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New Wold Order
Bikes on local buses is something I usually associate with ‘abroad’. I did it in Slovakia last year, pushed for time in the Tatras. My laden tourer blocked the aisle, but everyone just clambered around it without objection. Communism may have produce
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Core Values
All the key components of good cycling performance – from power output and pedalling effciency to aerodynamic posture and muscle endurance – are dependent on one vital but often overlooked quality: core strength. Without a solid core, you won’t chann
Cycling Plus2 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Easy Prawn Jambalaya
This dish is a perfect pre-ride meal eaten two to four hours before you hit the road. Due to its moderate carbohydrate and lower fat levels it would also work anytime in the post-workout period after the ride. Prawns are a solid addition to meals as
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Look Mum No Hands! London
The capital is a riot of cyclists these days. And as you’d expect in a world city, they’re a diverse bunch. You share the often excellent fast, segregated cycle paths with all manner of people and machines – from 10-grand superbike models to 50 quid
Cycling Plus6 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Garage Sale*
(* Absolutely none of these bikes are for sale) My love affair with bikes started at a young age. First a Raleigh Tomahawk, then a Commando, then a Grifter, then a series of proto-mountain hack bikes consisting of old tourers saved from skips. Then a
Cycling Plus2 min de lectureMedical
Winter At The Gym
With the changing of the seasons many of you will be getting off the roads and looking to the turbo and the gym for winter gains and strength work. Combining endurance and strength/resistance work is called ‘concurrent training’; funnily enough becau
Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Feeling Grand
We know that plenty of readers are astonished, angry even, at the prices of some of the bikes we test in Cycling Plus. (If that’s you then skip the luxury e-road bike test on p88!). In our defence, brands are always keen for us to review their newest
Cycling Plus1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Out-there Oddities
This BMX of indeterminate age was a gift from my best mate, who couldn’t understand how I’d gone from kids’ bikes, to skateboards and mountain bikes in my youth, but still fully believed a man in his forties should have a BMX. I spied this gorgeous a
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How Cycling Changed My Life…
HOW HAS CYCLING CHANGED YOUR LIFE? “Cycling has transformed my life and has helped me lose weight – but in a really fun way. The funny thing is that although I learned to ride when I was 10 years old, I only bought my first adult bike during lockdown
Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Boardman Adv 8.8
The Boardman ADV 8.8 is the cheapest bike in this test, but we’ve often found that bikes from Boardman punch above their weight. Putting together a build to suit any budget requires trade-offs and at this price it takes attention to what makes a bike
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Buying Tips From A Bike Addict
Reviews alone can only tell you so much. Only you will know what suits your riding style, shape and quality of the roads in your location. It's easy to be taken in by a bike with a smattering of high-grade parts, but remember drivetrain parts will we
Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Looking for adventure Lauf True Grit Race AXS
While I might not be a regular face in Cycling Plus (I’m more often found in the pages of sister mountain bike magazine MBUK or online at, I’ve long been riding curly handlebars and, like many of us, have fallen head over heels for gra
Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Marin Gestalt
Having been at the forefront of the original 1980s mountain bike movement in the Californian county after which it is named, it should come as no surprise to see Marin doing something a little different with the Gestalt. Its Beyond Road category is a
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The One(s) That Got Away…
The original EVO was an absolute stunner, with the combination of the classic horizontal top tube design, slim round carbon tubes and flyweight all screaming future classic. Add in handling that’s nothing short of sublime and I still kick myself for
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Plain And Simple
The view over the Cheshire countryside from the beer garden of my hotel extends all the way to the distant skyscrapers of Liverpool. There’s hardly a lump on the landscape as the sun sets over the Mersey. “Tomorrow should be a piece of cake,” I think
Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Whyte Dorset
Originally a mountain bike brand, Whyte has been a road-bike builder ever since one of the company’s designers converted his mountain bike into a commuter by swapping out the off-road wheels and bouncy fork for road tyres and a rigid fork. As Whyte’s
Cycling Plus2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
As if the chance to save 30 per cent and having every issue of Cycling Plus delivered direct to your door wasn’t enough of an incentive, this issue we’re also giving new subscribers a great gift – the choice of either a Lezyne front light or Lezyne r
Cycling Plus3 min de lecture
Crash Dummy
A pattern is beginning to emerge. Both my visits to hospitals after falling off a bike have happened with a revealing simplicity of thought in the immediate aftermath of the Tour de France. Both incidents are differently embarrassing. The first crash
Cycling Plus3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Pinnacle Arkose D2
One thing surprisingly missing from the Arkose is the flared handlebar that can be found on other bikes in this test. What is present, however, are huge 45mm tan-walled WTB tyres, a black paint job set off by reflective graphics, and a test-highest s
Cycling Plus8 min de lecture
Mountains According to G
So you know all about Alpe d’Huez. Everyone does. It’s an icon, a target, a dream. It’s a t-shirt, a poster, a tattoo. You’ve followed the battles and counted the hairpins and maybe even been among the street-corner parties that watch it all go by. B
Cycling Plus1 min de lecture
I’ve no shame in admitting to being the fairest of fair-weather cyclists. However, it wasn’t all that long ago when I’d be out on my bike in all weathers, feeling the cold in my bones and loving it, in a weird sort of way. I can’t put an exact date o
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From The Editor…
When we were deep into lockdown 1.0 I ‘treated’ myself to a couple of kettlebells. I figured that I could use my time inside to build washboard abs and a v-shaped back or something. Needless to say, after an initial flurry of Joe Wicksian enthusiasm
Cycling Plus2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Whyte Dorset
When faced with four such different bikes it’s exceptionally difficult to choose a winner. The Marin Gestalt is a hugely fun bike to ride and has lots of potential, but some of the component choices used to get the bike to its relatively affordable £
Cycling Plus12 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Get Your Motor Running
We all wish we could tear apart the Tour de France with the youthful vigour of 21-year-old Tadej Pogačar on the last important day of the grandest of tours. Sadly, however, age and finite fitness levels are going to stand in your way. But what if you
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Bravo to Zero
I once went to extreme lengths to beat the wind on my bike. I attempted to plot a route that made use of all available resources, man-made and natural, that were likely to offer me shelter from the prevailing south-westerly winds that regularly assau
Cycling Plus1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Cycling Plus The Uk’s Best Tests For Over 25 Years
We take our testing very seriously at Cycling Plus. For more than 25 years – an age when disc brakes, Di2 and super-wide 1x gearing weren’t even a glint in a designer’s eye – we have been putting road cycling products through their paces. Our Senior
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Thomson Finishing Kit
£115 Dirt drop bar, £155 Masterpiece seatpost, £95 Elite X4 stem, £36 Seat collar CNC’d aluminium has never looked so good Thomson started producing bike components in the mid 1990s. The parent company, LH Thomson, is a leading aerospace parts manufa
Cycling Plus3 min de lecture
Selecting Gears
Gearing, like so many aspects of road cycling, has advanced over the years and while the pro riders often lead the way in establishing techniques and habits we’re all keen to follow, it’s worth remembering that the gear selection of an elite rider –
Cycling Plus5 min de lecture
Winter Training Mistakes
If you’re looking to get the most out of your winter training, then you’re already going to be head and shoulders above those cyclists who go into hibernation come autumn, only to return in the spring once the temperature is back in double digits. Wi
Cycling Plus5 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Game Changer
£5799 Cervélo creates a performance endurance bike Cervélo is a brand that’s totally focused on racing, with a commitment to aerodynamics from its very inception. Its S-series bikes define aerodynamic race bikes and inspired the likes of Trek’s Madon
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