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Eleanor Lakelin
Coronavirus made 2020 a year of disruption and uncertainty for many. But for woodturning artist Eleanor Lakelin, it was also a year of significant milestones. After almost a decade of producing sculptural wooden pieces, her beguiling, almost ghostly,
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Provincial Silver
All silver has performed extremely strongly in recent times, with early and provincial pieces keenly contested at auction. A pair of Queen Anne Scottish thistle-shaped cups by Thomas Cleghorne, hallmarked Edinburgh 1702, sold recently for £10,000 (es
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Flower Nostalgia
These joyful accessories will bring colour and charm to corners of your home ■
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The Month May
From the mid 18th century onwards, Staffordshire potters included animals in their popular range of figures designed to display on dressers and mantelpieces. A pack of ceramic dogs bounded through the decades – spaniels, poodles, greyhounds, retrieve
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Boho Chic
Metamorphic library ladder in original paint, mid 19th-century, £545, Fontaine Decorative.
Homes & Antiques1 min de lectureFashion
Métiers D’art Parisshanghai Black Lucite Matryoshka
Chanel has always been associated with radical practicality and female rebellion. The company’s first break came in 1929 when, inspired by the chain on soldiers’ bags, they added a shoulder chain and freed women’s hands from the limitations of a clut
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What is your background? Bit of everything. Apprentice electrician. Sofa surfing skateboarder. Freelance writer. Dealer. Father. Lover. Dumpster diver. When and why did you launch your business? My writing gigs came to an abrupt end after the cras
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Star Letter
Our star letter winner* will receive a bottle of Taittinger Brut Réserve worth £44.15 – * UK readers aged 18 or over only. Please include a daytime phone number. Please note that there may be a delay on the shipping of prizes due to
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Cabinet of Curiosities
My grandmother’s clockwork toy collection began by accident. Her original plan was to entertain the children of friends who came to the house: she bought the toys brand new from the local village shop and brought them out of the cupboard as a reward
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6 Online Dealers In Antique And Vintage Lace
Stefano (Stef) Stella, who grew up with his parents running a stall on Portobello Road, sells everything from antique collectors’ lace to costume embellishment through his Instagram account on Tuesday evenings. ‘I inherited my mum’s passion and exten
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Fair Of The Month
After a little wait, the Blue Magpie Contemporary Craft Fair returns with style – and a whole lot of cake – to Elmslie House in Great Malvern from 1st to 2nd May. The fair will have a celebratory garden-party vibe with music and more makers than ever
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Having decided to relocate to Norfolk, occupational therapist Catherine Davis’ heart soared when she caught sight of a tiny advertisement for an elegant period property in the pages of a magazine. ‘It looked incredibly promising,’ she recalls, ‘and t
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Alexandra Tolstoy’s Hungarian Wedding Bench
INTERVIEW & ILLUSTRATION SJ AXELBY (@sjaxelby) “I adore painted furniture as it echoes my Russian heritage and my travels there. This 19th-century bench, inscribed with a couple’s names to commemorate their wedding day, also happens to be an extraor
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3 Pieces That Caught My Eye
Without access to a hair salon, not to mention binge-watching The Crown , I’m certain the headscarf (1) is due a revival. Rory Hutton’s designs are a fine place to start p29. It’s no surprise that Ed Kluz’s dramatic and forbidding reimagining of hist
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A Very Personal Passion
It is early Saturday morning and I am savouring my coffee in a bright green Henry Daniel Rococo Revival cup. The sunlight is falling onto my dining table, which doubles as a pandemic home office and porcelain-packing station during the week, but is n
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Blazing A Trail
Lighting company BeauVamp has collaborated with textile and wallpaper designers Blackpop on a new collection. Five new Blackpop silk designs have been paired with a selection of fringing and braids to create these moody yet punchy shades. Pictured is
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Alfies Antique Market Amara Andrew Martin Anglepoise Annie Sloan Anthropologie Appley Hoare Art of the Tin Toy Aston Ma
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Fairs & Auctions
NOTE please contact fair organisers or keep an eye on websites and social media for updates regarding these events as they could be cancelled or postponed at any time. 1st–2nd The International Antiques Fair of Wales, Royal Welsh Showground, Llanelw
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Ronnie Archer Morgan
Having spent much of his early life in residential children’s care homes, antiques expert Ronnie Archer Morgan left school at the age of 17, with little sense of where his life would lead. He tried his hand at a wide range of occupations, including t
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Editor’s Letter
May feels full of promise: summer is on its way and we can start making plans. It’s also the perfect moment to tackle rooms that have begun to feel tired and boring after a year of lockdowns. If you are seeking inspiration, turn to page 109, where in
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This Month’s Contributors
SJ is a room portrait artist, whose daily posts immortalise the rooms of the world’s leading interior designers and clients. She is also the host of @roomportraitclub on Instagram. ‘I’d like a weekend away with my husband at Kit Kemp’s Ham Yard Hotel
Homes & Antiques2 min de lecture
I was inspired by the article in your February issue ‘The Passage of Time’. In Nicky de Bouille’s home, she used an antique frame to display her art postcards. I have a painting of a favourite place in Cornwall that I bought from the artist. I didn’t
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Kitchen Notes
Chef Verity uses leftover skins of fruit and vegetables to dye 100 per cent Irish linen napkins (£28 for two). Colours range from a soft oatmeal using onion skins to a blushing pink from avocado. ‘My best and certainly one
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Bags Of Style
Frivolous and functional, private and public, symbol of status, political billboard, environmental statement, a weapon (in the hands of Mrs Thatcher), a carry cot (in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest): the handbag is a fashion accessory
Homes & Antiques3 min de lectureArchitecture
Life On The Factory Floor
Even from the outside, Anna Piiroinen and Tomi Parkkonen’s home in the small coastal town of Hanko in southern Finland is the picture of bohemian romance. The two-storey whitewashed building still features many of the charming architectural details c
Homes & Antiques3 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Make the pancakes with any leftover bircher mix you have for a weekend breakfast or sweet supper, if that takes your fancy one evening. 100g self-raising flour200g bircher muesli60ml whole milk50g natural yogurt2 teaspoons runny honey50g fresh berri
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Where To Buy
Eleanor’s first solo show UnEarthed will be at the Sarah Myerscough Gallery 14th June to 24th July Her work is available from Sarah Myerscough Gallery and Flow Gallery. Small vessels are from £1,000. Large sculptural pieces are up to £20,000. eleanor
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Star Sales
At Fellows’ first Fine Jewellery sale of the year, a flighty Art Nouveau-style dragonfly brooch caused a buzz among the 500 lots. Made in the early 1900s, the platinum and gold insect has a diamond head with ruby eyes and wings of green plique-à-jour
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Ask an Expert
This chair has been in our family for three generations, however l know little or nothing about it. l would be very grateful if one of your experts could give me some advice. Debbie Ross, Sunderland Your chair is typically Edwardian, with a hint of
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From the moment she saw the four-storey cottage that would become her holiday home, Sarah Laming knew she would use antiques and vintage finds to create the relaxed and lived-in atmosphere she was seeking. ‘I imagined catching a glimpse of a worn and
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