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Designed For Luxe Living
Founded in 2008 by luxury and design merchants Akshay Adhalrao and Pritesh Modi, Vita Moderna has built a legacy for itself over the last decade. Vita Moderna’s partnerships with world-renowned European brands and close associations with India’s cele
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Björn Wallander
Björn Wallander’s cosy and peaceful apartment in Manhattan is situated in the 76-storey skyscraper that simply goes by the name, New York by Gehry. Unlike the looming building it is housed within, Wallander’s apartment is modestly sized, generously c
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Escape To Serenity
As far as luxury homes in India go, there’s one brand that consistently finds itself in the top tier—Isprava. Having been in the business of building, managing and renting luxury properties for seven years now, Isprava is a leader in the luxury home
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Bharat Sikka
I am a person who hates to be photographed but once, many years ago, Bharat shot me outside my home. He may have no recollection of it. But there I am, young, standing with my hands folded against my chest, and in the background are electricity wires
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When It Clicked
I spend a lot of time talking to photographers. Briefing them on the corners of a house they shouldn’t miss, on the temperament of the homeowner and why we commissioned them for a particular project. Calling in feedback on images while they’re shooti
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Where Nature Meets Luxury
Reddy’s house is simple, calming and has an uncluttered appeal with clean, minimalistic usage of colour and material. But at the same time, he wanted his house to exude a hint of luxury. “Normally if you see rustic homes, they have simple furniture w
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Style Notes
Wooden houses are gradually gaining popularity in India. Especially in areas with infrastructure and accessibility challenges, a growing awareness of the relationship between human health, the environment and the economy has given rise to the concept
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India s leading photojournalist and a Padmashree awardee, Rai has captured the story of India in his 50-year-long career. For the first time for AD, Rai shoots his own home in Delhi (pg 234), complete with its people, pets and views from inside out.
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Om Base
THE YOGA STUDIO Tucked under the historic Brabourne Stadium stands, the swooping ceiling of the Yoga Studio at the Cricket Club of India plunges down, and opens up the 1,320-square-foot space to a stunning view of the pitch and lawns. When Pravir Set
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The Mood Devika Daulet-singh
“A borrowed possession— Chitra by Rabindranath Tagore, a one act play based on a lyrical love story from the Mahabharata.” “Screenshots from a Super 8mm home movie made by my father that records the first four years of my life.” “My grandfather’s N
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Peter The Great
In the 1980s, when Nature Morte—Peter Nagy’s legendary East Village, New York gallery—was championing a new kind of neo-conceptualmeets-pop art, its founder and gallerist was also, in parallel, working as an artist. His work during this period reflec
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Cheers Delhi
The stage was set, the guests seated, the evening ready for kick off. Vogue India was hosting its first ever fashion awards, co-created with Nykaa Fashion. The night had all the ingredients for an evening to remember, and it definitely delivered. Mem
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Green House Effect
The idea was to rediscover the richness of the floral world—the richness of plants and leaves, intimately intertwined,” says Benoît-Pierre Emery, creative director at Objets et La Table at Hermès, about the intent behind the luxury maison’s newest ta
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Research Trends Forecast
Ever since its inception in 2003, ColourNext by Asian Paints has celebrated colours that have stemmed from extensive research and trend mapping exercises conducted by industry professionals. An annual trend forecast, ColourNext presents carefully cur
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House Of Art
A young, lean Maqbool Fida Husain painting, intensely, intently; Tyeb Mehta’s wife, Sakina, speaking into the camera, “People say his art is violent; I say it is against violence”; the demolition of Babri masjid—these are scenes from independent film
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The 100 Most Influential Architects And Interior Designers In India
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A Case For Wood
Use these logs.” As briefs go, this Van Rossum brief to Case Design was brevity at its best. For the latter, it was enough. As Paul Michelon—who heads the Mumbai-based firm’s product and furniture arm, Casegoods, along with Samuel Barclay—says, “Van
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François Halard
A word about my childhood: For a long time I had difficulties with language. Most of the time I was alone in my room. The rare contact I had with the outside world was through books, photographs and paintings. And yet, the enclosed space of my room b
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Prime Time
Mark Prime’s second solo exhibition in Mumbai emerges from the memories of his father’s factory in England. Form, light and rhythm converge in his artworks to evoke a deep connection to industrial basics that are being left behind. “I wanted to take
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Raghu Rai
A house becomes a home when it begins to reflect the spirit and the feelings of those who live there. More than walls and a roof, it is a family, or friends, that make a home. But it is also a tangible marker of one’s growing up, of one’s inheritance
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Terra Firma
At Rustickona’s flagship store in Amritsar, a swirling pattern of terracotta walls wraps around a central viewing space, almost turning the decor showroom into an art gallery. When Sanchit Arora of Renesa Studio first conceptualized the space, he sta
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Iwan Baan
I have been homeless for years; I’ve been travelling since I started photography. But a couple of years ago, my house and studio in Amsterdam burned down and I was literally homeless. I started living in hotels 365 days a year. Now, I feel at home, q
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Adding to the surge of couturiers (think Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Tarun Tahiliani and Raghavendra Rathore among so many more) moving onto parallel design tracks are Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. For the duo, designing home furnishings seemed to be a ta
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Massimo Listri
Forty-five years ago, when I first crossed the threshold of the house that would become mine, I had an intuition: She was two-dimensional, at the same time static and dynamic, solid and abstract. I wandered among the empty, and so to speak, inert roo
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Step One
Very often, space and furniture design are seen as two separate pursuits,” says Vritima Wadhwa, founder of design studio Project 810. The seven-year-old studio has, since its inception, worked towards building congruence between the two, in projects
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Umrao Singh Sher-gil
Architectural Digest India3 min de lectureFood & Wine
All Rise
At Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît—between a textured ceiling and black-and-white mosaic floor—are apricot banquettes, and walls of soft pink, lilac and warm nimbus grey. Outside, a sidewalk garden and Parisian street lamps border an al fresco section decora
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Douglas Friedman
The high desert of far West Texas can be unforgiving terrain. Just ask Douglas Friedman, the globe-trotting photographer renowned for his copious talents and bonhomie, to say nothing of his signature moustache and tattoos. Nine years ago, Friedman fe
Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
Moving Out
The idea of setting up Flexform came to the Galimberti brothers—Romeo, Pietro and Agostino—in the late 1950s, in Brianza, in northern Italy. And it was as much about time and place as it was about inspiration. The area sat at the crossroads of tradit
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Max Vadukul
Here. From this angle. Look. You see? To have a full view of the open living room with the light pouring in, you have to be exactly at this point. It’s fantastic! Phenomenal!” Ask photographer Max Vadukul to show you his apartment, and this is the re
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