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Straight Drive
There are many reasons to be buoyant about 2021, from the vaccine to a nascent economic recovery. Also lifting the collective sentiment is India’s hypnotic cricketing performance against Australia, with the Boxing Day Test win arguably the greatest i
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New Gard
After working on it for almost two and a half years, Chennai-based Arnav Malhotra founded No Grey Area last September. Born into a fashion family, Malhotra was also instrumental in rebranding Evoluzione, a multi-designer store run by his mother Tina
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The First Place You’d Visit Once It’s Safe
“MY SONS ARE DEAD SET ON RETURNING TO LAKSHADWEEP, BUT I’VE HAD KHONOMA (NAGALAND) DREAMS ALL THROUGH LOCKDOWN.” WHO: Writer and photographer, based on the banks of the Mandovi river where it meets the Arabian Sea. Twitter @vmingoa WHAT: “A Star Is
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Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Contrary to grooming folklore, not all dry skin responds well to a luxurious cream. Some need hydration sans the heavy oil input, and a good moisturising gel is the answer to that. We’re partial to this Provence-origin aqua gel for its water-based fo
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Screen Time
THE VIRAL FACTOR: Late last year, Rahul Kohli and his pornstache unlocked a new level of fame after they appeared in Mike Flanagan’s superhit horror series The Haunting Of Bly Manor on Netflix. “I had no idea the ’stache was going to get the amount o
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30 New Trends To Look Forward To In 2021
A massive spike in cabin fever has sired a surge in travel, but jonesing for a getaway isn’t always enough to risk flying. A road trip is a happy compromise. Driving in your own car to a socially distanced resort or hotel a few hours away eliminates
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There’s a reason UA’s Sportsmask sold out in a day after it launched last year – it’s so much more than a protection tool. Designed specifically for athletes, it’s sleek, functional, water-resistant and offers SPF 50+ sun protection. It has three lay
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Rewind, Unwind
It was a cool, bracing evening. Tables had been placed on the beach. Paper lanterns swayed gently over linened shoulders. The seafood was fresh, the conversation stimulating. Rillwan, our waiter, interrupted with a murmur of apology. He took a bottle
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The Power Of Politics
A charismatic leader of a prominent political party in the capital city of the world’s largest democracy set to inherit the chair of Prime Minister. An incumbent Prime Minister who isn’t keen on retiring yet. Party members who also have their eyes on
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No Filter
When he walked, rather danced, on to the sets of the Netflix film Ludo for the first time, Rajkummar Rao carried a boom box playing music from Mithun Chakraborty’s films. His character Aaloo, a restaurateur, is a fan of the actor, to such an extent t
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A Twist In The Tale
Some of the jokes that appeared on the internet earlier last year, M Night Shyamalan remembers, were about how he wrote the year 2020. What has been going around in the world since February because of its dystopian nature, global impact and the isola
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Elements Of Surprise
Integrated bracelets are clearly in vogue, with pretty much every card carrying member of the Swiss luxury watch club keeping one loaded in the chamber, ready for deployment, should the need arise. Not exactly a novelty in our times then, we’ll all a
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Done And Dusted
The air was stale, the smell of sweat everywhere. Multiple people jostled for space in the tiny room. The man looked up and a pico projector the size of a small matchbox flashed its image on to the kitchen counter to give him a quick update about two
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Brendan Fernandes Very Big Year
Mog Asundi is an essential Konkani catchphrase, which literally means “let there be love”. While most often shared to bid farewell, it’s also an illuminating encapsulation of the profoundly peaceable and inclusive world view of Goa. The late laureate
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Let’s Dance
These aren’t boom times for sex. Two years ago, a leading American journal ran an article investigating why today’s youth were having less sex than ever. The writer identified the decline of “couplehood” as a major reason for some worrying statistics
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Perfect Wingman
Longines’ tryst with aviation is a celebrated one, but what most people don’t know is that some of the most iconic aviators of the 20th century – Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart, Elinor Smith, among others – all recorded their flights using timekeeping
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Great Expectations
Located in Mumbai’s heritage centre, Horniman Circle, designer Rooshad Shroff’s new gallery and office has the perfect view of the magnificent Asiatic Library. It is also flanked by two iconic boutiques – Hermès and Louboutin (also designed by Shroff
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Comfort Zone
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The Big Win
“Life’s this game of inches. So is football. Because, in either game, life or football, the margin for error is so small – I mean one-half a step too late, or too early, and you don’t quite make it... The inches we need are everywhere around us… On t
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Open Season
The switchover to electric mobility might seem glacial, but a steady influx of big-ticket e-vehicles along with a diverse and potent range of fuel-powered vehicles makes this the best time to buy cars. Or to simply bask in their glorious existence. P
GQ India2 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
During the pandemic, Aly Hajiani decided to resurrect his grandmother’s recipes from over two decades ago. Coming from a family of patissiers, the artisanal desserts have craftsmanship behind them, and a range that far supersedes the average home bak
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Bold Move
GQ India2 min de lecture
In The Spirit Of Celebration
While 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, ushering in a new year is the perfect time to embrace positivity and hope. And, to spread some much-needed festive cheer and lift spirits, for Christmas and New Year celebrations, Jack Daniel’s launche
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SUV practicality. There’s much to love about Audi’s latest Q ship There’s something very inviting about the new Audi Q2. Not because of the four rings on the grille, although, I’m sure that has a role to play. It’s because something about its propor
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Colour Theory
Let fantasy take over with this season’s expressive, bold and colourful fits. Nothing speaks optimism like a head-to-toe look drenched in a riot of hues: like this Alexander McQueen suit, or, for a more balanced style, the Louis Vuitton in tropical b
GQ India3 min de lectureAutomotive
Sun Chaser
The arrival of the 650cc, twin-cylinder Interceptor and its clip-on sporting counterpart, the Continental GT 650, marked a major turning point for Royal Enfield. Up until 2018, Royal Enfield remained a well-preserved vestige of mid-century British mo
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Line-up Zip
A jacket is not only a hero winter silhouette but also a wise addition to your wardrobe. From rich suede to the varsity ones, here’s how to start the year with the right sartorial choices Thanks to Paul Mescal, varsity jackets are making a comeback
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The Final Fight Against Covid-19
For Ali Khalifa, it’s like having the “mark of the beast”. The 41-year-old Algerian is not warning against worship of the antichrist, fretting over biblical sea monsters, or debating the meaning of the number 666. He suggests that the modern-day sign
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Stride On
From retro dad sneakers to the chunky fashion forward ones, or the classic comfortable trainers in bright hues, we present to you the hottest kicks to cop at the moment
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Where To Buy
Alexander McQueen Amit Aggarwal Delhi, 88606 78622 Anuj Madaan Couture Delhi, 98114 29246 Asics Mumbai, High Street Phoenix, 022-4004 2820; Delhi, Select Citywalk, 011-4076 9068; Bengaluru, Phoenix Marketcity, 080-6726 6288 A
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