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The Ephemeral House
The cherry blossom famously represents the fleeting nature of human life, a beauty meant to be admired, enjoyed and let go. But in Japan, the brief, bittersweet cycle of death and rebirth also applies—surprisingly—to houses. This unusual national ide
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Outside the Lines
While pro athletes are increasingly splashing out on contemporary art, one well-regarded artist is giving sports a shot—or at least trying to elevate his team’s aesthetic game. Daniel Arsham, best known for works that imagine everyday objects as they
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The Man, The Myth, The Machine
WE CAN SEE the appeal of swapping camels for motorcycles, which is exactly what the real Lawrence of Arabia did after World War I. T. E. Lawrence—the fabled Welsh-born military officer, archaeologist and author—served in the deserts of the Middle Eas
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For The Love Of The Game
Marc Lasry and Wes Edens bought the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014, the team had the worst record in the NBA, it played in one of the smallest markets and the price—$550 million—was the highest ever for a professional basketball team. Lasry and Edens know a
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Triple Threat
As I pull up to the hotel entrance, the 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 shudders the ground beneath my McLaren 620R. Also trembling, with palpable excitement, is the parking concierge, who appears barely old enough to drive. “Are those the Senna raci
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Sky-high In Miami’s Fi-di
FLORIDA’S MOST coveted real estate isn’t always a beachfront pad. While South Beach, in the minds of most out-ofstaters, may be synonymous with living the life in Miami, residents know that one of the area’s real gems is the Brickell financial distri
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A seasoned equestrian, Fedrizzi began her writing career at Travel + Leisure. She purchased a five-year-old, Dutch-bred warmblood two years ago and was subsequently inspired to look into how young horses are trained in America versus Europe. She wrot
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Tunnel Visions
AS ONE OF the few leagues to continue playing with relative normalcy over the past year, the NBA has been a boon to deprived sports fans. It has also been catnip for menswear aficionados. In the absence of fashion runway presentations, the arena entr
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Editor’s Letter
As a kid growing up in the ’80s just outside London, my life revolved around soccer. (Except of course it didn’t, because it was called football. But that’s not an argument I expect to win here, so soccer it is.) Soccer was what was on my bedroom wal
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Is This The Next Lebron?
It was clear as the game reached its climax that Kyle Giersdorf was in the zone. The athlete had positioned himself in a prime spot on the field. He even cracked a rare smile as he made another solid play. Giersdorf was leading by a commanding 15 poi
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The Answers with... PETER BURLING
When Emirates Team New Zealand’s high-speed foiling yacht, Te Rehutai, successfully defended the America’s Cup on home waters against Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in March, the victory was a sweet repeat for helmsman Peter Burling. “When we won, Auckland
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Shipwrecks & Sangiovese
On a recent Saturday morning, two very different boats set out from Santa Barbara Harbor, both headed for the same destination over a mile offshore. On board an 85-foot custom catamaran with etched crystal windows and a polished, double-wide wood bar
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Hold the Starch
Deconstructed tailoring shouldn’t be too serious. Take a walk on the wilder side with a polychromatic glen-plaid suit, a pale-pink tee and—in case anyone doubted that you came to play—a pair of classic Chucks. In washed-silk twill, a double-breasted
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Gardy St. Fleur Has a Process
Gardy St. Fleur is in his Brooklyn office, where the shelves are crammed with monographs, exhibition catalogs and rare books and the walls are almost as crowded with artworks. His personal collection, several hundred strong, serves a bigger purpose t
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The Cat Meows
Large power catamarans have traditionally been boxy and slow, often just knockoffs of sailing multihulls minus the masts. But the segment is quickly evolving toward elegance, speed and high design. For proof, look no further than contemporary launche
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Game Plan
GAME ROOMS are supposed to be fun (obviously). Designing them, though, can be surprisingly challenging. Balancing entertainment mainstays such as flat screens, Ping-Pong tables and dartboards with tasteful decor—all while making space for comfy loung
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A Fine Cast
After a year spent in close quarters, it’s time to re-emerge into the world in pursuit of a grand dream. For the angler, what’s grander and dreamier than fly-fishing on storied water? The venerable pastime, one of the original outdoor sports, has man
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The Competition
• It’s probably safe to assume there isn’t a taller wine producer out there than the 7-foot-6 former Houston Rockets star. Long before wine became the drink du jour in the NBA, the Hall of Famer was frequenting Texas steak houses in the ’00s and lear
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Esports are a whole new virtual ball game. You know how the World Series works (best of seven) or that the World Cup comes to soccer every four years, but what are the ins and outs of this electronic competitive circuit? Here, we break down the basic
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Best of Rest: Hästens Sleep-Spa Hotel
Books and bedtime have long been one of life’s most relaxing rituals. So when Portugal’s family-owned O Valor do Tempo luxury group had the chance to build its first hotel near the famous Joanina Library, part of the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Univ
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(way) Out Of Office
Lisa Thompson, a 48-year-old mountainclimbing enthusiast, is recalling her harrowing trek on the Bottleneck, one of the most perilous passes of her 28,251-foot ascent to the summit of K2 in 2018: “This giant tower of ice is hanging above you, with ch
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Race Logic
If there’s an exception to the adage that the slowest motorcycle is always more exhilarating than the fastest car, it’s the Ariel Atom. Not just because the two-seat roadster qualifies as a car only by the barest definition—few body panels, no power
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Let’s Get Physical
It looks like a souped-up unicycle, but hey, that’s more than most spin bikes can say in terms of aesthetics. Ciclotte’s latest edition is the only exercise bicycle made of crystal, so it resembles a seemingly infusible ice sculpture (with what looks
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Hands Off The Booty
FIRST THINGS FIRST: Don’t call them treasure hunters. Of course, that’s what onlookers have always called colorful characters like Mel Fisher, who found the Spanish galleon Atocha off the Florida Keys in 1985. Gold and silver bars, coins, jewelry and
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Keeping Up With Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones may have revolutionized the business of professional football with lucrative television contracts and state-of-the-art stadiums, but even he didn’t anticipate the impact his Airbus Corporate Helicopter, DC-1, would have on the Dallas Cowb
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The NBA season was on the line. Inside the league’s Covid-19 bubble last summer, the players gathered in a hotel ballroom at Disney World to debate whether to continue with it in abbreviated form or abandon the title chase entirely. As tension built
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Boosting American Sport-Horse Breeding Ain’t About the Bloodlines
Illinois show jumper Taylor Flury accepted an invitation to fly to Lanaken, Belgium, to ride in one of the world’s most prestigious competitions: the Fédération Équestre Internationale WBFSH Jumping World Breeding Championships for Young Horses. The
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Sports Stars
Finding new ways to incorporate a tourbillon has become a perennial exercise for modern watchmakers. The intricate complication, originally designed to improve the accuracy of a pocket watch, now serves to reflect a house’s skill and artistry. A perf
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The Opinion: Putting The Fun In Furniture
NEUTRALS MIGHT be the ideal canvas for a room, but no one wants to sit in a neutral room all day. I can’t think of anything better than investing in a piece for your home that makes you grin. Maybe it can’t be only fun (who wants to live in a carniva
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