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I have an 87,000-mile, 998cc Mini which I have owned for a couple of years. It goes well but I have noticed recently that at low speeds, and when the engine is idling, the oil pressure gauge drops down very low. It may always have been like this; I c
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Mk3 Riley Elf (STElf) History: CSMA tarmac rally car Resto plans: Refresh the engine, repair the bodywork and keep modifications to a minimum I have started the next adventure. It’s finally time for STElf’s restoration. Last issue I mentioned that Sh
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Popsie Model: 1996 SPi Rover Mini Cooper Hobbies:Attending Mini events and overseas trips. Mods: Smootha-Ride kit and uprated headlamps Mileage: 77,831 The dreaded MoT finally caught up with Popsie and some bodywork repairs were required… One rare be
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Another level
It must be increasingly rare for new drivers to get a classic Mini as a first car due to insurance costs, etc. For Rhys Vaus the likelihood was always high, mainly because his dad, Richard, had taken him to many Mini shows in the South East of Englan
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Editor Karen Drury. Deputy Ed & Photographer Jim Jupp. Art Editor Mark Baker. Technical Editor Tim Mundy. Writer Monty Watkins. Writer Kay Drury. Writer Jake Adams.
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Keep Your Mini Cool
A Mini engine won't last long if the fuelling and timing are not spot-on but the cooling system is as vital to the survival of the engine as the braking system is to the survival of the occupants and other road users. It definitely should not be negl
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• Restored Maltese CKD Mk1 • Superb 850 Mini City • Mk1 Mini front seat retrim • Stuart Turner interview • Restored Mini Pick-up • Paul Easter interview • K-series-engined saloon • Unique W&P shorty hatchback • Downton-tuned Mk1 Mini Cooper • Modifie
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Car ownership, and latterly classic car ownership, has always been beset with problems, many caused by government legislation. So far, for UK classic car owners, it has been possible to get around or adapt to the problems and, for the time being, thi
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Ready For Revenge part 1 Of 2
Following the much-publicised disqualification of the BMC Minis, and other UK teams, due to an alleged lighting infringement during the 1966 Monte Carlo Rally it was clear that for the ’67 event the organisers were still prepared to throw a curve bal
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I recently had a reconditioned gearbox fitted to my 1977 R-registered 998 Mini. It was fitted by a local garage who, although not Mini specialists, have worked on the Mini before with good results. The gearbox is a big improvement but there is a loud
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Mini Will Help Learner Drivers
The Multiple Intelligence Hub (MIH) is a community interest company in Kent that was set up in March 2019. It provides alternative learning experiences and well-being interventions for children and young adults with special educational needs and disa
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Donke Y Work
Many times, over the 26-odd years I have been into Minis, I have seriously considered owning a Mini Moke. I thoroughly enjoyed driving one around Magnetic Island, off the coast of Australia, where I hired one for a few days on holiday. Even in the ra
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The Yorkshire Job
As The Italian Job charity rally was unable to visit Italy this year, organisers have instead arranged a trip to Yorkshire for Mini fans to help raise funds for Buttle UK, a charity which helps disadvantaged children. The Yorkshire Job will take plac
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Vintage Motorsport Festival at Oulton
The Mini’s designer, Alec Issiginis, built and raced a lightweight special in the 1940s and such vehicles will be celebrated on 10 July at Oulton Park at a Vintage Sports Car Club race meeting during the Vintage Motorsport Festival. The 40-minute end
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1979 Modi Fied Mini Clubman Estate
OWNER: JOE READ ISSUE: JUNE 2006 This Mini Clubman Estate was discovered on a building site by Joe Read in 2002. He found the owner and took it away for just £400. The idea was to paint it bright orange and he fitted a 1293cc engine and wide 13" allo
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In Gear
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Event Diary
CORONAVIRUS NOTE: Please be aware that these events will only be able to take place if government guidelines allow. 5-6 Mini Barn Bash Rocker cover racing, live band and camping at Stonham Barns, Su. olk, on the Saturday. Sunday Mini show with trader
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Log Book
EBW 950K Tim Mundy Model: Modified 1972 Mini with 1293 Rob Walker engine History: Bought as a project 26 years ago and it has been on and off the road ever since. Tim’s been busy in the workshop and realises he’s been working for MiniWorld for 25 yea
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Restoration Corner
Good condition wheels and tyres are vital for the safety of all cars and also vital for the driving pleasure and experience of all cars. Wheels also make a huge contribution to the overall appearance of a car. A dirty car can be made to look signific
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Brit and Euro Classic Car Show, NZ
On Sunday 11 April Mini Car Club of Auckland, New Zealand, attended the Brit and Euro Classic Car Show, held on a massive council reserve in Pakuranga, East Auckland. Entry was free for cars and spectators and the event hosted vehicles from over 50 E
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30 Years Of MiniWorld
Those in the UK who bought the June 2006 issue would have got a free keyring and we wonder if anyone still has one. The issue was bulging with heavily modified Minis and is a snapshot of Mini tastes at the time. Big performance, big sound installs an
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Future Fun
Excitement is buzzing amongst Mini fans as we get ready to enjoy a packed calendar of Mini events. See our Event Diary on page 23 and get planning your summer. It's going to be epic! It's likely that your Mini has not been used much over the last yea
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I enclose pics I took of a fire wagon i found in an open barn back in the late 1980s/early 90s. I only had an Olympus Trip 35 so apologies for the quality. I found these when going through some old pics to find old cars, etc. The photos were taken on
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My Mini
I started to dream about buying my first car when I was 10 years old. I knew I wanted one that would be special that stood out from the rest so I started a newspaper route with plans to save up for the perfect car. I considered many makes and models
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Himley Hall Mini event
British Mini Club is looking forward to hosting British Mini Day at Himley Hall, near Dudley, on 1 August. Organiser Dave Hollis told MiniWorld: “ the last year we all need something to look forward to. We welcome you and your Mini to be a part o
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Darling Buds Of May
This humble, originally brown 1979 1000 saloon has been luckier than most during its 42-year tour of duty. Its good fortune has persisted beyond its 2010 partial resto by a previous owner, and a sojourn in a museum, as the Mackie family has now lavis
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A Welsh Minimoon
Have you had an exciting adventure in your Mini? Let us know by emailing: Matthew: After many years of wanting to own a Mini, I was finally in a position to buy one in December 2019 and found one I liked: a West Midlands car so it
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Two For Joy
This 1989 Rover Mini, with retro tweaks, was the first Mini in Mr Matsuki’s life. He bought it with the main retro mods, such as the Mk1 grille and oval rear light lenses, already fitted but he has enjoyed making further modifications himself. “When
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