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Expert’s choice Hellebores
When this magazine launched thirty years ago, the best hellebores were rare and expensive. Propagated mainly by painstaking division, they were only available from one or two specialist nurseries and varieties seen in garden centres were unpredictabl
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Peat-free Access
In response to the Chairman of the Garden Centre Association’s (GCA) letter on peat (Have Your Say, December issue) I want to ask, why should peat-free compost make gardening less accessible to anyone? New gardeners will buy what is available (much l
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Fresh From The Plot
Biting winds may announce the arrival of the coldest month of the year on my allotment, but that does not stop me from heading outdoors well layered up and ready to carry on my gardening tasks. I can tolerate the cold February weather as I prep my ve
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I have been asked to be an ambassador for the International Year of Plant Health, an initiative organised by the United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO). I was, of course, flattered and duly accepted but, although International Year of
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Around The Garden
Prune shrub roses before they burst into growth. Have loppers on hand, but secateurs will be suffcient for most of the work. Cake clean cuts and tidy up all the prunings to reduce the risk of fungal disease. This spring pruning is particularly import
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Cut back the last flower stems on clumps of perennials that have been left for winter display. Use secateurs to cut them down to the base. This year’s shoots could be appearing at ground level on some of the earlier-flowering plants, so be careful no
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More From Gardeners' Word Magazine
Explore the gardens of Somerset on a bespoke GW reader holiday this September. Led by local resident and magazine regular Sally Nex, you’ll enjoy the county’s best gardens and food: see p50. Kickstart your veg year with our 132-page Grow Your Own sp
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The BBC Radio 4 experts answer this month’s pick of readers’ queries, including: ■ Why don’t my daffodils flower? ■ Can I take cuttings from a magnolia? ■ What went wrong with my radishes? Red deer are the largest land mammals in Britain and even t
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Monty’s Favourites By Group
Clematis are ranked into three groups, depending on when they flower, which makes it easy to work out when and how you should prune them Gives the earliest flowers Flowers January-May Prune Only where required for tidying up or to cut back vigor
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What To Do Now
Sow broad beans ■ Maintain lawns ■ Prepare veg beds ■ Move snowdrops ■ Sow tomatoes ■ Plant Jerusalem artichokes HOTOS: SARAH CUTTLE; PAUL DEBOIS; JASON INGRAM ■
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Seeds Of Success
Here at Glebe Cottage we sow seeds throughout the year, but it’s now, in February, that sowing starts in earnest. With spring on the way and full of optimism, we clear our little greenhouse of tools and move the overwintering salvias and eucomis to o
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Fruit And Veg
Cut back the remaining winter stems of herbaceous herbs before this season’s foliage emerges. Clear them away to the compost heap and weed between plants with a trowel. Check under the foliage of evergreens like sage, lavender and thyme where weeds c
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Where To Buy
Cactus Land 01778 570 168, Cactus Shop 01837 680 008, Chiltern Seeds 01491 824 675, Plant World Seeds 01803 872 939, Thompson & Morgan 0333 400 0033,
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Your Pruning Month
February always brings more than a glimmer of hope; with the first signs of nature’s promise in the form of bulbs, peeping through the crumbs of cold soil and in some cases, crocus and snowdrops being the most notable, they are even flowering. In rec
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Gardens To Visit For Snowdrops
Enjoy wandering through this 19th-century garden set in a landscaped park, with masses of snowdrops lining the pathways. The site of a former orchard garden, it features mature trees, gentry house and a riverside walk with wonderful sweeping views.
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With an open mind and positive thinking, good things so often come from bad – it’s nature’s way to renew and restore balance. This year we need to rediscover positive thinking and balance as never before – and life in our gardens points the way. A ba
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Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Weeds
■ Be thorough with mulching in year one, especially on perennial weeds. ■ Having zero or almost no weeds is an achievable state, and will save time in the long run. ■ Develop the habit of weeding little and often – this is much easier than being over
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Bring On Spring
Oh, how easy it is to be downcast at this time of year… unless you happen to be a gardener. Gardeners are innate optimists – always planting for their future pleasure, safe in the knowledge that this year will be better than the last. That’s the plan
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Gardeners’ Question Time
Humaira has worked as a garden designer for over 10 years and runs a garden design course. Matt trained at Kew and has been gardening professionally for more than 30 years. Pippa is one of the foremost experts on pests and diseases. She gardens usi
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6 Summer Stars To Sow Now
With so many tubers and potted plants readily available, it’s easy to overlook growing dahlias from seed. Even though most seed strains are named, nobody can predict exactly how the flowers will look. This unpredictability makes it a thrilling busine
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How To Grow Cacti From Seed
Cacti are exciting to grow from seed – their plump seedlings appear quickly and they’ll begin to develop their characteristic spines in under a year. Cactus seeds are available from seed merchants and specialist societies, but if you know someone wit
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“Gardening Is A Really Good Way Of Being In The Moment – You Just Put Things Aside”
Frontline workers Claire and James Eckersley’s multi-level garden just outside Falmouth was a real favourite with our 2020 Gardens of the Year judges, thanks to its confident and varied planting. Claire works in end-of-life care and James has recentl
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News In Brief
A record number of Green Flags were awarded last year, to over 2,000 well-managed parks and green spaces, recognised by the charity Keep Britain Tidy. The invasive harlequin ladybird has caused a severe decline in populations of tw
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Clematis Wilt
Clematis wilt disease is caused by a fungus that enters the plant through a wound, made either by an insect or an abrasion, such as rubbing from a plant tie. The top of the clematis suddenly wilts, collapses and dies back, and the problem quickly spr
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How To Sow Your Seeds
✔Use a proprietary seed compost, ideally with some loam content, rather than home-made garden compost. The latter is great to use as a mulch outside, but it contains fungi and other pathogens that may cause seeds or delicate seedlings to rot in the c
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Compost Bins
Of all the jobs to do this month, composting is one of the most important. Recycling our garden waste is the powerhouse behind a successful garden or allotment, returning valuable nutrients and organic matter back to the soil and boosting biodiversit
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Our Favourites To Suit Your Needs
Although slowest to compost, it has an exceptionally keen price for size. No assembly required. Black bin made from 100% recycled plastic and green from 70% . Optional base plate to site on hard surfaces. This is a sturdy, well-designed variation on
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We love February
This is a very good tree for a middle-sized garden: ace fruit and interesting leaves in the autumn, but it is for its winter flowers that we really love this plant. Imagine, if you would, waking up on a cold February morning, flinging open your bedro
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A veg-growing life isn’t all cabbages, you know: it’s a bowl of cherries, too. Make room for fruit in your plot and you’ll discover just how indulgent growing your own food can be. I never underestimate the power of a pudding in persuading reluctant
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Bird Table
There is something wonderfully comforting about the company of birds in the garden, especially through the colder winter months. Whether that’s my red-breasted friends (who seems to enjoy my company as much as I do theirs!) or a fleeting visit from a
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