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Face /off
It’s my own fault for refusing to wear the unforgivably dweeby McHelmet designed for this roofless, screenless screamer. My cosy bobble hat substitute is forcibly ejected, dances through the heat haze across the rear deck and is lost in the slipstrea
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Twin Test Sticking Point
£76,530 (£94,506 as tested) FOR A truly delightful gearchange built into a superb sports car AGAINST It doesn’t sound as frenzied as early, non-718 GT4s £78,530 (£97,132 as tested) FOR The GT4 experience tailored to be easier going AGAINST Some chara
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Ev Hotlist
These small cars are perfect for urban life, but the trade-off is a much lower range PRICE: £28,215–£30,715 RANGE: Up to 136 miles TG’s reigning city car of the year has retro-tastic styling, but the range isn’t great. No worries – you don’t need to
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Meet michelle
MICHELLE ON: RACING The Porsche parasite that Michelle was infected by was all-consuming, also getting her into racing. “The only reticence to my gender has been on track. I t’s very, very difficult to be taken seriously, especially here in South Afr
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There was a time, under Aston’s previous stewardship, when the brand extensions were getting a bit loopy. Baseball hats and T-shirts… fine, but submarines and ‘luxury personal aircraft’ with the Aston wings slapped on? Back in your box. What about an
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Chris Harris
There I was about to dazzle you all with some electric towing anecdotes when Instagram pushed at me a video of Lewis Hamilton sitting next to a Project One. “Well, knock me bandy,” I thought to myself. “I’d completely forgotten all about that thing.”
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McLaren is named after Bruce McLaren, the New Zealand racer/engineer who never won the F1 world championship, but set up a team that has managed exactly that 12 times so far. But the question of when McLaren started building road cars isn’t quite so
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Cygnet V8
Not a commission from TG’s favourite photoshop artist, this really is an Aston Martin Cygnet with a V8 engine from the last-gen Vantage S. The Cygnet, you’ll recall, was Aston’s first and only foray into the city car market, by inexplicably taking a
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Retro Gearknobs
The king of open gate manual gearboxes, featuring a simple metal knob and a click-clack sound to die for. Perfection The DB5’s little gearknob was already cool, but when Sean Connery flipped it upwards to reveal the ejector seat button it went strato
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Making It Happen
WHAT: SPEEDSTERS TEST WHERE: INVERLOCHY, UK The Monza eschews a folding hard top for a canvas roof. Just one problem… it’s a bit dark under here. And why does it smell of bins? WHO: ANDY FRANKLIN WHERE: SILVERSTONE, UK We traced this small creative f
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“I’ve Bought One! What Now?”
You have a home charge point. Don’t you? Well, get one. There’s a grant, so it’ll cost you less than £500. If you don’t have a driveway, to get an overnight or allday recharge check for posts near home or work that give between 5kW and 7kW
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Top Gear
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Vulcan AND One-77
So and find something beautiful in your house. An object, not a person, please. And it must be man-made. The words will still be here when you get back. Right, got something? Is it actually beautiful? If so, you’ve done better than me – 10 minutes of
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Ev Glossary
Let’s start with a simple one. EV means electric vehicle, as opposed to one powered by petrol, diesel, used chip oil, Chanel No 5 or magic. Must not be pronounced ‘Bev’, like your favourite lunch lady, but ‘B-E-V’. It stands for battery electric vehi
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Collector’s Piece
£TBC FOR Still a wonderful stylish lux-GT. But it now adores corners AGAINST Not a very charismatic 12-cylinder. But still eh, 12 I spun it. Around the apex of one of the Silverstone GP circuit’s slower corners I requested the full 663lb ft. The rear
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@jack_rix It won’t surprise you to learn that pulling together our world exclusive ‘holy trinity of speedsters’ test was not the work of a moment. After months of pitching, explaining, chasing, reassuring we still only h
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Dodge Avenger
Not that we’re calling the Avenger a catastrophic sales flop, but put it this way. By 2008 – a mere year after Avengers went on sale in the UK – Dodge dealers were offering British customers a two-for-the-price-of-one deal. Literally, genuinely, no s
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The Big Test: Seven-seat SUVs
Families are terribly inconvenient arrangements which have a tendency to transform small journeys into big efforts, requiring the logistical execution of a military campaign. Something like the European Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, except with
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The Need For Speed
Long before the Need for Speed series became synonymous with fibreglass bodykits, neon underlighting and the sort of paper-thin plotting even The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift would be ashamed of, there was the first game, initially released on t
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BMW M440i
REPORT 6 £54,645 OTR/£62,995 as tested/£769pcm WHY IT’S HERE Is the new 4-Series good enough that we forgive its cursed face? DRIVER Ollie Kew RIGHT. M440I vs M4. IT’S A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION: WHICH DO I prefer on first impression? 00:05 Flipping heck
BBC Top Gear Magazine2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Audi e-tron Sportback
GOODBYE £79,185 OTR/£89,470 as tested/£1,020pcm WHY IT’S HERE Is Audi’s electric SUV the future or just a stepping stone? DRIVER Charlie Turner SINCE ITS ARRIVAL WE HAVE COVERED 4,343 MILES OVER 137.5 HOURS in the Audi e-tron, at an average of 32mph,
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If the ti badge looks retro, it hasn’t been seen for 20 years… The 128ti already feels like the more focused car on the road Old rivals go head to head – but has VW lost its advantage? HELLO £33,525 OTR/£37,215 as tested/£343pcm WHY IT’S HERE It’s th
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Or You Could Have One Of These…
How much of the hyperspeedsters experience does a Caterham give you, for one thirtieth of the price? Enough, trust me. Twenty minutes of blundering with Allen keys and a fiddly wire connector divorces this 620S from its heated windscreen, replaced wi
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Suzuki Swift Sport
Even at the time in 2012, the Swift Sport felt like the last of a dying breed, a placid ankylosaurus gazing up at the rapidly approaching meteor and mumbling “eh, so this probably doesn’t end well”. Looking back, nine years on, the SSS seems like a r
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Get Your Fix
If you’re finding it hard to get to the shops then order your next copy online – visit Get the three next copies for only £12.50 (saving 15%) with free delivery by visiting You can download the latest edit
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How To Fix Aston In 5 Simple Steps
TopGear: Have you driven the Valkyrie yet on the road? Tobias Moers: I have. It’s good, ride comfort is pretty good, it works well. The seating position is very special, quite similar to another car I know… TG: Speaking of which… you’ve left behind t
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Cupra Formentor
HELLO £48,045 OTR/£48,660 as tested/£596pcm WHY IT’S HERE Just what is the Cupra Formentor… for? DRIVER Tom Ford SOME CARS ARE TRANSPARENT IN THEIR PURPOSE FROM THE OFF – fast, practical, deliberately tiny, off-roaders. Whatever they’re designed for
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Toyota Gr Yaris
REPORT 6 £29,995/£34,375/£396 WHY IT’S HERE Does this hot hatch genuinely channel the spirit of the WRC? DRIVER Ollie Marriage I CLOBBERED A PHEASANT recently. They’re running a higher population density than the pub gardens out my way. The tweed and
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Modern ergonomics have a lot to answer for. All that time worrying about having your neck curving in an anatomically correct direction and being the same shape at the end of a journey as when you started. All nonsense, really. My head is canted at a
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