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Double Escape
A double recapture that appeals to me is that of combatants Heinrich Schmidt (age 25) and Theodor Jackutla (age 22) who absconded from Rothwell Camp in Northamptonshire on 5 May 1918. News of their flight spread rapidly and 17-year-old Thomas Gibson,
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1.5M RAF Operations Record Books For The Dambusters Squadron Go Online At TheGenealogist
With a release of 1,550,018 records, bringing the total to 6,748,021, the diary-like RAF documents paint a picture of the goings on in a squadron on a day-to-day basis for those units under British control. Using keywords, users can also search for s
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Ride This Way For Cycling News
Originally known as Cycling Weekly and still published today, from its first publication under Edmund Dangerfield in 1891, Cycling aimed to appeal to ‘cycle riders in every corner of the world as the first wheel journal to fully illustrate the histor
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Life In Limerick
Now then, where were we before I decided to go off gallivanting through Italy, Switzerland and France (and on a fool’s errand to London…) in search of my 3x great-grandfather Joseph Riboldi? Ah, yes. We’d left newlywed Joseph and his young bride Cath
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Seven Decades Of Change On The Olympic Way
Rachel Bellerby reports on the latest genealogy news. Got a story to share? Email Over the years, the area now known as Wembley Park has undergone significant change, from its original status as a venue for the London 1948
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The FIRST Edwardians
The First Edwardians. I don’t know whether anyone’s called them that before but I’m thinking of the first three Edwards who sat on the English throne from 1272 to 1377, a period of just over a century. They were three generations, father, son and gra
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CAN DNA RESEARCH REVEAL WHO MY FATHER WAS? Reader Pat got in touch with DNA adviser Karen Evans to ask about the possible steps for finding out who her father was PAT: This will be the first time that I have ever divulged my birth to anyone outside m
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4M New Images For Australia Added To FamilySearch
This is a new collection comprising 2,167 indexed records and 3,998,555 digital images. It consists of wills, probate and administration files from the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV), North Melbourne, Australia. You can search by name, life
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FindMyPast Share 1921 Project Update
Despite Covid restrictions impacting various aspects of the project, FindMyPast are still on course to publish the census online in early 2022. FindMyPast state that provided there are no further interruptions to the current rate of digitisation, the
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Covid VS Cholera
Perhaps like me you have wondered how our descendants will view the Covid-19 pandemic. In the future, people will probably say that it must have been frightening, and they will wonder how on earth we coped. I think that it’s given each of us a more p
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Past & Future, Present & Correct
I’m just not sure where to begin this issue as there are so many sparkling topics to whisk you hither and thither back through time in hot pursuit of family history. Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal provides an excellent reminder for us to to re
Family Tree UK5 min de lecturePsychology
A Remarkable Range Of Family-history Related Reads
by Mark Stevens The reissue of this book is most welcome. Mark Stevens does a good job in bringing to life the Victorian public asylum and the 19th-century approach to mental illness. The majority of the book is written in the present tense, as if it
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The Victorian & Edwardian Seaside
In the 19th century, the British seaside experienced an explosion in popularity. From Blackpool to Brighton, Brits flocked to coastal resorts. The rapid expansion of the rail network had made the seaside more accessible, which was convenient as peopl
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Diary Dates
LEARN ANY TIME, ANYWHERE Online talks & courses Wedding pictures and bridal fashions, 1830-1960, 23 June In her live presentation for Family Tree, costume historian Jayne Shrimpton will be looking at a timeline of wedding pictures – both family photo
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Try Coastal Time-tripping
Coastal Timetripping is a travelogue platform that allows people to plan trips, incorporating five immersive technology experiences. The new location-specific adventures allow travellers to ‘move through time’, experiencing Cornwall and the Isles of
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Analyse, assess & Mind the Gaps!
The Family Tree Academy is here to help you grow your genealogy skills. The aim is to help teach more about the search skills and source know-how needed to step up your family history research. In this issue, Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal dis
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Your Letters
The cover photo of FT March issue brings to my mind the various telephone systems which have been used in our family over the last 80 years or so. When first searching online for my paternal grandfather’s contact details, I found him in a Barnsley te
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By signing up to our enewsletter you will receive regular, but not too frequent emails from the Family Tree team with family history news, advice & offers Even if you subscribe it’s worth registering on the Family Tree website, so that you can view o
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Revealed: Names At Risk Of Becoming Extinct
The analysis, conducted by name label manufacturer My Nametags, of a database of over 1.5 million names, found that the use of the names Gemma and Kieran has declined by more than 65 percent over the last decade, with the names at risk of dying out c
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Family Tree
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Family Tree UK9 min de lectureInternational Relations
Escapes From World War I Prisoner Of War Camps In Britain 1914-1920
During WW1 the Central Powers, Germany and her Empire, with Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey, were pitted against the Allied Powers, Britain and her Empire, with France, Belgium, Russia, and America from May 1917, both Powers imprisoning civilians
Family Tree UK1 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Two New Welsh Collections At Ancestry
Glamorgan County Asylum Records 1845-1920 contains asylum registers for Cardiff from 1845 to 1920. The database includes admission and discharge registers, burial records and indexes to case notes. Some of the records include extra details about a pa
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North Liverpool Academy Family History Club
One such student was Jacob, who, over the past 10 months has traced an extensive family tree back to 1712. His research spans three centuries and includes connections to a Prussian sailor and soldier, and to Bishop Joseph Bernard Cotter, who establis
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Voices From The 14th Century
Excuse the smell, the mud on my boots and the straw in my hair. I’m just in from a trip to the 14th century and I’m tired, cold and when I’ve had a cup of tea I’m having a shower. Plodding back home along the Fosse Way it took some head scratching to
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If By Chance
The great fascination of family history, for me, are the millions of decisions, circumstances and chance events that occurred during many centuries to make me, me. If just one of those crossroads had been navigated differently, I would not be here. W
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How Were The Camps In Britain Organised?
The organisational system used to manage POW camps in Britain followed the British Army structure of six Command areas: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, Scottish and Irish, with London and Aldershot being separate Districts. By early 1915, when
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Putting It Into Practice
READ, READ, READ Read about the record collections you are searching to discover the details of missing records. On some websites you will find details mentioning gaps in the area or datespan covered. This may be because records weren’t kept in the f
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With Chris Paton’s top tips on researching 20th century Scottish family David Annal studies core 19th century Royal Navy records to research Reader story piecing together a tale so much stranger than fiction all your regular favourites: Dear Paul. Tw
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