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Analysis: Covid And Closures
James Bowen, director of policy at the NAHT school leaders’ union, says: In its responses to these questions, the government is ignoring an important, fundamental point: school budgets this year were set prior to the outbreak of Covid-19. Every pound
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I’ve Finally Got The Number Of ‘The Beast’
I am not a monster. I feel I need to make that clear, because what I am going to say next may lead you to incorrect conclusions about me. Here I go: I believe every school needs a teacher who scares kids. Yes, out of context, that seems controversial
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3 Reasons Why Teachers Are Doing Great Things
The winter/Christmas/autumn term – whatever your preferred name for the longest term of the academic year – can be brutal. It’s hard work, there are still umpteen weeks until the Christmas holidays, and there’s Covid hanging over our heads, too. Righ
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Took A Metacognitive Approach To EYFS
Metacognition was, for some time, the “in” thing in education. Following a raft of blogs and research reports, it was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But then the concept slowly edged away from the spotlight, as teachers began to find it difficult t
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The Trump Effect: Can We Teach Pupils To Be Good Losers?
When the so-called leader of the free world loses an election, and his very next tweet is “I WON, BY A LOT”, you start to wonder how a man has grown to adulthood with absolutely no capacity to lose with dignity. Since the US election, we’ve seen Trum
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The Psychology Of Streaks: Clever Play Or Too Dicey?
Archie holds his red badge for achieving 30 consecutive days of “sitting quietly on the carpet when asked”, and eyes the chart on the interactive whiteboard. He reads that if he makes it to another 30 days of faultless, quiet sitting, he will receive
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How To Handle The Miss Jean Brodies Of Your Staffroom
Does anyone remember Mr Teddy Lloyd, in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, the dashing war veteran with only one arm, whose love intrigue with Miss Brodie (played by Maggie Smith) has her pupils unsuitably agog? In the 1930s, teachers such as Miss Brodie
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Streaks Laid Bare
• A streak is a run of consecutive success. • When an individual is on a streak, the reward for the successful behaviour combines with the reward of being able to do it consecutively. As such, maintaining the streak becomes as rewarding as – or even
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The Weekly Read
The BrainCanDo Handbook of Teaching and Learning Edited by Julia Harrington, Jonathan Beale, Amy Fancourt and Catherine Lutz Routledge, £19.99 ISBN 978-0367187057 One limitation we should always consider with research studies is the demographic make-
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Home Truths About Home Education
Should children be educated at home? Considering the difficulties posed by the current pandemic, it’s perhaps never been more important to know where we stand on this question. Calls for vulnerable young people to be in school have taken on a new urg
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The Tes Awards 2020: A Roaring Success
It has been quite the year. Teachers and the whole schools sector deserved a proper celebration – and the Tes Schools Awards gave them one, recognising inspirational teachers, leaders and schools from across the country. And while education’s biggest
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Future-proof Your Plans To Stay Ahead Of The Covid Curve
There was nothing more our department could do. We had spent the summer term preparing and planning. We had discussed all the new procedures and regulations we would need to work around. The year ahead would bring challenges but I was quietly confide
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And The Winners Are…
Services to education award Yvonne Conolly Classroom support assistant of the year Julie Hayes The Heath School School business leader of the year Louise Barber Discovery Schools Academy Trust New teacher of the year Alysha Allen Brimsdown Primary Sc
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Find Time For Sex In Your College Curriculum
Aged 4 and in primary school, Nancy and Nadeem are taught about relationships. It’s on the curriculum, and their teacher delivers the lessons during circle time. “What is friendship?” she asks. “What makes a good friend?” Later, when they are aged 11
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The Danger Of Building Too Much Student Self-esteem
Fostering ambition and promoting achievement are fundamental goals in further and higher education. I’d argue that students should be encouraged to define success in terms of their own aspirations and interests and not just in terms of high academic
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How Can You Run Your RSE?
Rather than try to take away time from subject sessions, you can put your RSE into your tutor time. “We run sessions on healthy relationships in tutorials,” explains Nimisha Mistry-Miah, head of student support and equality at Hopwood Hall College, G
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Strange Days: Tales From A College Covid Test Centre
Over 13 years of teaching in Liverpool, I’ve been dragged into a number of local initiatives, the most memorable of which so far has been the Purple Boxes. Liverpool City Council decided to give a large, purple plastic box of stationery to each stude
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Sex Education And Safeguarding In Colleges
Good relationships and sex education supports students’ health and wellbeing, but it also has a safeguarding role, says Maggie Bradford, policy and public affairs officer at the NSPCC. “Relationships and sex education has the potential to keep childr
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How To Fail Perfectly
It all started with a study in the journal Nature Communications. It suggested that teachers were right all along. Our professional instinct is that pupils succeed best when we teach at a level that is just one step beyond the knowledge with which th
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Cryptic Crossword
Try your hand at this tricky cryptic crossword, presented by Tes’ resident wordmaster, Magnus. Can you decipher the complex clues and complete the grid? Answers will be published in next week’s magazine. 1 Sought treasures scattered in reference book
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The Problem Of Dual Coding And Music
Dual coding is having a moment, thanks to a recent book by Oliver Caviglioli, and its application in music is rather interesting, writes Martin Leigh. Dual coding suggests that there is a way to mitigate the limits of working memory. The latest model
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The Test Results: What They Mean For Teachers’ Expectations Of Students
• For this article, head of music Martin Leigh tested the theory that an 85 per cent success rate in a given task is optimal for learning. • Usually, hitting the 85 per cent mark involves teachers pitching content and tasks just a little ahead of whe
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Student’s View: ‘It Takes Practice’
This project came as quite a shock to me. Dr Leigh, our music teacher, announced one morning that we were learning cadences. Obviously, I was not familiar with what a cadence was at the time, but I got an impression that it was difficult, as Dr Leigh
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Student’s View: Challenge Depends On How Much You ‘Enjoy What You’re Doing’
Having done International Baccalaureate music, and now studying it at the University of Manchester, I have definitely faced a plethora of challenges in learning the subject, but I’m not sure I agree that there can be a consistent “ideal” level of cha
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Like a sliver of light at dusk, last week we saw a little happiness injected into the gloom of the latest lockdown. While many people are working at home, heads and school staff are at school, desperately trying to provide an education; battling the
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Actors know a lot about it. Speech artists focus on it all the time. And if you are regularly speaking on the radio, at some point you will have been told to get better at it. But how much do teachers know about prosody? Even if you’ve never heard of
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To Close Or Not To Close? For Schools, That Is The Question
In any other year, the onset of the annual flu season would cause headaches – literally and metaphorically – for school leaders. But in the midst of a global pandemic, the pressures on school staffing are bigger than ever. Tes took a number of key qu
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Stressing The Value Of Prosody
• Prosody is all about the stress, intonation and rhythm of how we speak – all of which can provide vital insight and information beyond the literal meaning of the words we say. • It can have a big impact on learning, with the use of emphasis boostin
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Keeping Pupils Focused In Covid-secure Classrooms
● Teachers can no longer circulate the room, meaning that their ability to monitor pupils’ focus and redirect it when needed is limited. ● With windows and doors now having to be kept open, there is more background noise to distract pupils, and ambie
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