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Man Of The Wild
“There is a slight delay; I’m calling from a satellite phone because I’m out in the country!” Cyrus Sutton’s voice suddenly crackles in my headphones. He’s calling from Washington, Oregon, in the US and I’m in the hills of Byron Bay. He’s a man of th
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When Sound Meets Words
What does mindfulness mean to you? Mindfulness, to me, is just being aware of what you’re going through, being aware of your surroundings — so being present. I think the most important thing about practising mindfulness is learning to know when I’m f
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Enchanting in nature, creativity is a form of play. With a beautiful, boundless nature, it is accessible to everyone and the more you connect with it, the more readily available it becomes. The magic of creativity resides in the process itself, rathe
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WellBeing Being
Founding Editor Ally McManus Art Director Kate Podger New South Wales National Advertising Manager Nia Llewelyn +61 488 267 371 Queensland Sales Manager Regan Hudson +61 411 424 356 Victoria National Advertising Manager Tracey Dwyer +61 3 9694 6403 A
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Cultivating A Ritual
1 Reflect on the actions, sights, sounds and smells that make you feel at “home”. Do you need that extra five minutes of snooze before you wake up? Need to stretch before you go about the rest of your day? Love a hot bath at night? These are the star
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Backyard Bliss: The Joy Of Keeping Chickens
Every morning I wander into our backyard, cup of tea in hand, and find a sunny spot to spend a few moments soaking up the bliss that is poultry parenthood. I admire our six “girls” enjoying their snacks, searching for hidden treasures and grooming th
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The Ancient Wisdom Of Qigong And Tai Chi
Images of graceful elders standing in a park wearing billowy clothes, flowing through a series of gentle movements: this is what often comes to mind with tai chi and qigong. These moving meditations are based on centuries-old Chinese martial arts, tr
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Opening Up To Nature
How do we find space where there seems to be none? How do we find calm in the chaos? Perhaps it is less about searching for the perfect conditions and making the most of the moments we have. Nature provides the perfect backdrop for slowing down and r
WellBeing Being1 min de lecturePersonal Growth
Contentment is a state that arises when you’re feeling at ease, happy and satisfied with your life, just as it is. We invite you to contemplate when you feel most content in life. Perhaps it is while relaxing in nature, sharing a meal with a loved on
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Ginger The Great
I once had a cat called Ginger. We inherited the name when we adopted him from the RSPCA, and I like to think it’s because a little Ginger went a long way, and he had more than a little bite to him, especially as he got older. Even though ginger root
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A Mindful Way Of Being
Q: What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation? A: I would say that they are both yoga. They are both methods for helping to quiet the chatter in our minds, for bringing unity and equanimity. Meditation is a more formal practice that re
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A Special Offer for a Special Being this 2021
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Beauty And Health From Within
Q: What inspired you to create Clémence Organics? A: I have dabbled in making my own skincare since I was a child, and this gained momentum as a teenager when I faced my own skin issues, including scarring and acne. I only really took it seriously wh
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The Books Inspiring Us To Cultivate Balance, Ease And Calm
Skogluft (Forest Air) by Jorn Viumdal HarperCollins “We like being with plants because they give us something we need,” suggests Jorn Viumdal in Skogluft (Forest Air): The Norwegian Secret to Bringing the Right Plants Indoors to Improve Your Health a
WellBeing Being5 min de lecturePsychology
Being Open To Friendships
When was the last time you made a friend? Perhaps this person came into your life unexpectedly, yet the relationship blossomed as you were open to letting them in. As we get older these occurrences can be less likely, as people tend to establish frie
WellBeing Being1 min de lecturePsychology
Mindful Colouring To Cultivate Calm
From the bestselling author of The Mindfulness Colour Book, Emma Farrarons has created an anti-stress activity book called the Art of Mindfulness. This colouring book acts as a relaxing activity to help you connect with your creativity, flow and pres
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Surrender To Simplicity
I still vividly remember a conversation I had with my best friend 10 years ago. We were on a six-month sabbatical from our corporate jobs and travelling through Southeast Asia. One night, while sitting on our bungalow balcony, she looked at me and as
WellBeing Being1 min de lecturePsychology
Journalling For Greater Ease
Mindfulness can be applied to even the shortest snippets of our day, but we often think mindful practises will take a considerable amount of time and effort. As a result it’s easy to reason that you don’t have the time to be mindful, yet it’s when we
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Recipe for Zen
“We think that to study Buddhism is to take the food out of the refrigerator. Whenever you want it, it is already there. Instead, Zen students should be interested in how to produce food from the field, from the garden, should put the emphasis on the
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Honouring People And The Planet
Q: What role does mindfulness play in banking? A: Reflecting on how your money moves through the world, including where you choose to bank, is being mindful that your choices can make a difference. For your own financial wellbeing, yes, but it can al
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Mindful Apiculture
As our interest grew in sustainable beekeeping, we began providing honey to friends and family before deciding to commence small-scale production and local supply on the Bellarine Peninsula. Our focus is around local, small-batch honey production wit
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How You’re Being
Whether you’re a matcha morning person or a flat white fan, a BYO Cheeki insulated coffee mug will keep your brew nicely warm for up to eight hours. The unique pop-up lid is 100 per cent leak-proof and every Cheeki product is toxin-free. W: cheeki.co
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The Wisdom Of Wabi-sabi
Almost 1000 years ago, to understand imperfection was believed to be the path to enlightenment and is a fundamental principle of Zen Buddhism. The premise of Zen is to eschew perfection and permanence, and to acknowledge nature’s cycle of impermanenc
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Page Turners
The Essentialists (Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell), also known for their books Shine and Chaos to Calm, have penned their latest self-help offering. Designed as “20 tools to fire up your life”, Ignite will put back the fire in your belly and sp
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Resting Into Awareness
Meditation is gaining momentum in modern culture. But why is the Western world only just catching up with what ancient Eastern teachings have practised for centuries? I run meditation courses and classes online, and events in the UK, Indonesia, Austr
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For Calm
It’s refreshing to read a meditation guidebook from someone who honestly gets how challenging meditating can be. Author Caitlin Cady admits to struggling with meditation in the past, “grinning and bearing it” before bailing on her practice commitment
WellBeing Being5 min de lectureBiology
Understanding Your Gut-being
Similar to your wellbeing but distinguished by the health of your gastro-intestinal tract (gut), your “gut-being” is defined by a complex combination of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social factors. When nurtured and aligned, these facto
WellBeing Being1 min de lecturePsychology
For Ease
In Mindful Eating, Jan Chozen Bays offers guidance on how to cultivate a healthy and joyful relationship with food by learning how to be present with it. “When we learn to eat mindfully, our eating can be transformed from a source of suffering to a s
WellBeing Being5 min de lecturePsychology
“Being” In A Time Of Crisis
This year has been a tumultuous one from the get-go. With bushfires raging across Australia, the lives of humans and animals were lost as land was scorched. Those living in high-risk areas were on alert to evacuate or fight, while many Australians fo
WellBeing Being1 min de lecturePsychology
For Balance
You may already know that burning rosemary can boost concentration, while lavender can send you off to sleep. But did you know that basil can alleviate mental strain, while rose decreases adrenaline? You’ll learn loads from this in-depth look into th
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