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An updated tyre labelling systemcame into effect from May 1st. It’s basically an improvement to the label we’ve seen on new tyres since 2012. As we can see from TyreSafe’s excellent graphics, the old labelling had seven different categories, which ha
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Going Soft
Brits love soft-tops. Even since the death of the open-top British sports car, our thirst for them remains unquenched. In 2003, for example, manufacturers sold more convertibles here than the French, Italians and Spanish put together. Today, this mea
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Slimline SUV
Suzuki has arguably led the way in compact SUV/4x4 vehicles with their SJ, Jimny and Vitara, but lurking in the shadows is another Japanese off-roader that deserves equal credit. The Daihatsu Terios began production in 1997 and the second-generation,
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Dealer’s Diary
► I’ve just bought my first car using the ‘new’ BCA online-only system - a system which, with the recent news that the company has made some auctioneers redundant, seems likely to become the norm for buying cars here. And I’ve got to say that it went
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BMW N43 Budget Engine Rebuild
Of all the car manufacturers around, it would seem that BMW don’t enjoy the best of reputations when it comes to engine longevity with four-cylinder petrols. Well, they used to but over the last 20 years these units have had a number of issues. The 2
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Fix One Problem, Find Another
Progress was looking promising at mad4mini last month when we started to dismantle the front end of our Clubman Cooper S to tackle the oil leak(s), inspect the timing chain assembly and de-coke the inlet ports. As you’ll see from the photographs and
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In my Humble Opinion
I’m sure you will join me when I say its good to have Peter Simpson amongst us once again. Like myself, Peter has spent hours swashbuckling with the public over the buying and selling of used cars. His recent page struck a chord with me as he mention
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Towbar-based Storage
James Stanbury evaluates modern motoring products Of all my old-school teachers, one really sticks in the memory. His lessons were fun and compelling, which was just as well because, boy, was this guy gifted at spotting anyone daydreaming or chatting
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Our Cars
Special Contributor The last time I reported on my 2008 Passat B6 estate I wrote about a common 2.0-litre 140bhp TDI malady – namely poor hot start. This can be due to a number of things, including a lazy starter motor not spinning the engine over qu
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Plenty To Offer
Keeping up with talented rivals in the family car sector is never an easy business, so back in 1995 Renault unveiled a new model and name – the Megane. Impressively popular (and providing the basis for the smash-hit Scenic MPV) it was followed seven
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Have A Problem Vehicle? GET IN TOUCH...
If you have a problem vehicle, Car Mechanics has the answer in the shape of our technical editor STEVE ROTHWELL. Contact Steve, as detailed below, for FREE advice on all car-related problems. Please help Steve to help you by giving as much informatio
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News in Brief
► Sealey has launched its biggest ever tool catalogue, with over 11,900 products featured in the 2021-22 edition. What’s more is that over 2800 of those products are new to market, covering everything from hand tools to machinery, storage and consuma
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Readers’ Motors
I have always felt that I should be a Volvo owner and have come close on multiple occasions over my forty plus years of motoring, to owning one either as an everyday car or as a classic. Ownership had always made sense to me, after all Volvos are sol
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Warped Discs
Given the mileage of 62,000 miles, it’s likely that the brake discs are the originals as fitted at the Sunderland factory seven years ago. One of my (many) pet hates is a steering wheel that vibrates under braking, both a slight shimmy and a wheel th
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Q I hope you can throw some light regards the registration of a Volkswagen camper van which my son bought from the Midlands two years ago. It was imported from South America and has an Italian logbook. He bought it as a project but now realises it is
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Diagnostics Doctor
Q My 2003 BMW 325Ti Compact is, I suspect, not giving full performance. It’s got 103K miles on the clock but starts instantly and idles with zero speed variation. So I think cylinder compressions are not suspect. From idle the engine revs without hes
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CM Insider
► A total of 25 iconic British classic cars from the Winsford collection are now under the hammer as part of a SYNETIQ auction. The range of rarities have spent years in dry storage but are now ready to be recommissioned and returned to the road eith
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Tales From The Workshop
► A large proportion of diesel engine problems can be down to EGR-related failure and with the more complex EGR systems now being found this can result in a more expensive outcome to resolve the problem. This 2006 Ford Focus Zetec with the 1.8 TDCi e
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SEAT Ibiza Mk4
SEAT’s Ibiza has always been a serious rival to Volkswagen’s superminis – and the 6J model from 2008 was no exception. That said, like its immediate predecessor, the fourth-generation Ibiza was based on Polo underpinnings, not Golf. The advantage the
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The Peter Simpson COLUMN
 When I learnt to drive back in the mid-late 1970s, all cars had a dash-mounted knob, usually marked ‘C’. It was called a choke. You pulled it out when starting the engine from cold to enrich the petrol-air mixture. Then, as the engine warmed up, yo
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A Tale Of Two Volvos
There have been a few changes since my last fleet update, back in November. First, as I mentioned in last month’s ‘column’, the VW Passat estate ‘bargain banger’ has gone for scrap. A month after passing its MOT, something went wrong inside the engin
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Disappearing Acts
The car industry is one of constant evolution and has been since the very first horseless carriage hit the road in 1885. And between now and 2030, it’s about to undergo its biggest change in decades as we move away from internal combustion engines an
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Car Mechanics
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While it is hard not to ignore BoJo’s 2030 ban on new fossil-fuelled cars, manufacturers face more immediate challenges. From 2021, each car range must not emit a maximum average of 95g/km carbon dioxide (CO2) per vehicle, otherwise the EU will levy
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Cash & carry
“A new shape Qashqai? Isn’t that a bit new?” was my first reaction to the choice of CM’s latest project car. You might think that as well, but bear in mind that the first-gen Qashqai was still being sold eight years ago and our second-gen has just tu
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Mechanical Mishaps
Over 50 years ago, as an apprentice in the motor trade, I like all of us apprentices would make mistakes – sometimes potentially dangerous ones. Mistakes like getting the valve timing on a Rover 2000 wrong and ending up with bent valves. Too much gre
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CM Insider
Mechanics and garage owners have highlighted the challenges of business growth and recovery post-lockdown, with work dropping by as much as 75% during periods of 2020 leading the biggest areas of concern. Research conducted by mobile mechanic service
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Life After Lockdown
Most of us have driven less since the start of 2020. While some cars have sat idle, the vast majority have suffered an increased frequency of short journeys. Yet, many owners take some convincing that pottering to the shops and back is harder on many
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Diagnostics Doctor
Q I have owned my 2010 Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCi for a few months now. It has now covered 113,000 miles and has a full service history. Soon after buying it, I noticed that when accelerating hard (foot to floor in higher gears only – 4th/5th/6th) it will
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Green Van Man!
It may have been the Ford Capri that was famously ‘the car you always promised yourself’ in its advertising. But not for me – because I’m weird. No, for the past two decades I’ve not been promising myself a Capri (been there, done that) but I have ha
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