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Lrm’s Fleet
PATRICK CRUYWAGEN EDITOR 1998 Defender 110 2.8i DAVE PHILLIPS CONTRIBUTOR 1984 Ninety 300Tdi ALISDAIR CUSICK CONTRIBUTOR 1995 Range Rover Classic 1957 Series I TIM HAMMOND CONTRIBUTOR 1991 Range Rover Classic 300Tdi 1987 Range Rover Classic 3.5 EFI V
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Real landy Tales
DRIVE 25 IN PARTNER SHIP WITH Last year, Heritage Classic Car Insurance worked with Land Rover Monthly to introduce Drive 25: a magazine full of driving adventures and info about your Landy. This year, we’re excited to announce that ‘Drive 25’ is bac
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Missing The Rust? You Don’t Have To…
EVERYONE knows that modern Land Rovers don’t rust like the old ones. New Defender, for example, boasts a rust-free aluminum body. But the pristine look isn’t for everyone and if you’re craving for corrosion you should give Niels van Roij Design a cal
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Landrover Monthly
Editor Patrick Cruywagen Art Editor Sam McMurray Technical Editor Ed Evans Sub Editors Louise Woodhams, Dave Phillips Louise Woodhams, Dave Phillips, Richard Hall, Trevor Cuthbert, Gary Pusey, Steve Miller, Dave Barker, Thom Westcott, Jack Dobson, Ia
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Check Your Land Rover Regularly
LAST month I enthusiastically reported the success of my ‘new gearbox’. It’s not you get lucky with these things (it was a $50 purchase of unknown quantity) but it is still going strong with several hundred miles now clocked up. Of course, when you f
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JLR Trials Covid Vaccine Hub For Employees At Solihull Factory
ABOUT 4500 workers received their Covid jabs during a pop-up NHS hub at the Land Rover factory in Solihull - with other companies urged to follow suit The groundbreaking pilot scheme for JLR workers was initiated by the NHS and Public Health Solihull
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14 PAGES OF EXPERT ADVICE AND TIPS WRITING this month’s technical supplement to the Ninety and One Ten buying guide got me thinking about the question of originality versus modifications, accessories and bling. As more of our trucks gain classic stat
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Building A Collection
RICK Watts is a larger-than-life kind of bloke with boundless energy and enthusiasm for everything that’s important to him, whether it’s his family or working hard to grow and develop his successful building business. He’s a big-hearted guy with a pa
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Your Pictures
Send us your shot Email your pics to and you could see your Landy in LRM! Find us on @LRMonthly LandRoverMonthly @land_rover_monthly @ Landrovermonthly ■
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Just Be Cool, Folks
I am gobsmacked at what is going on in the ‘old’ Land Rover market. A 1992 Camel Trophy Discovery, which was the team USA works truck, has just sold for $90,000 at an auction. Jack Dobson reports that Series Land Rovers and real Defender prices are s
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Last Of The Series Is
LIKE many Land Rover enthusiasts, I have a bit of a soft spot for Series One 107in Station Wagons. If you like no-nonsense functionality, quirky design and utilitarian charm, then it’s hard to resist the Station Wagon’s homespun appearance. The extra
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Camp Legal
DEFENDER 110 2.8i Year: 1998 Mileage: 300,000km MPG: 20 Power: 193 bhp Torque 206 lb-ft AS soon as the date for legal post-lockdown camping was announced, I booked a weekend spot at the Nash Oakland wild camping site. This gem of a gateway to Wales w
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The Price Of Pollution Controls
DARREN is an LRM reader from north-west London. He got in touch with me in early May. His daily driver is a 2006 Defender 110 Td5 and he has what he tells me is ‘a modest little collection of late 4-door V8 Range Rover classics’. But he thinks he is
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Don't Forget The…
GREENLANING, the activity of driving, unsurfaced public roads, is a way of leaving the rat race behind and exploring some of the most remote areas of the UK in your Land Rover. Drivers have legal rights to explore around 20,000 byways, which are open
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3.0-litre TDV6 Modified Turbo Drain
ONE of the big improvements for Discovery 4 over Discovery 3 was the uprated version of the TDV6 diesel engine. The original engine in the Discovery 3 was a 2.7-litre with a single turbo. For the Discovery 4, this was increased to 3.0-litre with twin
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Looking Back…
RICHARD HALL bought his first Land Rover, a Series III, just after his 18th birthday and has since owned, maintained and restored these vehicles for over 30 years now. He runs a small Land Rover repair and restoration business in Norfolk and every mo
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One Careful Owner
OVER the years the Land Rover company has been the first registered owner of many thousands of its own products. Many of these, especially in more recent years, will have been management fleet vehicles: standard production Discoverys and Freelanders
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Building Onto The New Chassis
THE re-chassis of this Defender 90 Td5 Station Wagon can now press on, as the clutch, flywheel and associated jobs have been done, and the engine and gearbox are back together (with a replacement transfer box of higher gear ratio). So it is time to b
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I HAVE been a Land Rover addict since I was born. My father had Series Is in Africa where I was born; I own a 1971 Series IIA (named Henry), a Land Rover camper trailer (Baby Henry) and I’m just starting a petrol-driven Toylander project (Henry Jnr).
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The Pride of WA
THE origins for what is now Western Australia’s only Land Rovers-only club were a bunch of Land Rover-owning ex-patss, who were reminiscing about competing in off-road events in their native Scotland. Talk quickly led to a family-style event where La
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Cordless Screwdrivers
SO why should you use a cordless screwdriver and not just a cordless drill with a bit holder attached? Two key reasons; access and control. Cordless drills tend to be far more powerful, arguably too powerful for fittings, unless torque control can be
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4x4 Greenlane Tour Shropshire Dalton, Barrow in Furness Pickering Llangollen Newbourne Dakar, Senegal Broa
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Sunburn? Really!
FREELANDER 2 XS Year: 2013 Mileage: 72,000 Engine: TD4 Power: 110kW/148 bhp Torque: 420N/m/310 lb/ft MPG: around 42 (32 when towing) I know it was a sunny summer last year, if you can remember back that far. And as the words of the song go, …if I cou
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Will We All Drive Range Rovers?
NOTHING ever stands still. Winston Churchill was arguably Britain’s greatest-ever statesman. He alone believed we could defeat the might of Nazi Germany and, thanks to him, we succeeded against all odds. Churchill was a great war leader, but when hos
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Go Hard
WHAT do you call a new Defender with no back seats? A hard top commercial of course, even my young son knows that. Available in both the 90 and 110 wheelbases, it’s Land Rover’s attempt at cracking the fleet market with a more utilitarian offering. T
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13 PAGES OF THE VERY BEST CLASSIC VEHICLES WELCOME to LRM Classics. This month we spend a day with Rick Watts, a builder from Hampshire, and hear how his enthusiasm for the marque has evolved over the past year or two. Rick was a passionate off-roade
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New Defender crowned 2021 World Car Design of the Year
WHILE the Land Rover Defender may divide opinion when it comes to LRM readers, it’s a sure-fire winner in the eyes of the judges for the 2021 World Car Design of the Year with the panel commending the rugged 4x4’s distinctive design, all-conquering o
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The Next Big Thing?
LORD, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? So sang the tragic blues singer, Janis Joplin, in a song she wrote and recorded three days before her untimely death in 1970. To Joplin, the Merc was a symbol of consumerism, but to a growing number of today's
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PRICE: £151.56 CONTACT: THE MUD Td5 Double DIN Console replaces the flimsy factory-fit Defender Td5 radio fascia with an exclusive one-piece design. So you can upgrade the original single DIN radio set-up to a double DIN head unit
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Model Guide
Featuring our Star Ratings, Expert Opinions and Buyer's Tips 80in, 1948 to 1953 Poor: £3500 – £6000 Average: £6000 – £7500 Good: £7500 – £18,000 Excellent: £18,000 – £50,000 1948-1951: 1.6-litre fourcylinder petrol, 55 bhp, 83 lb-ft torque. Four-spee
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