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Rural Life
Great books about rural ways of life in times past A peerless snapshot of life in a Suffolk village in 1967 through the words of its inhabitants. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand farming and the English countryside. Precious conve
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A Rare Species
You would have thought that ospreys would have learned to build nests by now. But as a young conservationist working in the north of Scotland in the early 1970s, Roy Dennis made a crucial discovery: they’re a bit rubbish at it. Or some ospreys are –
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Beauty Of The Seasons
The forest is at its busiest during the summer months and on bank holidays; it’s worth paying a visit when it’s quieter. The forest is perhaps at its most beautiful in the autumn, when the leaves are turning and the forest floor is ripe with mushroom
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Caves And Coombes
It may be tiny and relatively undiscovered compared to many of Cornwall’s beaches, but Chapel Porth and its surrounding area is a treasure trove of fascination and wonderful for walking. Any visit should either begin or end on the beach, watching the
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Wonder Seeds
Dispersed by wind, wild clematis seedheads are silvery, curling and silky haired, hence its common name of ‘Old Man’s Beard’. Ripe poppy capsules, buffeted by wind, shake their contents like pepper pots. The tiny seeds are eaten by birds. Like many o
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Wild Wetland
With 300 hectares to explore, there’s more to Stanwick Lakes than may at first meet the eye. The site of thousands of years of human history, shaped by industrial activity, it’s now a beautiful, tranquil home for a wonderful array of wildlife. After
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Now Go There
Remember that a car is not vital to visit the forest. There are several railway stations serving the area, plus regular buses. In summer there are hop-on hop-off tourist buses: uk/things-to-do/activities/bus-tours. You can hire bikes
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Where To Watch Climbers
From the tip of Cornwall via the mountains, disused quarries and sea cliffs of Wales, through the Peak and Lake Districts to the furthest corners of Scotland, you’ll see climbers on any stable piece of vertical rock. For Northern Ireland, the Mourne
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Moths Under The Magnifying Glass
invitation and eat our clothes. But the reality, as sumptuously described in this book, is quite different. Moths are amazing, life-giving, almost infinitely varied, dazzlingly colourful and – perhaps to many people’s surprise – accessible. There is
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Positive News Stories: Let It Grow
The Canal & River Trust is currently undertaking a six-month trial across 375 miles of towpaths – almost a fifth of the Trust’s network – to assess the benefits of changing its mowing regime. The trial, which started in April, seeks to balance the ne
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All Together Now
It may be tempting fate, but as I write this in mid-May, it is looking promising that over the summer we will all be able to catch up properly with family and friends. At last. No doubt there will still be Covid restrictions and many people will be
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Your Countryside
I thoroughly enjoyed the February issue of BBC Countryfile Magazine with its emphasis on wellbeing and peaceful escapes. I personally find time out in the countryside, and especially being among animals, very calming, focusing me ‘in the moment’. The
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How To Use OS Maps On Your Device
OS Maps gives unlimited access to OS maps throughout Great Britain. Discover hundreds of thousands of ready-made routes at your fingertips. No signal? No problem. Download maps and routes and use them wherever you go. Visualise your routes in ful
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Lazy Day On The Lake
Summer is on our doorstep. The evenings are long and warm. It’s a precious time of year to spend with children and grandchildren in the outdoors among nature. Walking benefits us all, strengthening lungs, heart and muscles and improving mental wellb
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Snowdonia Stories
Lying in the heart of Snowdonia, Beddgelert is a small, beautiful conservation village nestled below mountains at the confluence of the Glaslyn and Colwyn rivers. Bedecked with flowers, it is the winner of several Village in Bloom contests. It’s a gr
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Rock Stars
Bloody hell! It’s not easy... You get your boot jammed in this crack, then you can’t get the damn thing out.” Thirty years ago, I was on the granite rock high above Chamonix in the French Alps, mesmerised by Chris Bonington’s Herculean efforts as hi
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ID Guide: 10 Common Small Mammals
As you walk through woodlands, meadows or along rivers, you’ll hear the squeaks and rustles of rodents and other creatures. But what are they? Here’s a guide to 10 small mammals of the British countryside Orange brown with a white underside and small
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Ellie Harrison
“I’m into my second quarter of a news blackout at home. It was necessary protection during the frenzied press response to the pandemic. I like that it is now me who determines the editorial that enters my head. There may even be a smugness to findin
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Now Climb!
• The British Mountaineering Council website has a wealth of information on the sport, including how to get started ( • North of the border, Mountaineering Scotland is the representative body ( • Glenmore Lodge is t
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Four More Lakes, Loughs And Ponds For Family Adventures
Ramble over wildflower meadows and ancient heathland to Devon Wildlife Trust’s Bystock Pools. Adults and kids alike will enjoy stomping along the boardwalk beside the lily-padded water looking out for dragonflies and damselflies. devonwildlifetrust.o
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Sara Maitland
“One of my brothers, a dairy farmer in south-west Scotland, has decided to construct a solar array on his land. A solar array generates electricity ‘renewably’ (sunlight being, we very much hope, renewable!) and feeds it into the national grid. As th
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History Of The New Forest
Human history in the area dates to Neolithic times, and there are still around 200 Bronze Age barrows to be found. Following the Norman conquest in the 11th century, the new rulers took power and did whatever they liked. And what they liked most of a
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Five Self-seeders
Delightful and long-lasting white and pink daisies that seed into paving cracks or cascade down steps, attracting the smaller species of hoverflies. These day-glo orange poppies seed happily into gravel; the pollen sacs of visiting honeybees and bumb
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Where To See Ospreys
The Loch Garten Nature Centre (pictured top right) is open daily from 10am–5.30pm from April to October and has views on to the osprey nest. see-do/rspb-scotland-loch-gartennature-centre-p253771 Due to Covid restrictions, you’
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River Protectors
• Surfers Against Sewage Clean water campaigners bringing their activities from sea to source. • Riverfly Partnership A network of organisations and citizen scientists monitoring the insect life in our rivers. • Wild Trout
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How To Get Started
1. To access BBC Countryfile Magazine routes, download a QR code reader app on to your phone. 2. Hold the phone above the QR code beside the map. 3. The map will appear on your device, and off you go!
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The Life Of An Osprey
• Ospreys are present in Britain for five to six months of the year, travelling more than 6,000km from West Africa to breed here, arriving in March or April. • They are fish-eaters, snatching species such as trout, perch, grey mullet and flounder (i
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Access More Areas
I am disabled above the knee on my right leg. Please could you help me find out how I can get around on my mobility scooter? I have become so frustrated with the National Trust and the Canal River Trust because I find it hard to explore a lot of the
BBC Countryfile Magazine1 min de lectureEarth Sciences
Beavers: Allies In The Fight?
Once native to our shores, the beaver was hunted to extinction here by the 16th century. The prospect of the charismatic beaver inhabiting our rivers again is greeted with enthusiasm by conservationists and the public alike. Known as ‘ecosystem engin
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Conquer A Mini Mountain
Of all the 214 Lake District peaks described by Alfred Wainwright in his Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells, only one fails to nudge above 1,000 feet. Step forward the squat but noble Castle Crag, a steep-sided, pine-clustered mini-mountain in the
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