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Growing Your Own Made Easy
The new STIHL BC 230 cultivator makes light work of tilling and preparing soil for planting. It is fitted with robust 250mm blades to slice through the hard African earth, and folding handles for easy storage and transportation. it is simple to opera
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A Paler Shade Of Borage
I love having borage in the garden. Any plant that thrives on neglect, seeds itself and adds greenery and touches of colour to the garden gets my vote. That it is almost irresistible to bees adds to the attraction for me. While most of us can picture
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Grapefruit, Strawberry And Mint Granita
Making it is a different story all together. Luckily, ice cream’s healthier and simpler cousin, granita, is just as refreshing and delicious. Using fresh produce from your garden, this recipe screams ‘summer!’ without the extra hassle. 2 cups freshly
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7 Reasons To Use Herbs For Dogs And Cats
Use herbal infusions of rosemary, tansy (which also repels ants) or pennyroyal for controlling ticks and fleas. Make a herbal tea using one tablespoon of freshly chopped herbs to one cup of boiled water. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature, put
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In The Kitchen
It is common in households to find one or more people that have a problem eating vegetables. Usually potatoes are it, and even then they have to be cut into long sticks, deep fried and called chips. Hiding veg can sometimes be the answer to this prob
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DIY Dog Treats
2 cups wholewheat flour½ cup smooth peanut butter2 eggs1 tablespoon chopped parsley¼ cup water, extra if needed Mix the flour, peanut butter, eggs and parsley in a bowl until just combined. Add water a little at a time until the mixture comes togethe
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The EduPlant School Gardening and Nutrition Competition
EduPlant focuses on schools, learners, and their surrounding communities. It develops school-linked food security clusters in under-resourced communities and townships. In partnership with Tiger Brands and Woolworths, EduPlant took the culmination of
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Growing Mangoes
You can grow a mango tree (Mangifera indica) from seed, but it is unlikely that it would bear fruit; it’s best to purchase a grafted tree from a nursery. If you live outside a tropical area, try growing mangoes in large pots and shelter them in winte
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Participating Schools In South Africa
19 winners in total • Plus each school selected as a finalist receives prize money • Total prize money R300,000 To find out who the actual WINNERS are, please see The Gardener/Die Tuinier December issue which will be on the shelf towards the end of N
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No Rest For The Wicked… Especially In Summer
In nature you find the good (beneficial organisms), the bad (destructive pests) and the ugly, which includes beneficial and destructive pests. Beneficial insects and wildlife can work hand in hand to keep nasty pests under control. One example of thi
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More Than A Veggie Garden
When you enter the Somerset West Village Garden, the urban surrounds disappear from your mind as you are transported into a typical small farmland in the heart of the picturesque town of Somerset West. A fresh farm scent fills the air, a comforting m
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Strawberry Fields
The best spot to grow strawberries is in full sun, in soil that drains quite well. Start off by digging the soil over to about spade depth, removing all stones, plant roots and weeds. Apply ample bucketfuls of goodquality garden compost and enrich th
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Celebrating the Summer
Summertime on Albertvale Farm, near the village of Bedford in the Eastern Cape, brings a bounty of new seasonal produce in the shape of herbs, flowers and vegetables. My mouth waters as I watch the broad beans fatten on the plant. They are one of my
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Farm To Forks
I00 tons of compost. That’s 100 000kg of compost, and all of it has been added to the soil of just 900m of 75cm-wide beds on the little farm of Farm to Forks in Monteseel, KwaZulu-Natal. Dale Grobler is the man behind the fork, the garden fork that i
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Ginger And Lemon Digestive
2 thumb-sized pieces of fresh unpeeled ginger, gratedJuice of 1 lemonPinch of pink saltSmall dash black pepper (or cayenne pepper, if you can handle it)3 lemon balm or mint leaves, chopped5 whole fennel seeds Place in a small jar and top with ½ cup w
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Climb A Slinky
This is actually too easy to be a called a DIY, but it is fun and works well. A slinky Some thin wire A stick or stake Some climbing plants, like peas or beans Hammer, pliers To do 1. Once the stake is driven into the ground with a hammer, drop the s
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Vegan Kitchen
Whether you are already vegan or simply vegan-curious, interest in exploring the incredible range of plant-based foods has never been as popular as it is now. NOTE: The numbers below in brackets relate to the numbers in the photograph. Probiotics are
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Moon Planting – Using Nature’s Timing Guide
Planting by the moon is a trusted tool created by farmers and gardeners, who noted the patterns of the monthly and annual moon cycles and how produce differed when planted in different moon phases. Over time and through trial and error, a system and
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You can save the drained liquid, called aquafaba, from the canned chickpeas. It can be used to make vegan meringues or mousse. Store aquafaba in the fridge for 2 days in a container or frozen for up to 3 months. This is a vegan take on a turducken. T
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The Best Fruit Hangs Over The Fence!
Life threw me a curve ball some years ago, forcing me to move temporarily into a granny flat with a very neglected garden. Just like any gardener in the same boat would do, I tried desperately to find comfort in any plant, which in this case was an o
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The Potato Of The Tropics
Depending on who you ask and where you read, the madumbe is either indigenous to South Africa or was introduced in the 1500s and has become naturalised. (We tend to go with the latter theory.) Apparently it is one of the oldest food crops in the worl
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Madumbe Curry
6 – 8 madumbes, peeled and cut into 2cm slices1 onion, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated3 tablespoons olive oil3 tomatoes, peeled and chopped1 stalk of curry leaves1 tablespoon chilli powder1 tablespoon garam masala1 teasp
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Holy mackerel – what a year 2020 has been. I thought it would never end, and yet it seems as though it has only just begun! At least lockdown allowed me to achieve one of my New Year’s resolutions: spend more time in the garden! I don’t want to linge
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Growing Cukes
English or Dutch cuke varieties are long and cylindrical with edible skin, and are usually grown for slicing. Then there are the smaller versions like ‘Beta Alpha’ or ‘Mini’, which are often pickled and which have thicker skin and more noticeable pri
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What To GROW This Season Summer
Strawberries See page 52 Carrots Beans Artichokes Cukes See page 30 Radishes Brinjals Amaranth Madumbes See page 26 Tomatoes Parsley Kohlrabi Lemon balm Sunflowers Green peppers Mangoes See page 48 Celery ■
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The Curry Tree
Indian emigrants took their curry trees with them when they went to live in different countries, not only for culinary use, but for their medicinal properties too, as they are rich in antioxidants. Curry trees are a small bush or tree growing to arou
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Summer Check List
Try growing baby vegetables. They are not just trendy from a gourmet point of view, but they are great for small spaces, are quicker to harvest and can be grown closer together. Traditionally, baby veggies are root crops or leafy greens that are pick
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4 Reasons To Not Dig
When most of us think of getting a bed planted, we think of digging it over and adding things like compost or manure and fertiliser. It’s just the way we’ve always done it, like a farmer ploughing his lands before planting. It’s hard work, but we fee
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Food Arts And Crafts
Potato harvesting season leaves every vegetable gardener with an impossible question – what on earth do I do with all these potatoes? Once you’ve eaten baked potato for weeks, and desperately handed out extras to anyone who will take them, ‘crafts’ i
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White Borage
Borages, both white and blue, have a delicate cucumber flavour to the flowers and leaves. That said, you do need to be wary of the hairs around the base of the flower and on mature leaves. To eat the flowers, gently pluck the flower from the base, le
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