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Cook The Cover
Brandy snap twirls, to decorate (see page 16)Caramel spread, to serveGinger biscuits, to crumble 115g ¾ cup) plain flour50g (⅓ cup) self-raising flour100g (½ cup, firmly packed) brown sugar2 tsp ground ginger½ tsp mixed spice½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
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SO HOT! Right Now
Last year, interest in cob Loaves suddenly spiked, with recipe searches up 57 per cent. Perhaps it’s because cobs scream ‘party time’ and November is when everyone starts their Christmas and party research on taste.com.au. We love collision desserts.
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Cook The Cover & WIN
Whip up our cheesecake starring on the cover, share a pic and you could win a high-performance Vitamix Ascent Series blender – there are two to win! With built-in wifi and a digital timer to prevent over- or under-processing, you can toss in the ingr
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Freeze Ahead For Christmas
get ahead for Christmas ALSO SEE PAGE 6 get ahead for Christmas ALSO SEE PAGE 6 get ahead for Christmas ALSO SEE PAGE 6 get ahead for Christmas ALSO SEE PAGE 6 serves 16 | prep 30 mins (+15 mins cooling & 1 hour 30 mins chilling) | cooking 20 mins 17
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Bake The Issue September Winner
We were blown away by the hundreds of entries we received for Bake the Issue, our biggest competition of the year! Hands down, this amazing banana split cake won the judges’ votes. Smeg FAB fridge, valued at $2490
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These aren’t just your ordinary lamingtons! Bite into the vanilla sponge and you’ll find a crispy Rice Bubbles and cranberry white Christmas surprise inside. We’ve taken simple lamingtons and filled them with a white chocolatey layer of chewy coconut
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Put off by poaching? Fear no more, with the Eggland Egg Poacher, $14. Just crack in an egg and let it float off to poached perfection – no messy clean-up either! Plus, it’s BPA free and dishwasher safe. Grab yours at ototodesign.com. With Christmas a
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Here Comes Christmas
food and laughter around the table is the spirit of Christmas. Making it a fuss-free feast starts here. Welcome to your ultimate guide to hosting Christmas without the stress and with something for everyone. Our exciting new cookbook is designed to h
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What’s Hot!
These cheesy, meaty snacks are made for the Lunch box! makes 12 | prep 20 mins | cooking 20 mins E LC 225g (1½ cups) self-raising flour120g (½ cups) coarsely grated cheddar1 carrot, peeled, coarsely grated1 large zucchini, coarsely grated¼ cup choppe
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We All Scream ICE - CREAM!
serves 12 | prep 45 mins (+ 6 hours freezing) cooking 5 mins 2L tub vanilia ice-cream, softened slightly1 tbs Queen Bubble Gum FLavour for Icing (see tip) or flavour of your choice2 tsp Queen Rose Pink food colouring450g pkt double unfilled sponge ca
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Dinner Revolution!
Shortcuts and dinnertime hacks make dinner as easy as one, two, three steps! These simple tacos use ready-made pulled pork and slaw mix, so there’s even time for a quick pickle. Plus, like all the meals in this section, it’s on the table in 30 minute
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Take These... ...make This!
serves 8 | prep 20 mins (+15 mins cooling & 4 hours chilling) | cooking 35 mins E 1 Preheat oven to 175°C/155°C fan forced. Grease a 20cm springform cake pan and line the base and side with baking paper. 2 Use a stand mixer with the whisk attachment
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Butter Cauli
To make it spicy, combine 2 tbs coconut, ¼ tsp turmeric and one-quarter chilli. Scatter over 1 serve. To make it meaty, roll the meat of 1 sausage into 4 balls, cook and add to 1 serve of curry. At the end of step 3, heat a small frying pan over medi
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Taste Life
Add crunch to your lunch with green pea crisps. For a classic caesar, toss torn cos lettuce Leaves and shaved parmesan in a bowl. Drizzle over your favourite bought caesar salad dressing. Add sliced chicken breast, crispy bacon and a halved soft boil
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Marion’s EXPRESS
serves 8 | prep 20 mins | cooking 3 hours 15 mins E 1kg piece pork scotch fillet or pork neck, excess fat trimmed (see tip)125ml (½ cup) hoisin sauce125ml (½ cup) tomato sauce60ml (¼ cup) sweet chilli sauce3 x 230g pkt white corn tortilla strips200g
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With the weather heating up, a new Streets Paddle Pop flavour is just what we want right now! The new Strawberry Milkshake Paddle Pop is sweet and fruity, with that creaminess we all know and love. Made with Aussie dairy, find in the supermarket for
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Done In 10
serves 4 | prep & cooking 10 mins Q E V SV 320g ctn cherry tomato medley mix1 avocado3 mini flour tortillas3 green shallots250g dried elbow pasta Canola oil, to shallow-fry400g can corn kernels, rinsed, drained400g can black beans, rinsed, drained310
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We’re Here To Help
Q Can you freeze gingerbread dough so that you can use it later for baking? You most certainly can! Just wrap the dough in a double layer of plastic wrap followed by foil and it will keep for three months in the freezer. To use the dough, defrost it
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Eat Real
Have a go at this crunchy, better-for-you snack in an avo! Cut 1 Delcado Hass avocado in half and remove the stone. Combine 1 large diced ripe tomato, 2 tsp diced red onion, 1 tbs each of chopped fresh coriander leaves and fresh lime juice, and 1 tsp
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Win It!
TO ENTER, VISIT TASTE.COM.AU/WIN Super speedy one-par are easy peasy with the Solidlcknics Nöni 26cm Skillel, valued at $249. Made for everyday frying and grilling, we have one of these high-quality durable pans to give away! Shaped from one solid pi
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Time For Fun!
has there ever been a year we’ll relish saying farewell to more than this one? Now we’re nearly there, it’s time to take a breath. What has been wonderful for us at taste HQ is seeing YOU, our amazing community, rising to the challenges, getting your
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In Season
avocado banana blueberries honeydew orange artichoke asian greens corn radish silverbeet witlof dill chervil parsley thyme Meet the easiest ice-cream! Scoop pulp from 6 passionfruit into a strainer over a bowl. Scrape to extract juice. Discard seeds.
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Grow Your Own!
Eggplants (also known as aubergine in northern parts of the globe and brinjal in South Asia and Africa), come in a range of attractive colours, including rich and glossy purple-black, mauve, mottled purple and cream, and pure snowy white. The size an
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Get Ahead For Christmas
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Summer Reboot
Between social restrictions, lockdowns, homeschooling, not to mention all the associated financial and emotional stress, it’s probably fair to say that most of us could do with a little healthy eating TLC. Understandably, the Covid kilos may have snu
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Aisle Watch
A tasty alternative to regular corn chips, eat as is or dip in guac or salsa. Lentil flour and Indian spices combine for a hot and spicy twisty snack, which is just 100 calories per serve, gluten free and vegan friendly. This chippie mix of vegie, le
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editor-in-chief Brodee Myers brodee.myerscooke@news.com.au group commissioning editor Cassie Gilmartin food director Michelle Southan creative director Giota Letsios art director Natasha Barisa food editors Gemma Luongo & Tracy Rutherford senior food
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Seafood STARS
ALL fish is super nutritious, with dietary guideLines recommending adults eat two serves a week to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Barramundi works beautifully with fresh flavours Like mango (rich in immune-boosting vitamin C and A), fresh min
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In Your Kitchen ESSENTIALS
For all advertisinq enquiries, call (02) 8045 4734 Love Castello Blue? Now you can get it in five small individual portions to keep handy for snacks or little treats. Rich, creamy and with a hint of sharpness, Castello Mini Cheeses are perfect with s
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You Said It…
Serve this simple side in 15 mins. “So easy to make and a favourite, even with people who didn’t necessarily like broccoli. Will make again.” @KYLIEPYCE05 “Loved it! Beautiful mix of flavours and textures. Will add to my cook’s faves.” @CAMILLEMORRIS
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