Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
A company may have the most sustainable product, but if one of its components comes from an unsustainable practice, the entire product will be tainted. There are many accredited supply chain monitoring organisations, allowing companies to trace produ
Hong Kong Tatler4 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Hot List
Over the past year, I limited my dining out based on each wave of pandemic restrictions. I really can’t cook, so it was like The Hunger Games. When it was safe to venture out, I made the most of it—albeit with caution. Here are some of my favourite m
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Pour It Up
What brought you to Hong Kong? I would like to think that New Delhi’s greatest exports to the world are butter chicken and me. I grew up in India but work has allowed me to travel around the world. I was head bartender at one of India’s first cockt
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lecturePopular Culture & Media Studies
Edgy menswear label Pronounce by Chinese designers Yushan Li and Jun Zhou has made waves in the past year thanks to its statement-making pieces featuring reimagined Chinese silhouettes. Based in Shanghai and Milan, Li is a graduate of Central Saint M
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Dear Meryl ...
Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Heritage Gallery is dedicated to preserving and showcasing our brand’s legacy. Housed in the oldest building of our Vallée de Joux manufacture, the space was refurbished in 2017. Aged archives and documents line the shelves of this
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Greater Bay Cooperation
Totalling RMB 22 trillion in the first half of 2019 alone, wealth management is the largest type of asset management product in China. It’s no wonder, then, that Biyi Cheng describes the Wealth Management Connect pilot programme as “a milestone in op
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The Long Run
Last October, Syed Asim Hussain lost someone very dear to him. His cousin Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah, five years his elder, had been climbing near a tributary of the Indus River in the mountainous Balakot region of Pakistan with his two young sons, a
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Water World
STAYCATION CRUISES: It wasn’t long ago that cruises seemed like a cautionary tale, but they are now poised to be one of the first holiday offerings to resume operations. Pilot programmes such as Royal Caribbean’s Cruise to Nowhere in Singapore have j
Hong Kong Tatler1 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Get a Table
In partnership with Maximal Concepts, The Aubrey at the Mandarin Oriental is a home-away-from-home for local Hong Kong and global guests alike, offering an eccentric Japanese izakaya experience. 25/F, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 5 Connaught Road Ce
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Institutional Innovation
In an effort to increase offerings for its business partners, CMC Markets has launched its institutional division. CMC Markets Connect provides global access to direct users as well as institutions that maintain their own retail clients. The launch o
Hong Kong Tatler4 min de lecture
Beyond the Wall
When Jason Dembski moved to Hong Kong to start a new job in 2009, what captivated him about the city was less its buildings and more the street art scattered on its walls. He began taking photos to document what he saw, as he felt graffiti was undera
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Shades of Green
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and businesses will focus their attention on rebuilding, including a move to more environmentally sustainable economies. As a result, issuers of all types are using green bonds to finance projects rel
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Sweet Caroline
Caroline Scheufele calls me from her office in Geneva. She’s Chopard’s co-president and artistic director, and has been preparing for the launch of the brand’s new limited-edition Happy Sport watch, which made its debut in 1993. “It’s become a watchm
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lecture
Don’t Sell Yourself Short
An online community dedicated to providing investment and business advice, Motley Fool consists of a web platform, radio show, podcasts, books and members-only newsletters. The Motley Fool Money and MarketFoolery podcasts include interviews, tips and
Hong Kong Tatler5 min de lecture
A Hotelier with Heart
When a family business has deep roots, its youngest custodians can feel bound by tradition. Winnie Chiu, however, chooses not only to honour the past but also to make decisions that will serve the company her grandfather, Deacon Chiu, founded for the
Hong Kong Tatler1 min de lecture
Boom and Bust
While prices of industrial metals like steel and iron tumbled as industry ground to a halt in 2020, precious metals—including silver and gold—rose 31.8 per cent, according to S&P Global. Learn more on p32. Though foot traffic in physical stores all
Hong Kong Tatler5 min de lecture
The Young Collectors
Building an art collection is a deeply personal thing, a pursuit that collectors like to say is ruled by all their senses. Some people are driven by aesthetics and tastes, others by emotions and feelings. But almost everyone, when it comes down to it
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lecture
Make a Splash
Embrace a slower pace of life at The Rooster, a wellness-focused boutique hotel opening in June on Livadia Beach on the secluded Greek island of Antiparos. The hotel features 17 independent houses, each with a unique layout and design. Inspired by th
Hong Kong Tatler1 min de lectureFashion
The Wish List
Accessories this season come ruffled in dramatic tulle for big impact. This woven fabric is not just for winter—it adds texture and subtle colour gradients to your favourite summer staples. Nothing raises spirits like a pocket—or whole outfit—full
Hong Kong Tatler1 min de lecture
New York Nostalgia
Those yearning to travel to another city and escape Hong Kong can experience the next best thing in an ultra-hip new exhibition in Landmark Atrium, which transports visitors to the New York City subway. Time Travel opened its doors on March 18 to a f
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lecture
The Gold Standard
It is an investment trend as old as the hills from which the shiny stuff is mined: in times of economic uncertainty, people turn to gold. As a store of value with limited practical use, gold is a natural hedge against risk, so it understandably prove
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
A Hoppin’ Good Time
Few events could have kicked off springtime more elegantly than the Easter market hosted by Tatler and The Upper House on March 28. The all-day affair brought together the very best of food, fitness, fashion and fine jewellery with a dose of sunshine
Hong Kong Tatler1 min de lectureEnvironmental Science
The Big Picture
More than ever, companies are increasingly embracing sustainability and embedding ESG principles into the heart of their business strategies and operations. The pandemic has only heightened awareness of sustainability issues and intensified consumer,
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Super Charged
Sometimes, a great business idea is as simple as doing one thing better than the rest. When Monish Sabnani and Evan Moskal couldn’t find any wireless chargers that fit in with their lifestyles, they decided to create their own. Courant was founded in
Hong Kong Tatler2 min de lecture
Tatler Report
For Chaumet watch, a white mother-of-pearl Grand Feu enamel dial by Anita Porchet, one of Switzerland’s most recognised and respected enamellers, is set with brilliant-cut diamonds and rubies. White gold, black lacquer and gold thread are carefully p
Hong Kong Tatler4 min de lecture
Straight Outta Hong Kong
In December 2019, Hong Kong’s original rap band LMF celebrated its 20th anniversary by organising its own music festival, LMF XX Year Fest, in Kowloon Bay, where the group reunited to perform its hit tracks for thousands of loyal fans. Along with the
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Tatler Tales
IF YOU’RE A FOODIE IN HONG KONG, Andy Dark will be familiar to you, but have you ever wondered about the origins of his unusual moniker? Dark’s actual surname is Lai, which he never goes by. “There were too many Andy Lais in my life. When people trie
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecturePsychology
Feeling Psyched
Catch him lighting up his 10,000 followers’ feeds with jazzy bucket hats, Stüssy T-shirts and A Bathing Ape sneakers while repping his favourite independent brands. Since joining Instagram in 2019, Grandpa Maoyu (@grandpamaoyu) has emerged as one of
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Jewels In The Crown
The year is 1893. Thomas Edison constructs the world’s first motion picture studio in the United States. New Zealand grants women the right to vote. In Japan, Mikimoto Kōkichi cultivates the first cultured pearl. And in a quiet corner of Bavaria, his
Hong Kong Tatler3 min de lecture
Whisky Business
“Whisky is an aspirational drink and that’s how it’s been marketed throughout the years”, says Joshua Tate, Asia director of spirits for US wine merchant Acker. But as the number of people developing a taste for a dram has risen, so too has its price
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