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Where Are We?
The Chilterns is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, famous for undulating chalk hills and beautiful beech woodland. Less than 30 miles from London, it covers 833km2 and is home to lots of great singletrack, beautiful countryside, country pubs and
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Saracen Ariel 30 Pro
With a geometry chart that could have been pulled from one of the more radical enduro bikes in this test – including a 65-degree head angle and 505mm reach (large) – it’s no surprise that if you point the 130mm-travel Ariel 30 in a straight line down
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Yt Capra Shred 27.5
With YT saying that “bike parks are the perfect playground” for the Capra Shred, it may look like an outlier in this enduro test, but its burly build and 180mm of travel make it an absolute beast when pointed down any kind of hill. The bike comes wit
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Princetown, Dartmoor
Route summary A fun ride across the moors with some challenging trails and remote sections, but nothing too difficult or dangerous. The tracks stand up well, but are best saved for good weather because you’re exposed and will miss the views. Start/f
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Cotic Rocketmax Gen3 Silver Slx
Cotic have upped the RocketMAX’s rear wheel travel to 160mm and tweaked its leverage ratio and progression rate to offer a plusher suspension feel, delivered via their linkage-actuated single-pivot system. The frame pairs a Reynolds 853 steel front t
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Lapierre Zesty Am Cf 6.9
The 150mm-travel Zesty’s floating shock design (where the damper is suspended between the rocker link and chainstay, not attached to the mainframe) gives it an impeccably smooth-feeling rear end, with the back wheel free to track the ground with mini
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Scott Ransom 920
Scott’s Ransom offers up 170mm of travel at the front and rear, making it one of the longest-travel frames on test. But unlike on the other bikes, that travel can be easily controlled on the fly, using the brand’s proprietary TwinLoc system. A bar-mo
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Meet The Mbuk Test Team
With With three tw decades de ades of riding of experience riding experience , Rob knows Rob what kno works s and what what wo doesn s and ’t Keen enduro racer Sarah is always on the lookout for kit that gets results Long days outdoors mean photogr
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Out Front MBUK
Spring can be a mixed bag when it comes to weather, but there’s something special about those first few dry spells and warmer days that let you know the seasons are changing. You start to notice the nights are drawing out, and to relish the thought o
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What’s It All About?
TFT’s mission is to reduce single-use pollution on our trails and in our wild places by 75 per cent by 2025. A non-profit organisation, they aim to achieve this through community action, and are calling on riders, runners and walkers to help. For det
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Yattendon, Chiltern Hills, Berkshire
Route summary A solid XC route through the beautiful, peaceful Berkshire countryside, with top-quality refreshment stops and opportunities to explore further along the way. Start/finish Yattendon village (free) car park (postcode RG18 0UQ, grid ref
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It’s Time To Put Our Top Three Head-to-head To Find The Winner Of... Bike Of The Year 2021 Trail
It’d be easy to fall into some clichés here, at the sharp end of our Trail Bike of the Year test. Yes, this year’s line-up was the hardest yet to judge. And yes, it was very hard to narrow down the top five to just three. Just as predictably, we only
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Cairn Gorms Calling
What if we were to tell you that Scotland has a hidden gem – a lost valley crammed full of some of the sweetest slithers of dirt that our floating lump of rock plonked in the roaring Atlantic has to offer. A valley of endless possibilities, with towe
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£TBC Big-money bike for mega mountain missions Already proven in the Enduro World Series, this latest Altitude boasts a carbon fibre frame with 160mm of rear wheel travel. Rocky Mountain’s RIDE-9 system gives you nine shock position options, each of
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It starts with a detailed product check in the workshop. Next we hit the trails… hard! We test in real riding conditions, incorporating feedback from multiple testers, and don’t stop until we have the complete picture. Our test team is made up of so
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Gower Peninsula, South Wales
Route summary Just a short route, but it still offers some sweet singletrack and a hill for stunning views. Ideal for a quick blast, or an enticing introduction to MTBing and the area. Start/finish Hillend car park (postcode SA3 1JH, grid ref SS 414
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Mbuk Bike Of The Year 2021 Enduro Winner Trek Slash 8
We’ll be honest, with the changes made to both the Nukeproof and the Whyte, we were expecting it to be one of these two that took the top spot. The Trek really did come in and surprise us. Every lap on the Slash was an eye-opener, and the more we pus
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Winner! That’s Gotta Hurt
Sam Bowyer is healing up well after breaking his neck on a road gap at the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. “I had an over-the-bars crash and landed on my head,” he explains. “My helmet saved my bonce, but my body weight rolled my neck, causing me
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Mountain Biking UK
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Summer Jerseys
1 Mons Royale Redwood Enduro VT Made from ultra-light merino wool, this can be used as an all-year jersey/baselayer thanks to the fabric’s insulating and temperature-regulating properties. It comes in men’s and women’s (here) versions. €80 https://eu
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Saracen’s New Model Army
After a quiet couple of years on the Saracen front, they’ve announced some major changes. The British outfit are the latest to move to an online-only ‘direct sales’ model, which should help keep prices competitive – something also aided by sharing th
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Canyon Spectral 29 Cf 7
Canyon have built one of the best trail bikes out there. The frame is excellent, with geometry that’s right on the money for this category. That includes a reach that’s long enough (485mm, large) to give confidence on steep terrain, while still letti
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I won’t lie, I was pretty excited when, a few weeks ago, James – YT Industries’ UK manager – turned the corner of my street wheeling my new bike. That excitement grew further when I saw the bike was matt black, because as anyone who’s ridden with me
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SO GOOD… Despite its light 100g weight, it feels well made and solid. Its 13 tools include most Allen and Torx keys, and the latter have an accurate fit. The 8mm Allen key undoes tight pedals easily, and the tool body doesn’t flex under high loads.
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Martha Gill
The Enduro World Series recently announced that they’d delay round one until the end of June, so with a super-long off season, I’ve only just started to get back into the swing of training. Every winter, I spend time at the skate park on my jump bike
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Jump Gaps With Style
“Do one thing that scares you every day” is what they say, right? Finding a gap to jump is a great way to do just that, especially if it hasn’t been jumped before. There’s that excitement you get when you first spot the gap, then a wave of fear as yo
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Uplift MBUK
We’re thrilled by the boom in mountain biking over the past year or so, but that does come with consequences. Local woodlands and other natural spaces are being accessed by more people than ever before – not just higher numbers of folk on bikes, but
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Our Ratings
A genuine class leader One of the best you can buy It’ll do the job and do it well Flawed in some way Simply put, don’t bother!
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Angles Explained
Or to give it its full name, effective top tube length, this is the horizontal distance from the centre of the top of the seatpost to the centre-top of the head tube. This determines how roomy a bike feels when you’re sat down pedalling. Women tend t
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Send It!
I started my mountain biking adventure as a middle-aged divorcee – probably not your typical target audience! I didn’t have much cycling experience, in fact I didn’t even own a helmet. After a traumatic breakdown in my private life, my determined fri
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