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Letters To The Editor
Write to: Letters to the editor, Writing Magazine, Warners Group Publications plc, 5th Floor, 31-32 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JD; email: letters@writersnews.co.uk. (Include your name and address when emailing letters. Ensure all letters, a maximum of 250
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Opposites Attract
Where do you stand on Marmite? Whether you love it or hate it, it provokes a reaction. It’s the same with politicians, Brexit and the people we come into contact every day – your boss, your colleagues, your customers. There is someone you will either
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Criminally Good Writing Prizes
The Crime Writing Association is inviting entries for two creative writing competitions. • The CWA Debut Dagger Award is given to unpublished crime writers. The award is judged by leading crime writing agents and editors. The winner receives £500 and
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Café Writers Open Poetry Competition 2020, for original, unpublished poems in any style, up to forty lines, has £1,000, £300 and £200 prizes, with five £50 commended poets and £100 for the best poem by a Norfolk resident. This year’s judge is Helen I
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The New Media Writing Prize 2020 is for writing specially created for digital media. Now in its ninth year, the prize is an international competition run by Bournemouth University and if:book UK. It is awarded annually for exciting, innovative new in
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The Old Drift takes Clarke Award
The UK’s leading jury award for speculative fiction, the Arthur C Clarke Award, has been won by Manwali Serpell for her debut novel, The Old Drift. Manwali received an award of £2020, which she announced she is to donate to the Louisville Community B
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Writing Place
‘Normally, during the day, I work in the shed. It feels right to leave the house to go to work, even though it’s only a couple of steps from the back door. This is where the landline is so when I’ve had enough the laptop gets closed and taken indoors
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Make ‘em laugh
One of the least obviously important, but strangely powerful effects of the Covid pandemic is the way it has stifled gossip. Publishing is an industry which has always thrived on gossip and with a nearly endless stream of lunches, launches, parties a
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Subscriber Spotlight
‘Now I know why authors say that publishing a book is like having a baby; it’s not just the long gestation period, which is often much longer for a book, but it’s because you have no idea what it’s like before you do it,’ writes subscriber Laura Besl
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Cook Up Contributions
The Dirty Spoon is a radio show and online journal of ‘consumable culture’ curating ‘music, essays, memoirs, and interviews from chefs, authors, aficionados and aunties from around the world’. It is a monthly radio show, then podcast, and the digital
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Global Horror Market
Small press Zombies Need Brains produces professional-quality science fiction and fantasy themed anthologies, initially funded by Kickstarters and the funds are in for three anthologies all of which now need submissions of original stories. The antho
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UK Children’s Market
Sweet Cherry Publishing is an independent publisher of books for children. ‘We publish books in sets and series for children,’ explained managing editor Cecilia Bennett. ‘While our focus on middlegrade fiction, we also publish Easy Classics, repackag
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Play In The Community
If you have a full length unproduced play for adults or children or a musical there is the opportunity for a full production and $200 for the winner of the Robert J Pickering/JR Colbeck Award for Playwriting Excellence. There are also second and thir
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Before the virus took hold, or at least before we realised quite how much of a hold it had, I was asked by one of the international banks here in Spain to give a talk to their clients. I was delighted to accept. The brief was to chat about the writin
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First Lines For Fiction
You have a great idea for a novel. You’ve fleshed out your characters, established your plot, conflicts and hurdles that your protagonist has to overcome. Maybe you’ve even written a timeline, synopsis or individual scenes. But writing the opening li
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Planning For The Future
It’s been a challenging year for authors, hasn’t it? Most novelists and short story writers would probably agree that in what now seems like the distant past they were delighted whenever they could snatch a few solitary hours in the company of their
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BAME Representation Grows In YA Market
Melanie Ramdarshan Bold, an associate professor at University College London, has found that there has been rapid change in the British publishing industry with regards to people of colour in the Young Adult market. Over the last decade as a whole, f
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Live Again Before Christmas
Antimony and Elder Lace Press (AEL Press) have two current submission opportunities, one for novels and one for a forthcoming anthology. Original and unpublished stories of 1,000-7,500 words on the theme of resurrection and reincarnation and the poss
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Win £400 and publication in New Welsh Review in the Language Evolves Short Story Competition, for original, unpublished short stories up to 2,500 words that imagine or engage with how language may have evolved, or may evolve in the future. The winner
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US magazine Brilliant Corners focuses on jazzrelated poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Check out the website and guidelines carefully. Read a couple of issues before submitting. Subs are open until 1 May 2021, by post, but include an email address for
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Editorial Calendar
• The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria • Birth control campaigner Dr Marie Stopes opened Britain’s first family planning clinic, in London. • German film director Wolfgang Petersen, who made Das Boot, was born/ • Beach Boys co-founder M
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A survey is a research tool used to acquire information from individuals. It’s helpful in finding out factual information, views, experiences, habits and other self-reported behaviour. Although surveys are usually associated with nonfiction, fiction
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Online Non-fiction Market
GEN is a US-based online magazine published through Medium devoted to exploring politics, power, and culture. Deputy editor Michelle Legro is now accepting pitches for a new series of features called ‘How I Got Radicalized’. The features will ‘looks
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Explore The Fantastic In Glasgow
The University of Glasgow School of Critical Studies has launched the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic. The new venture’s inaugural event was a free Zoom lecture on 16 September by fantasy author Ellen Kushner, followed by a discussion panel on f
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Global Children’s Market
Short stories, articles, plays, poems and activities with literary and academic merit that will ‘delight, intrigue, challenge and inspire’ children are the general content for The School Magazine, which consists of four magazines – Countdown for 7-9
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Global Fiction Market
Enchanted Conversation is a monthly US webzine for adult readers with a love of classic fairytales. Originally debuting in 2007, the site relaunched this summer and now publishes one story per month and two non-fiction articles. The editor is Kate Wo
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Make An Audiobook
Audiobooks have been one of the recent successes of book production, in many ways due to the commercial determination of Amazon. But there are other reasons that make the new wave of audiobooks successful: • They have better reach for readers who pre
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BRANCH OUT beautifully
National Tree Dressing Day falls at the beginning of December – it is all about celebrating living trees in the environment by decorating them – and later next month most of us will be dressing trees, either living, cut or artificial, in our own hous
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Global Literary Market
Glass Lyre is an independent literary press which publishes ‘poetry collections, chapbooks, select short and flash fiction, and the occasional anthology’. The editorial team feel that their books should be ‘fine literature to rejuvenate the spirit, f
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Write In Tune
The theme for this year’s Elmbridge Literary Competition 2020/21 is ‘music’ The winning entries will be published as a chapbook by publishers Sampson Low, who are running the competition in partnership with the RC Sherriff Trust. The competition invi
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