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“Contour” Collection
Designed by Bodo Sperlein, the “Contour” furniture collection draws inspiration from the clean-curved silhouettes of the 20th-century Art Nouveau movement. The fluid curves of the piece result from the time-honored woodcraft techniques and painstakin
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La Dolce Vita
Space. It’s what most of us dream about. But making good use of it is another thing. When blessed with too much square footage, rooms often go unfinished, furniture never quite fits and a house fails to become a home. So, imagine wrestling 24,000 squ
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Il Bronzetto
Freely inspired by a twentieth-century lamp model, the name of the collection, WORMHOLE, hides a very deep meaning for the company and its creative director. In astronomy, a wormhole is the space-time tunnel that connects one universe to another. It
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME7 min de lectureArchitecture
Cozy Quarters
In my own Spanish Revival-style home, the original wood paneling is a bit out of character. I stripped several layers of paint and then stained it, and the fireplace surround is the original brick. The artwork is a mix of pieces I have been collectin
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Self-portraits by women artists have become ubiquitous in contemporary art (behold Cindy Sherman and Carrie May Weems). But the tradition actually stretches much farther back. Renaissance painter Artemisia Gentileschi, like Sherman, depicted herself
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High Mass
“You don’t know where the architecture stops and the design starts,” interior designer Mitchell Freedland says of this Vancouver home. “It’s seamless. Once you get into the house, nothing reveals itself fully. You have to go on a journey inside to ge
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Vessel Of Honor
“024 is a sink with a path marked by the rhythm of ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship”suggests Gumdesign – designer of the sink – “As the hands of the clock mark the time, here each line marks the definition of an idea that becomes reality, in a
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lecture
Truth or Dare
The pull of the past can be hard to resist, yet it takes a solid footing in the here-and-now to embrace what has gone before without falling down the slippery slope of nostalgia. Interior designer Nicky Tyers has always been drawn to older homes, but
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME1 min de lectureArchitecture
Cantilevered Staircase HMA2 Architects
PROJECT Sands Point Residence INTERIOR DESIGN/ARCHITECT HMA2 Architects Custom Fabricated Steel Stair | Costanza Fabrication • Handrails | Wrapped in Leather • Stair Treads | Cork Deco by Symmetry Natura/Natural Cork from Long Island Paneling, Ceil
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME4 min de lectureArchitecture
Midcentury Wizardry
The existing home has a Bay Area 1961 architectural pedigree. The architecture and garden have regional historical significance and were required to be respected and preserved. Most of the original Esherick exterior architecture details were mainta
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME1 min de lectureArchitecture
Living Room Claire Zee Interiors
PROJECT Living Room DESIGN Claire Zee, Claire Zee Interiors Rug | Vintage from Stark Carpet • Coffee Table | Baker Furniture • Chairs | Cisco • Window Treatments | The Shade Store • Venetian Plaster Custom Wall Finish | Marmorino Venetian Plaster
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME3 min de lectureArchitecture
Pure And Simple
With a reputation for designing trailblazing buildings across the globe, architect Greg Truen and his partner Nancy Kashimoto used a different design muscle when they chose to renovate a 200-year-old farmhouse. Instead of putting their own spin on th
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Editor’s Letter Winter 2020/2021
IT’S WRITTEN IN BLACK AND WHITE 2020 was the year our lives were confined by the quarantine but redefined by our ingenuity. We revisited our norm and created a new normal. This is very clear. We were no longer just passing through our front doors at
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME1 min de lectureArchitecture
Dining Room Joyce Downing Pickens
PROJECT Dining Room DESIGN Joyce Downing Pickens, JDP Interiors Sconces | Thomas O’Brien, Circa Lighting • Chair | Vintage • Dining Chairs and Chandelier | Rejuvenation • Credenza and Dining Table | Custom Made • Art | Clients’ Own ■
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Happy Medium
Interior design can seem like a purely intuitive affair. A color catches the eye, a fabric feels good, a piece of furniture commands attention. And when executed properly, a space can look as if it evolved naturally, or at least without too much calc
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Aspire Design And Home
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lecture
INSPIRED LIVING COLLECTION: LIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS: CONTEMPORARY HOUSES IN THE MOUNTAINS Phaidon Editors PHAIDON • $50 A breathtaking survey of contemporary homes, each with a deep connection to the landscapes and vistas of the mountains. “Living i
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME3 min de lectureArchitecture
California Dreaming
The first thing you should know about designer and trained architect Chad Dorsey’s east Dallas “surf shack,” which he shares with his husband Kurt Bielawski, is that there’s no water in sight. He couldn’t even catch a wave kicked up by the wake of a
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lecture
Erik Lindström PADDOCK – These retro 1970’s inspired lines offer both balance and flow, letting the eye wander from edge to edge of the pattern. The subtle gradations in color give a soft palette and calming mood, while the hand
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME3 min de lecture
Après Ski
THE AMERICAN FRONTIER was declared closed in 1890. And while there remain vast tracks of open space – public and private – the lure of the West has led to considerable density, not only in places such as Denver, but anywhere a mountain scratches the
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Book Nook
Michael Gardiner Rizzoli • $40 100 original recipes showcase the breadth of flavors, textures and techniques available while keeping kosher. Andrew Martin teNeues • $75 24th annual anthology of interior design. The definitive guide to the world’s
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A Graphic Account
time, it seems, is rarely on our side. When we’re not under the gun, we’re behind the eight ball. And we all know what haste makes. But despite a tight schedule – a heart-stopping five days – and a limited budget, designer Anna Gawlik managed to conj
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lecture
Erik Lindström’s strong family background in architecture and master’s degree in interiors and furniture design reflects a lifelong passion and deep understanding of the intricacies of custom handwoven rugs. After establishing relationships with his
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Drawing Room Sumptuous Serenity
The room is a celebration of the atypical and unexpected; creating a multifaceted space that is inviting, alive with history, culture and modernity. The resulting space is a sophisticated medley of styles ranging from American Art Deco to European mi
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME1 min de lecturePsychology
Fabrics designed to stimulate the senses with an out-of-this world feel, VOLUME is a study of oversized textures and haptic pleasure. Featuring 11 enticing qualities presented in a calming color palette with pops of bright pastels, VOLUME dares you t
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lecture
Part and Parcel
“Living in this apartment is living a double history, first in a real forgotten city, then in a dreamed history through French author Émile Zola’s imagination,” explains interior designer Sébastien Caron, who read Zola’s “Au Bonheur des Dames” (The L
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME1 min de lecture
A unique encyclopedic work directed by Ramón Úbeda, illustrated by Antonio Solaz and published by La Fábrica. Each chair tells its own story and they all fit in the Chairpedia. $35
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Pop Pad
WHEN ANDY WARHOL SAID, “ART IS WHAT YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH,”he probably didn’t envision it as an appropriate design stratagem for an apartment in this 19th-century Manhattan building. Erected in 1866 to stable the horses of the American Express Compan
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lecture
The Unbearable Lightness of a PERFUMERY
Sara Carner launched her unisex perfume line in 2010, and now it is spritzed on pulse points in 40 countries and stocked in apothecaries from Beverly Hills to Cannes. Her new headquarters and store are a celebration of the perfumery’s 10th anniversar
ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME2 min de lectureArchitecture
Loft Redux
Loft living today is a far cry from its origins in the 1960s and ’70s, when scrappy creative types illegally occupied former manufacturing spaces not zoned for residential living, and got by without heat and hot water. The renegade spirit of loft liv
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