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In this issue we turn the clock back to the California Gold Rush and to the tragic loss of the SS Central America in 1857. As our exclusive article reveals (page 24), the ship had at least 41 English coins on board and these pieces were brought to th
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The treasure discovered amidst the wreck of the SS Central America contained 41 English gold coins, including some preserved in mint condition. Researchers were also surprised, and delighted, to discover two rare Australian Sovereigns in the treasure
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American Numismatic Society Receives Medal Honour
The 2020 British Art Medal Society (BAMS) President’s Medal is to be awarded to the American Numismatic Society (ANS) for its longstanding promotion of the history of the medal and contemporary medallic art. The Society statement said the ANS ‘has be
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Meet The Experts
Donn Pearlman spent 25 years as a broadcast journalist with CBS in Chicago where he distinguished himself as an anchor and reporter for WBBM-AM NewsRadio 780 and a television reporter. He has written extensively about California Gold Rush sunken trea
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Great British Gold
All are Queen Victoria, young head obverse and crowned shield reverse. 1842 Great Britain. ½ Sovereign, S.3859; Fr-389b; KM-735.1. PCGS Extremely Fine 45 1842 Great Britain. ½ Sovereign, S.3859; Fr-389b; KM-735.1. PCGS Very Fine 35 1842 Great Britain
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Keeper At British Museum Retires After Over Forty Years
Philip Attwood has retired from his position as the Keeper of the British Museum’s Department of Coins and Medals after ten years in the role and more than forty years spent working in the departments. Attwood joined the British Museum in the late 19
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Coin Collector Editorial Board
Jonathan Callaway is a Director of the International Bank Note Society Lawrence Chard Founder and Expert Numismatist, Speciality Sovereigns Elizabeth Cottam Specialist in Celtic coins and Director of Chris Rudd Ltd Jeff Garrett US coin dealer and boa
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The Jefferson Nickel
As soon as the Indian Head/Buffalo nickel reached it 25th birthday, the Treasury Department took steps to replace it. Although James Earle Fraser’s ethnic motif had been well received, it was felt that the trend established by the cent and the quarte
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An A To Z Of Banknotes Of The World banknotes Of Bhutan
The history of Bhutan goes back many hundreds of years. It is a small, beautiful and very unspoilt Himalayan country both proud of and very protective of its distinctive Buddhist culture. It is the only carbon-negative country in the world and is fam
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Win! paddington At St Paul’s 2019 UK 50p Silver Proof Coin
This special coin is presented in scrapbook-style packaging with fun facts and has a lower mintage than 2018 – just 25,000 coins are available in this Limited Edition Presentation. The coin is struck in 925 sterling silver and finished to Proof stand
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Coffee Tavern Tokens Fancy A Cuppa?
It is difficult to imagine that any coin collector is not interested in history. A young newcomer working backwards and acquiring coins of the British monarchs is bound to ask such questions as ‘Why can’t I find a coin with Edward VIII’s name on it?’
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Coins Honour Key Worker Heroes
The Covid19 crisis has affected almost every aspect of our everyday lives, including how and what we collect, with coins related to key workers and organisations, such as the National Health Service, becoming increasingly popular. According to the la
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The Ghuznee Medal James Fitzherbert De Teissier, 17th Regiment
The First Afghan War (1839-42) spawned four medals issued to the troops for different aspects of the campaign, writes Robin Thomas. For the first time since Waterloo, these were issued to the men at, or soon after, the campaign for which they were aw
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Gold Double Eagle Coins
Issued between 1849 and 1933, the American gold double eagle coin held a face value of $20. Prior to this the highest denomination coin was the $10 gold eagle. The $20 double eagle is often confused with the much later modern 1oz eagle having been is
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News In Brief
Legend Rare Coin Auctions has announced that they will be selling the Bruce Morelan Collection of Early Dollars in October, with the sale set to feature the world’s most expensive coin. The collection is said to be the finest set of Early Dollars eve
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New Coins
( Knights’ Tales: Courage Denomination: €10 Diameter: 32 mm Weight: 17.3 grams Metal: Proof/BU Mintage: 30,000 Supersaurs Mosasaurus Hoffmanni Denomination: €3 Diameter: 34 mm Weight: 16 grams Metal: Copper alloy Mintage: 65,
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Coin Of ‘First Brexiteer’ Emperor Fetches £4,216
An extremely rare coin was minted by the Emperor Carausius, described as being ‘the first ever Brexiteer’, has been sold at Dix Noonan Webb, during a live online auction. The coin was minted by the Emperor Carausius, the first ever Brexiteer, who reb
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Pennies As Pilgrim Vows In Medieval England
In the early 1290s a Welshman named William Cragh, charged with arson and thirteen counts of homicide, was condemned to death by William de Briouze, the marcher lord of Gower in South Wales. Cragh’s hanging took place in November 1291 on a hill outsi
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Since it was announced the 2020 Olympics have been officially postponed until next year, the question on all collector’s lips is, ‘What will happen to the 2020 Team GB 50p?’ Initially released as part of the Annual Coin Set in January of this year, c
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Stack’s Bowers Announces $1 Million Grading Scheme
Stack’s Bowers Galleries are offering to pay the grading fees at Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) for coins and banknotes consigned to a future Stack’s Bowers auctions. The grading give-away will continue until Sta
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English Fakes And Forgeries The Stuart Period To The Restoration
In issue seven of Coin Collector we discussed contemporary copies of the English hammered coinage produced up to the end of the reign of Elizabeth I. In this article we will consider counterfeits of the English hammered coinage of the 17th century, f
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The previous Scarcity Index update saw some exciting changes to the 50p index, as we were able to include the 2018 50p coins following the release of their mintage figures. This was great news for Change Checkers who have the 2018 Beatrix Potter 50ps
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The coin engraver’s art EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD STORY
I was always mildly interested in history. Growing up in Southern Ontario all the kids knew stories of local battles of the war of 1812. We would search plowed fields for arrowheads or musket balls. But now working as a coin engraver for the Royal Ca
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A Coin From Cricklade Discovering A New Mint Of Henry I
Strategically placed where the old Roman Ermine Street crosses the river, Cricklade is first recorded in the so-called Burghal Hidage of the early 10th century. Following his victories against the Danes in c.878-879, King Alfred the Great instituted
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How Your Scarcity Index Works
Generally collectors have had to rely upon mintage figures to identify the scarcest coins. But they only tell part of the story. Trying to find a good quality coin from fifteen to twenty years ago, even for a higher mintage issue, is much more challe
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New Coins See Mints Embrace Innovation
The coin world has seen a number of ‘firsts’ from mints in recent weeks. The Royal Mint have completed their first ‘augmented reality’ coin series; the very first 50p for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands has been revealed, and the US Mint
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New ‘Coinhoards’ Website Launched
The American Numismatic Society has announced the launch of CoinHoards, a new web-based, linked open data tool for research in ancient Greek numismatics and ancient economies. CoinHoards is a component of the National Endowment for the Humanities-fun
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Elongated Pennies
In his song ‘Texas 1947’ Guy Clark sings ‘I got a nickel smashed flatter than a dime by a mad dog, runaway, red-silver streamline train.’ The romance of the song is undeniable: a glimpse of a bygone age, of a way of life now largely gone. And it was
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