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As I write this letter, we are beginning to go back on covid restrictions. It is hard, really hard. How are you? I mean how are you really doing? I want you to know that if all you have the energy to do is open this magazine and look at the pictures
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Crownie Delight
1 box brownie mix1 tube chocolate chip cookie dough1 small jar hot fudge topping1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips1 cup walnuts (optional) Make your brownie mix according to box directions. Grease your crock pot and pour in the brownie mix. Add in the
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Quick Quilts and Easy Quilts
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The Quilter's Planner is both a life calendar and a quilting project planner. You choose the cover, the start day of the week, and what type of layout you would like—they offer vertical, horizontal, graph paper, and dot grid layouts. There is a proje
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Patti is VP of Public Relations at Northcott and the creative force behind Patti’s Patchwork. When she is not designing fabric or making quilts, she snowboards, cycles, and drinks wine. Abigail is the Children’s Ministry Director at her church and e
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President’s Day
finished size: 68" × 80" finished blocks: 30 (12") BLOCKS The Quilts of Valor® Foundation is one of the most active and prominent quilt charities in the United States. A Quilt of Valor® (QOV) quilt is intended to honor a veteran for his or her serv
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finished size: 78" × 91" finished blocks: 42 (13") BLOCKS My grandson wanted a new quilt for his bed and wanted it to fit into his new age—TWEEN. I wanted to do something that would be masculine and yet have a variety of colors that he could design
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finished size: 24" × 24" Isn’t it fun to look at the selection of packaged 5" charm squares at your local quilt shop? I enjoy studying each one and imagining what I could make with the vibrant colors and lovely prints. As wonderful as they are to lo
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Making Bands
Strips are frequently sewn together to create a band, which you can cut into smaller segments. 1. To make a band, pair two strips with right sides facing and raw edges aligned. Stitch with ¼" seam. Press flat to set stitches. 2. Fold top strip bac
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finished size: 52" × 72" finished blocks: 26 (8") BLOCKS The fir trees in the background of this stunning wintery panel inspired the outer border of my quilt. How could I replicate the staggered effect? By altering the height of the tree trunk or a
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Weaving Stars
finished size: 55" × 64" finished blocks: 30 (9") BLOCKS In 2019, I made a bed runner called Lattice be Lovely for Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts. The blocks in the bed runner were made using rectangle units similar to the ones in this quilt. As things
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Panel Magic
Using a panel is a quick and easy way to fill the center of a quilt. Add a couple of borders to make a quick wallhanging or use smaller panels as quilt blocks or placemats. Panels are also great to cut up and use for kaleidoscope quilts such as a one
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Partial Seams
Some traditional blocks use this method to join patches and units around a central square. 1. With right sides together, align corner edges of square and first unit as shown. Sew from center of square to left edge, creating a partial seam. 2. Work
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Puffin Parade
finished size: 49" × 60" finished blocks: 7 (6") UNITS Panels are not all created the same size. This is a formula I like to use for 24” panels. Since a 24” panel is not really a 24” panel—read my article Panel Magic to learn more—so, how do you mak
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Wreath Of Love
finished size: 21" × 21" I made this adorable wreath for my living room. You will see the wreath is made up of a number of small, fabric pillows stuffed with fiberfill. This can be made with Valentine theme fabrics, like I used here, or choose fabri
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Gram’s Garden
finished size: 42" × 42" finished blocks: 4 (18") BLOCKS This is Gram’s Garden—my modern take on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I come from a long line of quilters. My great-grandmothers quilted, my grandmothers quilt, my aunts, my mom and several c
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A Star Has Arrived
finished size: 53½" × 53½" finished blocks: 16 (11³/8") BLOCKS A newly born child has instant stardom! The excitement builds as families have celebratory events like a gender reveal party, birth announcements, naming ceremonies, and the child’s firs
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Tried+true PRODUCTS
We asked our editors for their favorite products for basting quilts. From spray basting to pinning, this compiled list of time-tested products is sure to help you baste your quilts faster and with more accuracy! Handi Quilter Longarm Quilting Pins a
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finished size: 106" × 93" finished blocks: 30 (12") BLOCKS My father was a farmer who wore denim overalls and blue chambray shirts every day of his life. He carried a bandana handkerchief in bright red or navy blue. Inspired by my father’s clothes a
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Twin Stars
finished size: 40" × 48" A friend was having twins and I wanted each baby to have a quilt. I felt the quilts should look like siblings, but each have their own personality. TIP: If you use directional prints like I did, and you want them to go in t
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Stitch-and-Flip Corners
1. Place one small square on larger square, right sides facing and aligning raw edges. Draw a line diagonally on wrong side as shown. 2. Sew on drawn line.Trim ¼" beyond stitching. 3. Press open to reveal triangle. 4. Following pattern instruct
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Quick-Pieced Triangle-Squares
1. Cut two squares 7/8" larger than desired finished size of triangle-square. 2. On wrong side of one square, mark diagonal line from corner to corner.This will be your cutting line. Mark sewing lines ¼" away from each side of cutting line. 3. Pl
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Blissful Baking
finished size: 64" × 75" finished blocks: 30 (10") BLOCKS I am a quilter, crafter, and I love cooking. I have been cooking since I was little–before I can even remember. I am actually really bad at recipes because I never measure anything. The kitch
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Icelandic Hot Chocolate
Merkio Tryggir Gaedin (Icelandic chocolate)1 liter milk or creamwhipped creamsalt flakes Melt 1 bar (or 3 ounces) of chocolate with a little water on low heat in a saucepan. Slowly, add in the milk as the chocolate melts. Careful not to scorch. Pour
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Sweater Season
finished size: 64¾" × 87½" finished blocks: 59 (8") BLOCKS One of my favorite memories as a child was the arrival of the Eaton’s and Simpson’s-Sears catalogues when fall was approaching. I loved pouring over the clothing sections and looking at the
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Tried+true PRODUCTS
We asked our editors for their favorite products that help them keep projects and their sewing supplies organized. This compiled list of time-tested products offers you a variety of tools and techniques to make project organization a breeze! Make yo
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Wintertide Wreath
finished size: 54" × 54" finished blocks: 9 (14") BLOCKS I’ve always enjoyed a traditional red and white quilt, especially for Christmas. I wanted to do one that incorporated my current design kick which is organic shapes and motifs. Christmas quil
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finished size: 56" × 72" finished blocks: 35 (8") BLOCKS ‘Tis the season to be freezin’! I have always loved the snow. Growing up in California, we never had snow…we had super thick, dense fog, but never snow. When I moved to Utah, and lived thru th
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½ cup milk½ cup granulated sugar1½ teaspoons salt¼ cup butter½ cup warm water2 tablespoons yeast 2 eggs – beaten4½ cups flourBrown sugarDark Karo syrupLight Karo syrup Scald milk, and then stir in sugar, salt, and butter. Cool until lukewarm. Dissol
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Christmas Presence
finished size: 10" × 18" We live in such a fast-paced world that it's hard to slow down and spend time curled up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and remember what a good year we had. We created a family tradition that helps us to do just
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