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In New Role As G-20 Chair, India Set To Focus On Climate
India officially takes up its role as chair of the Group of 20 leading economies for the coming year Thursday and it's putting climate at the top of the group's priorities. Programs to encourage sustainable living and money for countries to transitio
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Obama Heads To Ga. As Warnock Seeks Big Early Vote Advantage
Georgia voters have cast more than 1 million ballots ahead of the Dec. 6 runoff between Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker, with Warnock looking to juice an apparent Democratic head start in early voting with a
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Analysis: Under Jiang, China Projected A More Open Image
He grinned, and — just eight years after the crackdown on democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square — the spectacle of China's ruler beaming and glad-handing people in the very heart of capitalism seemed at once charming and really, really odd. It wa
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9 Best Last-minute Winter Holiday Destinations For December Sun
The run-up to Christmas can often seem the most densely packed, rather than the most wonderful, time of the year. As the nights draw in, temperature drops and social engagements spiral, what could be better than escaping all the hecticness and swappi
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'Do Something:' Ukraine Works To Heal Soldiers' Mental Scars
Sleep plunges the soldier back into the horrors of Ukraine’s battlefields. He can hear bombs falling again and picture explosions. He imagines himself frantically running, trying to save himself and others. The nightmares are so vivid and frightening
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Christine McVie Sent Love Across The Airwaves, Across The Divide
When the news of Christine McVie’s death broke yesterday, radio stations around the world queued up her 1987 hit, “Everywhere”. The song’s sparkling synths will have shimmered from a thousand car radios and supermarket speakers, sending tiny, shiny b
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Biden Hosts Macron Amid Friction Over US Climate Law
Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron are celebrating the longstanding U.S.-French relationship — but these are friends with differences. The French president is using his visit to Washington to sharply criticize aspects of the U.S. president’s si
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Tough Oregon Gun Law Faces Legal Challenge, Could Be Delayed
Mid-term voters in Oregon narrowly passed one of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, buoying the hopes of gun control supporters, but the new permit-to-purchase mandate and ban on high-capacity magazines now faces a lawsuit that could put it
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Chinese Users Play Cat-and-mouse With Censors Amid Protests
Videos of hundreds protesting in Shanghai started to appear on WeChat Saturday night. Showing chants about removing COVID-19 restrictions and demanding freedom, they would only stay up for only minutes before being censored. Elliot Wang, a 26-year-ol
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How To Have The Best Christmas Holiday In Lapland – Without Kids
It’s no secret that Finnish Lapland is Santa Central, a territory in which the White-Bearded One sits in permanent residence, extending the festive season beyond its allotted schedule. The Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle at Rovaniemi, the pr
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UK Royals Traveling To Boston With Eye On Environment Prize
The first overseas trip by the Prince and Princess of Wales since the death of Queen Elizabeth II begins Wednesday, an occasion to show the world as much about who they are not as who they are. With their three-day visit to Boston, focused on Prince
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China Vows Crackdown On 'Hostile Forces' As Public Tests Xi
China’s ruling Communist Party has vowed to “resolutely crack down on infiltration and sabotage activities by hostile forces,” following the largest street demonstrations in decades staged by citizens fed up with strict anti-virus restrictions. The
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In Arizona, Losing Candidate Points To Perceived Conflict
Republican Kari Lake and supporters of her failed campaign for Arizona governor are attacking Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs as having a conflict of interest for overseeing the election she won. Secretaries of state across the country rou
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No Longer Fringe, Small-town Voters Fear Democracy's Demise
A word -- “Hope” -- is stitched onto a throw pillow in the little hilltop farmhouse. Photographs of children and grandchildren speckle the walls. In the kitchen, an envelope is decorated with a hand-drawn heart. “Happy Birthday, My Love,” it reads.
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Chinese Vaccine Plans Spark Hope For End Of 'Zero COVID'
A campaign to vaccinate older Chinese has sparked hopes Beijing might roll back severe anti-virus controls that prompted protesters to demand President Xi Jinping resign, but the country faces daunting hurdles and up to a year of hard work before “ze
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LOCALIZE IT: Congress Acts To Block Railroad Strike
EDITORS/NEWS DIRECTORS: Earlier this week, President Joe Biden urged Congress to intervene in stalled railroad contract talks, and the House voted Wednesday to impose a contract on workers ahead of next week’s looming strike deadline. The Senate will
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Election Certification Delays Few, But A 'Test Run' For 2024
Before November, election officials prepared for the possibility that Republicans who embraced former President Donald Trump's lies about voter fraud would challenge the verdict of voters by refusing to certify the results. Three weeks after the end
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‘Deeply Problematic’: Advocates Pan New York City Policy To Hospitalise Mentally Ill People Against Their Will
New York City’s emergency responders have been directed to involuntarily hospitalise mentally ill New Yorkers, allowing police officers to remove people from the city’s streets and subways regardless of whether they are believed to pose any danger to
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Egyptians Call On British Museum To Return Rosetta Stone
The debate over who owns ancient artifacts has been an increasing challenge to museums across Europe and America, and the spotlight has fallen on the most visited piece in the British Museum: The Rosetta Stone. The inscriptions on the black granite
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Key Allegations, Witnesses As Trump Org. Trial Winds Down
Former President Donald Trump’s inaugural address clocked in at just 16 minutes. Closing arguments that are slated for Thursday in his company’s criminal tax fraud case? Prosecutors and defense lawyers say those could take seven hours or more. Those
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What We Learned From The Seditious Conspiracy Trial Of Stewart Rhodes And Members Of The Oath Keepers
Stewart Rhodes told his supporters to prepare their “mind, body and spirit” for “civil war” in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, an election he falsely believes was “unconstitutional” and “stolen” from Donald Trump. On 29 November, Rho
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Tolkien Knock-off Or A Secret Classic? The Story Of Willow
Ironically, Willow was a bit too big. Or at least too big to succeed as George Lucas had imagined it could. The brainchild of Lucas since before the first Star Wars, the 1988 film starred Warwick Davis as the eponymous Willow Ufgood, a farmer and wou
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EXPLAINER: What To Know On Congress' Bid To Bar Rail Strike
President Joe Biden is asking Congress to intervene to avert a potentially crippling freight rail strike before Christmas and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling a vote this week to do so, even if it means handing a defeat to Democratic allies in t
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GOP's New Committee Leaders Prepare Blitz Of Investigations
House Republicans are promising aggressive oversight of the Biden administration once they assume the majority next year, with a particular focus on the business dealings of presidential son Hunter Biden, illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border
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'Everything Everywhere All at Once' wins at Gotham Awards
“Everything Everywhere All at Once" won best feature at the 32nd Gotham Awards on Monday, taking one of the first major prizes of Hollywood's awards season and boosting the Oscar hopes of the anarchic indie hit of the year. Also taking an award for
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Biden, Macron Ready To Talk Ukraine, Trade In State Visit
French President Emmanuel Macron is headed to Washington for the first state visit of Joe Biden's presidency — a revival of diplomatic pageantry that had been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Biden-Macron relationship had a choppy s
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Torture Allegations Mount In Aftermath Of Kherson Occupation
When a dozen Russian soldiers stormed into Dmytro Bilyi's home in August, the 24-year-old police officer said they gave him a chilling choice: Hand in his pistol or his mother and brother would disappear. Bilyi turned his gun over to the soldiers, wh
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Walmart Shooting Claims Teen, Young Woman, Father, Mother
A 16-year-old helping his family. A custodian and father of two. A mother with wedding plans. A happy-go-lucky guy. A longtime employee. That’s how friends and family described some of the six people killed at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, when
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