myths: WSC & GBS
Famous men accrue good stories and quotations. Sadly, one of Winston S. Churchill’s most famous supposed exchanges with the celebrated author and playwright George Bernard Shaw did not take place. The debunking of this story will disappoint many, but
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Death To The French
Winston Churchill loved to read. He grew up in the Victorian Age when books did not have to compete for attention with any form of electronic entertainment. Not afforded the opportunity of a university education, he sought to fill the gaps in his kno
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The International Churchill Society
UNITED STATES • UNITED KINGDOM • CANADA • AUSTRALIA • NEW ZEALAND ICELAND • PORTUGAL • HEADQUARTERS: WASHINGTON, D.C. The International Churchill Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic legacy of Sir Wi
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Action This Day
Churchill wrote to his mother Jennie on 30 September commenting on current events in China, Armenia, and Africa. He closed the letter by telling her he was required to take his two-and-a-half month leave from 24 October to 8 January 1896. “Do try and
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Board of Academic Advisers
Professor James W. Muller, Chairman University of Alaska, Anchorage Professor Christopher M. Bell Dalhousie University Dr. Piers Brendon Churchill College, Cambridge Professor Antoine Capet University of Rouen Professor João Carlos Espada Ca
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