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Re: your striking image of a coal-fired power station in your edition on Air pollution (NI 525). Surely you should be aware that cooling towers emit only steam (as they are cooling waste steam to recycle in the process) and not smoke. The steam may a
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Action And Info
Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign Broad-based, affiliated with UK trade unions Women Defend Rojava Network for a free society Canadian Friends of Kurdistan
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First Ebola, then COVID-19
In early April, Sierra Leone confirmed its first case of coronavirus, one of the last nations in the world to do so. A low-income country, it has limited intensive care capacity, a total of 18 ventilators and a population of six million, the vast maj
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In The Next Issue: A Better World?
Since the early 2000s, Argentina has been forced into a cycle of debt and austerity. Nick Dearden presents solutions to this coercive, financialized system. The Covid-19 crisis has triggered an international rent strike. Amy Hall reports on the housi
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Early every day, Ilham, a Kurdish woman in her sixties, gets up to make her way to her Mala Jin – or Women’s House – in the Northern Syrian city of Qamishlo (aka Qamishli). There, with colleagues ranging from teenage girls to women her age, she tries
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View From Africa
The president of the US stood at a podium with the White House seal emblazoned across the front and suggested that sunshine, household bleach and disinfectant might be a treatment for Covid-19. Newspapers around the world reported his remarks, but wi
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Ways Of Belonging
I had two babies inside me, the medical rationale for the unimaginable boneweariness I experienced. The pregnancy started almost in tandem with Covid-19. Before most of the mayhem had spread globally I took regular walks up from my apartment to the n
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A Shot At Statehood
Welcome to the lighter side of Iraq. Spend a bit of time in Erbil, with its sleek highways, its gleaming highrises and chic cafés that know their espressos from their macchiatos, and it quickly feels strange to think you’re in Iraq at all, which is s
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Hall Of Infamy
JOB: State Counsellor of Myanmar REPUTATION: Human rights champion turned genocide apologist How could it happen? For decades Suu Kyi led a mostly nonviolent struggle against a vicious military dictatorship in Myanmar. She endured 15 long years of ho
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In a pandemic, love can become a luxury some can’t afford. Amid the economic uncertainty brought on by Covid-19, thousands of families in the UK – in which one partner’s passport is from outside the European Economic Area – are now concerned about wh
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100 Years Of Hope, Struggle And Betrayal
Secretly negotiated by Britain and France, the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement draws up plans for the modern Middle East. After World War One, the 1920 Treaty of Sèvres dissolves the defeated Ottoman empire and proposes the creation of an autonomous Kurdi
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Southern Exposure
Taken from his series ‘Knots’, Tehran-based photographer Jalal Sepehr offers an artistic comment on life in Yazd, an ancient desert city in Iran also designated as a World Heritage Site. Much of its economy is dependent on the making of classically o
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Nigeria Thrown In Jail
Olumide sits in the over-crowded courtyard of Ikoyi correctional facility in Nigeria’s commercial city Lagos, pleading with a lawyer to take up his case. The inmate worries about how he will find another job if he is ever released. But right now, he’
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Rival Families
The Barzanis and the Talabanis have dominated the political life of Iraq’s Kurds for generations. Mustafa Barzani was the legendary granddaddy of the Kurdish revolution, who fought Iraq and Iran for the rights of his people. His son, Masoud, was Kurd
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Sarojini Nadimpally
How have Covid-19 and the lockdown restrictions impacted on Sama’s work? It hasn’t been easy. The immediate announcement of the lockdown, without any preparation, had a big impact on everyone, particularly the poor, migrants and people who are totall
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Covid-19 Lgbtqi+ Backlash
South Korea has been praised for rolling out a meticulous and scientifically backed contact-tracing model in response to Covid-19, but targeted homophobic harassment on social media has undermined this strategy, putting the LGBTQI+ community at risk.
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Mandela Of The Middle East?
Abdullah Öcalan (aka Apo) was born of a part-Kurdish and part-Turkish family, in the village of Ömerli in eastern Turkey, maybe in 1947. He isn’t sure – and no official birth records exist. Confusingly, in April this year his supporters celebrated hi
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View From Brazil
According to Brazil’s Ministry of Health, on 6 May the country had recorded 8,536 deaths from Covid-19. Despite underreporting, the figure already showed that the main victims were poor people from large cities. Coincidentally, on the same day, the B
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Introducing… Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
In the crosshairs of both pandemic and superpower management, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was appointed head of the World Health Organization in 2017,is the bête noire of Donald Trump and the US Right. The 55-year-old Eritrean-born Ethiopian has
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Dreaming Of Sur
Nurcan Baysal has a dangerous dream. She wants to create a ‘school of peace’ in Sur, the devasted ancient centre of the city of Diyarbakir, eastern Turkey. She has already got the house: a 19thcentury stone building, complete with mulberry tree, she
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The Trouble With Normal Is It Always Gets Worse
There is a 1980s song by the Canadian folk poet Bruce Cockburn that portrays a notion of an ominous threatening normality and seems to resonate with humanity’s present dilemmas particularly well: Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engageSudden
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‘Lil Miquela’ has 2.2 million Instagram followers and her past collaborations include Prada, Calvin Klein and YouTube. The ‘influencer’ has captured the hearts of under-twenty-fives across the world. Miquela is also a ‘teen robot’ created by Brud, an
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Shoot First
Unarmed Kurdish boys and men who work as porters, crossing perilous mountain passes, continue to be shot and killed by Iranian border guards. Hundreds have been killed or seriously injured in recent years, moving between Iran and Iraq. Some 231 death
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Climate Activism In A Time Of Isolation
Covid-19 has exposed the cracks in the system that climate activists have warned of for years. A spiky pathogen has made us more aware of just how connected we are in a globalized world. The pandemic has also thrown a spanner in the global climate pr
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Brazil Amazon Exposed
The Covid-19 pandemic isn’t stopping the exploitation of the Amazon – quite the contrary. Wildfire season has begun in the Amazon rainforest and the combination of seasonal respiratory diseases caused by smoke, the spread of Covid-19, and a nearly co
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Why I Joined
Like the internationalists in the Spanish Civil War, Westerners have gone to Northern Syria to defend Rojava’s revolution – a beacon of socialism, environmentalism and gender equality in practice. Some risk their lives in the war zone. Others risk be
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20 short films by various directors and writers 237 minutes ★★★★✩ The quiet opening film, Ellen Evans’ 13-minute Motherland, hits hard. An elderly man, dignified, deeply disappointed and bewildered, a ‘proud Black Britain’ of the Windrush generation,
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Rwanda Healing Power
Nothing can erase what happened between April and July 1994 in Rwanda – a genocide that left approximately one million dead and divided the country in two. But it is possible to try and soften its lasting effects. This is why Ingoma Nshya was founded
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A parade of security guards on Guatemala City’s Fifth Avenue dangle scary-looking shotguns. What they protect are not banks nor casinos, but humble stationery shops. Guatemala, once among the world’s most violent countries, has halved its murder rate
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Spotlight James Aguer Garang
South Sudanese artist James Aguer Garang has been waiting weeks for new paint to arrive. ‘It has to be delivered by bus from NGOs in Kampala,’ he explains, cutting a frustrated figure in his sparsely furnished studio in Juba, the nation’s capital. Mo
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