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Freeze Frame
The hit crime mystery Reservoir 13 confirmed that Nottingham novelist Jon McGregor knew his way around a gripping page-turner. But with Lean Fall Stand he takes on a more profound challenge; the language and thought processes of a brain in crisis. Fi
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The Problem With White Jesus
The first time I encountered God in my likeness was in the middle of a shack. Although I had read the New York Times bestseller by William P Young some years before, there was something shockingly wonderful about watching the big screen adaptation of
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Pet Pic Boy
Lockdown brought out the best and worst in people. For Phil Heckels from Worthing, his best intentions were equalled only by his awful artistic skills. During lockdown, attempting to encourage his six-year-old son Sam to pick up some pencils instead
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The Conflict With No End
Eman Basher is a writer in Gaza worried about the effect of trauma on her children “Mama, I am so worried about the moon these days,” my four-year-old Faisal said trying to open the window which was half closed for three days in a row – not fully clo
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There’s No Time Like The Present To Create A Better Past
The past, the present and the future are like threedifferent things. For instance like a hairbrush, a spinning top and a jar of marmalade. Or that’s what you would think if you spoke to any practising politician whose immediate, continuous and perman
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Puzzles And Quiz.
1. Excuse for turning pale (4) 4. Jeered at having eaten greedily (7) 8. Two varieties of cheese in north London? (5,7) 9. Breathing spaces (8) 10. Stop the flow along the main axis (4) 12. Twigs that part of candle is about to be returned (6) 14. St
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Following a long lockdown, vendors in England, Scotland and Wales are back out selling the magazine. Please continue to support them. Since the first lockdown in March last year, we have supported our vendors with more than £1m of financial assistanc
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The Big Issue
John Bird and Gordon Roddick Nigel Kershaw Paul Cheal Russell Blackman Editor Paul McNamee Deputy editor Steven MacKenzie Digital editor Alastair Reid Digital producer Laura Kelly Senior reporter Liam Geraghty Staff reporter Hannah Westwater Books ed
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A talented Big Issue vendor who recently appeared in the magazine explaining the process he uses for creating art has been rewarded with commissions from across the country. Keen artist Slavi Slavov appeared as a Vendor Expert back in March offering
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Clearer Skies
Metal poles stuck out from the fabric at awkward angles. It looked like a giant spider that had been unceremoniously squashed. The landlord surveyed the marquee wreckage, shaking her head. Balancing the complimentary hot water bottle on my lap, I adj
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The Big Issue Manifesto
Our sellers BUY the magazine for £1.50 and sell it on for £3, keeping the difference. Vendors earn a legitimate income, and gain valuable social and employability skills. With your support, we can continue to help them now and in the future. The Big
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After the Party
What the 1999 London nail-bombings tell us about extremism today Nick Lowles ‘It only took a few minutes to become the Doctor again’ Christopher Eccleston- Open-air classical season is nearly upon us, so grab a brolly Claire Jackson “Being in my sixt
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Alan’s Quiz Corner
NEED HELP? Why not get together with other Big Issue readers on Twitter – @Biglssue Get the answers in next week’s mag! Good luck 1. St Machar’s Cathedral is a landmark in which Scottish city? 2. Which UK police procedural show ran for 88 episodes on
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Will It Cost £50bn To Fix The Cladding Crisis?
The nation will mark the fourth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower disaster in just a few weeks but still the row over who will pay to remove aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding shows no sign of reaching a conclusion. The issue has been fierce
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For The Love Of Bob
Readers responsed to the choices… Titus Kojder Brownsville Girl at number one! Good list! @wingedmarsupial What? No room for When the Night Comes Falling From the Sky (Alternate Take) from Bootleg Series Vol 1-3? @TruesdellJYoung This is a great list
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A Warning From History.
In May 2020, George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a serving police officer. The killing shocked the world and galvanised the Black Lives Matter movement. Change is coming but it is long overdue. In May 1921, the worst incident of racial violen
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Joanna Scanlan
A At 16 I was at a very pleasant girls’ boarding school in North Wales. I enjoyed that life, I had bags of fabulous friends – I’ve enjoyed friendship all through my life. Until I was 16 I always took it upon myself to stand up for what I saw as injus
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It’s Fine To Get The History Wrong, So Long As You Know Why You’re Doing It
What’s the difference between history and historical drama? The line between the two is thin and porous. There’s a lot of drama in history, and lot of history in drama. And many of our most cherished images of British history actually come from the s
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‘It All Came Flooding Back In Minutes’
“I’m currently sleeping in the Tardis, ifthat’s what you mean?” Christopher Eccleston acknowledges that he likes to work. And when he isn’t working with great heart and enthusiasm for The Big Issue as one of our brand ambassadors, he likes to act. It
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Appy Go Lucky
RIDE OUT RECESSION ALLIANCE FIGHTING TO KEEP PEOPLE IN WORK AND IN HOMES What has the pandemic meant for your personal finances? Some people have never felt richer, unable to spend their earnings – the money normally haemorrhaged on rounds of drinks,
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Top 5 Dystopian Novels
by Emily St John Mandel This book is insanely relevant. It’s about a flu pandemic that wipes out something like 95 per cent of the world. It turns the idea of the dystopian novel on its head, presenting a discussion of whether the ‘before’ was better
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Get In Touch @bigissue /bigissueUK @bigissueuk I usually buy my Big Issue either in my local town of King’s Lynn or nearby city of Cambridge. I was, therefore delighted to see my ‘local Cambridge vendor’ featured in the 1
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Ignorance is being weaponised again as politicians use the threadbare flag blanket of a culture war to cover up those unsightly protuberances of ineptitude and incompetence which their emperor’s new clothes failed to conceal. When museums and histori
The Big Issue2 min de lectureAmerican Government
A Study In Defiance Tactics
Remember when Donald Trump threatened to ban TikTok in the US? That feels like a very long time from now. But it was less than a year ago. Trump was angry at the growing power and influence of the Chinese and decided that banning the Chinese-owned Ti
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Josh Clarke, 29
I struggled a bit with lockdown but I hit my sales target quite a lot when I was out in summer, which helped. When I came back out on my pitch it was slow to begin with and it’s only started picking up a few weeks later. I think it’s mainly because t
The Big Issue3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
Fanning The Flames
In 1999, 22-year-oId David Copeland set offthree nail bombs in London, killing three people and injuring over 200 others. His first bomb targeted the Black community in Brixton, the second the Muslim community in Brick Lane and the third targeted gay
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Join The Conversation At
Reaction to John Bird’s Future Generations Bill as it gets its first reading in Parliament Personal stories of how people living with dementia and their carers coped during lockdown Billie Piper on overcoming the odds to forge a stellar acting career
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Brothers In Arms
In 2016, I completed the last of five active service tours of Afghanistan with the British Army. As a soldier in the 2nd Battalion, the Royal Gurkha Rifles, I was in the front line of the fighting in Helmand Province between 2006 and 2014. I was also
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We Need Your Vote!
The Big Issue is proud to have been nominated for five industry awards by the Professional Publisher’s Association. We’re up for the PPA’s Best Response to Covid-19 Award, Editor of the Year, Campaign of the Year and Innovation of the Year awards. Al
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Life Finds A Way
One of the world’s most unlikely wildlife havens is the 30km radius, 2,800 sq km exclusion zone around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Last month marked the 35th anniversary of the biggest nuclear disaster (so far) when Reactor Humber Four explod
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