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Champagne Supernova
It is fair to say that a decade or so ago the E39 5 Series was pretty prevalent on UK roads, as a result picking up a half decent example was certainly not the stuff of fantasy – especially if you lowered your tastes underneath the range-topping M5 v
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Fearless Frank
For those fortunate enough to buy a BMW E30 M3 new it was new, there was one BMW dealer above all others whose name they wanted in the back window: Sytner of Nottingham. Frank Sytner didn’t just have his name over the front door of his dealership, he
BMW Car7 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Analogue Input
Modern life is extraordinarily complicated. For all of our enthusiasm to sync our various devices and centralise the functionality of our gadgets and whatnot, it’s undeniable that we’ve got a lot more going on in our lives than any generation before.
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It’s hard to believe that the E36 has been around for 30-years but here we are, celebrating its milestone anniversary in this issue (p50). As is always the case as time moves on, what was once an everyday sight on UK roads has gradually become more a
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Trouble Shooter
The BMW E36 3 Series had already been in production for over four years when the M52 engined 323i and 328i replaced the successful and highly regarded 325i. Out went the iron block M50 first seen in late 1990 and in came a new alloy block M52, a ligh
BMW Car1 min de lectureComputers
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Meet The Contributors
Shane O’ Donoghue O’ Donoghue Technical guru Marque expert BMW enthusiast Market analysis BMW columnist Road tester Follow us on social media: BMWCarMagazine @bmwcarmag bmwcarmag ■
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You Write…
I thoroughly enjoyed your article on Graham Rouse’s E30 collection in the April 2021 issue. While I appreciate the E30 M3 is, as you say, the “halo” model, it’s great to read about more “normal” – for want of a better term – models, cars that I might
BMW Car9 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Style or Substance?
It seems scarcely believable that it’s just over two decades ago that BMW first dipped its foot in the 4x4 SUV water. It had dabbled with four-wheel drive earlier than that with the E30 325iX that made its debut back in 1985 while in the early 1990s
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The Big Freeze
I’m pretty sure that for plenty of folk who live a bit further north than we do the few weeks of cold weather and snow were considerably more than a minor inconvenience but it did give us soft southerners a glimpse of what it’s like to have to deal w
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Editor: Simon Jackson Email: Tel: 07391 718134 Art Editor Lorna Mansford Contributors Bob Harper, Andrew Everett, Guy Baker, John Glynn, Rob Richardson, Dan Bevis, Jason Dodd, Matt Robinson, Ben Barry, Jakob Ebrey Laura Crawte
BMW Car4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Workshop Wisdom E60 Diesel Gasket Replacement
One of the joys of running an old diesel of any description is waiting for the next problem or strange noise. The turbo on this 2004 E60 525d had been replaced with a new or reconditioned unit last year, yet recently the owner had been hearing a stra
BMW Car4 min de lecture
John Glynn
As a professional valuer (, a lot of my work involves agreed value insurance. I provide pre-agreed valuations for classic and modified cars and motorcycles, helping owners to be fully protected should the worst happen an
BMW Car4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Market Watch E31 850CSi
With performance stats that are still a match for today’s best sports coupés – despite being nearly 30-years-old - the BMW 850CSi is a mightily impressive machine. An exclusive blend of opulence and BMW Motorsport heritage, with a beast of a V12 engi
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What’s Inside The June 2021 Issue?
• Contributor Ben Barry is reunited with his very own – now transformed – E36 M3 track car, and drives its wild stablemate – an M3-engined Compact built for rallying. They share S50B30 power, but what else? • We take a Z4 3.0 on a crisp morning B-roa
BMW Car1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Back Issues
Cover Story: M635i Vs M6 GC Inside: M1 Procar legends, Z4 Vs rivals, F30 328i, buying: E60 M5, 2 Series Gran Coupé Cover Story: Birds M140i Inside: E23 728i, E39 5 Series Ultimate Guide, E30 325i Sport, X5 M & X6 M Competition Cover Story: E46 Compac
BMW Car4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Finishing Touch
Spring is on the horizon and the 02 is “finished” with every aspect of it modified, restored or upgraded to my vision of the perfect period fast road car. I should be elated, besotted, in love. Except when I look at it, I’m left cold. It’s not right.
BMW Car3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Motorsport Month Formula E Season 7 Is Go
Diriyah in Saudi Arabia was the location of the opening round of the new Formula E season. BMW i Andretti Motorsport is contesting its third and last season as a works team in the championship – it will contest Season 8 as a privateer team – competin
BMW Car4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
New Products
How Much? £4500.00 Where: How Much? £500.00 Where: Developed in cooperation with Kartell and based on the iconic ‘Discovolante’ toy car, this retro-style Kartell/BMW collaboration is rather striking. The ride-on toy for
BMW Car4 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
G21 M340d xDrive Touring
After five generations and getting on for 40-years in production, we’ve finally got the first Touring model of the BMW M3 inbound. The car everybody craved for ages. Except… BMW has gone and fitted the front end of it with those love-em-or-really-loa
BMW Car2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
BMW Group Products Powered By Hams Hall Engines
The first engines destined for BMW Group Plant Spartanburg in South Carolina were exported to the US in 2005. The 2.0-litre engines powered the BMW Z4 Coupé. In September 2006, Hams Hall was expanded to produce a second engine family, supplying the M
BMW Car3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Bob Harper
As I type the world’s motoring media seems to be just calming down from a frenzied week of reporting about Gordon Murray’s new T50s Niki Lauda track-only supercar, yours for the bargain basement price of around £3.7 million by the time you’ve added V
BMW Car2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Reader’s Rides
Joran lives in Belgium and currently owns not one but two E36s. His 1993 320i convertible is his first car, bought in 2013 – it’s the car he learned to drive in when he was 17. The 24-year old struggled to get the car through its MoT in 2018 due to a
BMW Car3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
10 Minutes With: Silverstone Auctions
BMW Car: Tell us a little about Silverstone Auctions and its history with the BMW marque. Nick Whale: "I was a BMW dealer for 25-years (15-years for my late father, 10-years for myself). I have been to the factory many times in Munich and I was the t
BMW Car8 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
30-years of E36
I worked out later that we must have been doing well over 150mph in fifth gear when we heard the pop of the rev limiter kicking in that early morning in 1992. On a downhill stretch on the A1, this Bright Red J-registration BMW 325i Coupé was new enou
BMW Car1 min de lecture
Our Cars
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BMW Celebrates 20-years Of UK Engine Plant
BMW Group’s UK engine manufacturing plant, Hams Hall in North Warwickshire, has reached a milestone birthday – 20 years of manufacturing three and four-cylinder petrol engines. More than 1000 locals are employed at the plant which opened on 8 Februar
BMW Car3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Bob Harper
I’m becoming increasingly worried about the onward march of old age. It’s not so much the actual number that worries me, I might be a higher mileage model and some of those miles in my early life were probably more rally stage than motorway cruise, b
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