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k=Roland’ @OE KEYBOARD CONTROLLER AX<-1 Owner's Manual Rh RW Bedienungsanleitung Mode d’emploi Manuale di Istruzioni — 2nd Edition — Ut \ PANEL DESCRIPTION (1 Data Entry ‘Tis potentiometer sends asignable contol messages, Whan on, i ‘sassigned to contol volume trough Contal Change Volume Mes sage (C0. [2] Data Entey Assign Ais tation signs eof the "Contre Change” messages tothe Data Enty Potentiometer [3] Teansposer On/Ort This button activates or deactivates tcansposition, and is used for transposition setings [1 Sterustop “his blton controls Start and Step of extornal ascompariment nits cx sequencors sanding Start and Stop messages via HIDI (PA, PC) [5] Expression Bar Assignable to After Toneh, Modulation and Piet Bender ‘This device enaies Modulation, After Touch a Pitch Bender fest 6} Pateh 0» nabes activation ov deactivation of patch mode. When on Moe Patel On) it asigs the nunesialbultons to patch selection 7} Sub Capital CC 00 Ms bution ass the aurial buttons to value CC 0 set select, «Sub Captal Tone In Paich mode, islet patch numbers 130129 {8} Sub Capital CC 32 ‘hs tutson asses the cure butons ovale CC82 used to slet a SubCaplal Tone tn Pateh mode islet patch numbers 14 or 90 0] Capital Program Change is button asigns the naretial butions to value section of Pro gram Change via MIDI. When in Patch mode, it sets path num: faeis or 10] Numerical Batons Vien in Patch mode they enable slectng patches ftom 1 to 10 ot 17 t095, When in Free Panel mode, they sles Program Change nu ‘brs, MIDI Channa o Parameters [Lu ii Enables toring Pateh into any of the 22 Memoty Patches available [2] Eater "This hut is used for eonumaton of selection on ruil but- tous. When in Patch mode, i selects patch numbers 11 or 21 (031 MIDUParam, Tis bution assgna numerical buttons tothe seting of MIDI chan nels ot modization of parameters When ty Path aode, it selects batch numbers 12 or 98 {24715} Octave tp & Octave Down They are used to'Uanspons Ue Keytoard one octave up ot down, respecte [18] Patch Down/tp ‘This bation works in Patch mae ony, and enables to quickly change fhom ona patch to the flowing on previous one i you press Patth Uptiom Patch 22, Pau Lwil e sleted Ie you press Bateh Down hom Paish 1, Paich $2 wil be selected 17] Sustain stain canal (08) Patch 17732 ‘hb botin enables selection of path recall by means ofthe 16 tabs {8eiged other fon LED ho he take esigned to ezl the patches ‘ei elet patches from 17 fo'32 09] Bait ables selection of any of the sections to assign with Program Change, Getave Up/Down, MIDI Channels, te (20) Koa bode Selects the following keyboard modes in sequence: Upper, Lower Uppers Lower (2 Gor Ont aes clvates ot deaotivatos Chorus on sation assigned by LED Hit when lit with GS receiver it {22] Reverb onvort ‘ ‘ciates or de-aetivates Revesh on eeton assigned by LED Bait when lit with GS receiver. eae 28] Power Switch eneral power sith [24] AC Adaptor Socket ‘his socket enables connections with an exletnl power adaptor {251 mtDr Out socket rable MIDI Oot connestion ey uit SABI TST RS OS HERS HONEA ORS ECHL SES ISIS cee }SSe Ns Pay 7 Loh ppsifiibt Out i fh MIDI nse to 8 ny yhomw ee o.c Ooi a1 gl zai) 6) pstlectianizat oi (eee : s © $8 88 fqoy \ i For the USA- FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE STATEMENT ‘This equipment has been tested and found to comply with tho limits tor @ Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FOC Rules. These limits are designed to provice reasonable protacion against harm inierenca in a residential Instaiaton. This equipment gonoratos, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy end, i rol installed and used in ‘accordance withthe itructions, may cause harmiulintererence to radio communeatians. However, there is no guarantee that interference vill not occur in @ particular instalation. I this equipment does cause harmful inlerferenca to radio. ot telewsion reception, which can be determined by turing the equipment a and on, the users encouraged to ly to eortect the interference by one or more o the felowing measures = Raovient or relocate the recaiving antenna = Inorease the saparation between the equipment and receiver = Connect the equipment into an outst on 2 cult dilerent from that to which the receiver is connected Consult the deaier oF an experianced radio/TV techniotan for help Unauthorized changes or modification to tis system can void the users auzholy to operate this equipment “This equipment requires shielded interface cables in order to meet FCC class 8 Lit For Canada: NOTICE CLASS B ths cigitat apparatus does not exceed the Ciass & limits for radio noise emissions set out in the Radio Interlaronce Regulations ofthe Canadlan Deparment of Communseatons CLASSE B AVIS Cet apparel numérique ne dépasse pas les limites ce la class 8 au nivoau des émiasions de brite radiosectiques: fixes dans le Raglament des signaux parasilos par le mirstére canadien des Communications For E.. Countries. “Ths prodcl complies wh EC drectves ‘Questo prodato 6 colon ale sequen detive CEE EMO 88000" ENC E836" Dises instrument enti flgendon £G-Verocnungen Dit instant boantwcert2an de woigend EG ripen: ENG E86" ENG 597335" CClinstument es conorme aux dectvas CE suivants: Este producto cumele con las siuinis dtetrce de a CE ENCES" EMC 89696" Copyright © 1996 by ROLAND CORPORATION All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of ROLAND CORPORATION {1} Data Entry: Dieser Reger senda die fe Wels rigewiesene MIDI Control Meldung ‘Noch dom Binsollon it MIDT-Lavtshke a gewviesen (CC), {2} Data Entry Zuwelsung: Mit dienes Tate ‘werden dem Data ntry legler Contre Chit ie Meldangen zureviccen {5} Teanaposer Hin/Aue Dien Taso aktiviert ‘oder desalttiet die Tvanspostion und word Flr 7venepoationseinstelngen verwendet (UistartBion: At ner Tee nen ser tr Stop Melangon (Seats yee "FA" oder PG") exterre Bopeltaytomaten oder MIDI; Sequenser gestartet und gestappe werden [s1 BspreseloaRegler zuweigbar zu After ‘Pouet Modulation und Piteh Bender: Diese Bnstellang ex mole das Sten vor Mt Tasjoselfekten von After Toush und Pitch Bender {6} Patch Onort: Broglie die Alvin (dr Desalitivierung dasPatey Morus. et der Patel Bodo aktiviert, kbanon Uber die Num ‘morntasten Patches geweshselt werden [7] Sab Capital CC ob: iit diesor sto wird tp Nuramer nastn do Control Change "00" ugewlaeen, um ein Sub Capital anzawahlen: Jin Patelehfodus wan sie Patches Numwer 18 oder 29 {8} Sub Capital CC 32: Mit dioser Taste ten Nummer ntasten der Contrl Ohange “SE fugewwen, um ein Sub Capital ansible JmmPatsh Miu waen se Patches Nummer 3 adr 8 {0) CepitalProgrammvechse: Mit igse Te Ete wird den Nummer ntaton efmdpeht Pro {ram Charge ieloungen ter MIDI a see; fin Patchafodoswahlon se Patehes Nummer 35 oder 3 {10} Nummerntasten: tm Pateh-Modus rufen ‘iste Tasten Patehes vor 1 bis 10 oder 17 bis 2 ab: im Frew Panel Mos sun si Progam Change Meldungen, MIDI-Kanie oder Para meter ab {11} Weite: ntdeser Taste Kann ein Patch in einen Ger $2" Spichertn excneben (BET Baers ie depen Taste wind ale ummer mast: Anal augelat;im Pata Modus wie Patches Nummer 11 oder 27 [15] MIDE Param i esr Taste wind den Nammernizstenecmogich, MID Ranae ein teen oder Parameter 2a mole; in Paced wit se Patches Nummer 12 oer 28 {14/5} Octave Up & Octave Down: Mit dic fen Taste kann ce Testatyr um elpe Osiave abwistsaufwarts transponiert werden {16} Patch Dowen/Up: Dlese Taste abet nor Sm Pate Modus und ermigtiht es, schol von tlnem Patch auf den folgenden oder vorher igen wedoeln Wenn Ste Patek Up ron Pate Pratucken, wird Bates 1 gewedhley wern Sie Potsh Dovin von Pateh 1 drueken, wind Patch 2 gave {17} Sustain Sustain'Tasto {ie} Patch 17/32" Wenn elngesehaket (LED Teche ermogich deer Schalter de Aus ‘wal der Bates von 17 bis 32 tbr de en sprechienen Tasten [PRLEAi Di Ton aces Beech erg lchen die Auswahleine det Sektionen fa die Yawelsung von Drog sinmweshsel Octave UprDawn, MIDI ‘Kanal, usw [20] Kbd Mode: Aktviert die folgenden Keepboar-Mot der Reine rach Upper, Lower, oper t Lower (21 chores Gon Satter stop den Chorus bol dam i dom gogennartigen Patek ‘ingetalion Wert in dor Seon, dren EDIT LED luchte, {22} Reverb OniOtt: Startt oder stop das over el da in dem gagenwaigen Patch tlageseen Wert in der Seton, deen EDIT LED levee [25] Sehalter: Netsehaltes Netetsibuchse Tiuckseite): Diose i Ansehlasse em sin extras [25] BHDY OUT-Buchse: Uber diese Buchse ‘ot AX mo anon MD rstrarncon verbonden {0} Data Balas: Ce potentiometre envoe des tregagesdecntrle destinies, ead est rfl en deinen Su oline {eevers le Control Volume Change Message (cca, i‘ {2}Deta Bote Agsign: Ce bouton atibee un dee meaner de "Cnitl Change pote Shotgere Date ty {s}ranspeaer One Ce out extinne ou tosatvete a tanoston, eects pout des coniguations de Sansposiion {a} StartStops Ce yoston contre ey Star ot Slop des ures acompagmant ov des séaencgurseaternes qu anelent de mess. fe de Star et Stop vn MIDI A, FO) {Gf Barre expremon destin & After ouch Modslaion et Pleh Bender: Co ep file pret ater de eet de elation Taker Pou oto Pith Benen {o] Patch On/Oats Permet Wactivar ox de Uehatvars mode patch sand ist atone {tole Fatah Onya store les boutons names ‘igus le asecton dor ptahes {:]Sav Capita C00: ce bttonaeibue a Valeur CC ay tons nomeiques ete vale er sletigner an son Sub Capital nmode Paley aeetinte les mais 13 re) {6) Sub Capita C0 3: Ce bouton stb a tater OC aus boutons mma extle ‘alr set ese Gonner un so Sub Capita ‘p'mode Pate i arionne ls mumetos {5} Capital Program Ch 2} Capital Program Change: Co bouton des Eola batons omaraue sla ale dee thn de Prgaam Change via dy on made Pato slcoane lx mamerne 5 993 {10} Bouton: Nomeriquest Bn mote Patch, fertet de seetonnet es patches e120 ide 17.3 been mode Pree Pane, D slew one lez nameros de Program Chaise, es ana IDL ou les pvametres init Wete;Permet de memoir ane Patch {ats Pune den Memory Patches ponies {037 Bata Ce bouton ex uti pour coi tre a slgton des boutons manages, en ‘Rode Path, iasactonne patches bum Thy 2. (a) AMDirParam : Ce bouton atiboe es bo fone nimriques& fs sonigaration dos cana MIDI ana lz mofientien de porametress en ‘ode Patch, sletionne les numeros 120 28. [las] Octave Up & Octave Down: lis cont {aulies pour transpeserTe claves une octave vers le hgut ou verse has reapecvernent {tg} Pateh Down/Up: Ce boaton Tonctonne tniguemente en moe Path, eet mele a Ser rapidement Juve patch ala savante ou {s précédenta, Si vous appoyer sur Pated Up [Ayurtide a Patch 32, vou obtendrr Patch evascntts Pal own dep Pitch vou ates fa Patel 82. {in} Seetaine Bouton povr ke Sustain Lis} Pate 17-2: Ce holtn steeioane espa tas travers les 16 hoatonsvorresorilans Sila LED correspondante ost alluee, les 15 boutons servinont slecionner lee patches allan de 174 92 {29} Bait: Le boutons de cote section permet lent de ssecionne Pane dessetons pou des- er Brora Chenge, Otte Uo, IDL [207 bd Bede: Stoctionno les moves de ela- Wier sulvants en adquance: Upper, Lower, Upper Lower (1) Chorus On/0%t: Actionne ou soéte Cho- Foe dnelegeeton mise en evidence parla LED ka {22] Reverb On/Off: Actionne o désative le evens dane Tn seston mite en esence pa In LED But [23] On/O4t Swites inter upteur général [24] AC Adaptor Sockets Cette prise permet te brancher votre clvier bun adaptateur externe (2s) MIDI Out Socket: Pour branchements hibrour {2} Data Bary; Potensometeo dedleato ain Wiad message di convolloassegnabil Ale ‘Spenser a cre de Volume tame ined Control Ghange Mes age Volume (CC) {fata Bntry Assen: atin por aseane “one dun dei messaggi controle "Contd lange” al Potenzimetro Data Ents [3] Tansposer: Tustin pr la attire o fallivasione des rasposiione, eps a bp. ‘Sasione della quant di traspoetone {8 StarUStop Tustin per ieentsollo di Start ‘Stop dunt ck acconpaagamento saver ‘orscatern trams invioa MID! dh mesa Figen See ek 10) 6) Expression Bar aasegnabie a Moduazi- sealer Touche Push Bender Qua pov permetie di attvare g6 eff di Toduladone After Touch o Pitch Benet [bi Patch OnfO1t Tastino she permetee dat tive odeatvare il modo pach, quando at Livao, fod Patch On) pa mete le eleione dle patch tramite 10 tastnt deat {Sub Capital Ce os Tastine he naee stn numer alfimposacane ds ore dl {CC 00 utllazato per alsionare un Sub Cap: {al in modo pute clin lo pales mume ison {8) Sub Copital CC 22 Testvo ebe inanina ‘stn numeri llimpostacione de valor del (CC'52ubilzato por sleionare an Sub Cap il fa chelate No {0{ Capital Program Changer Testino chen {ia ao ta ne ot Pp fram Change da spedie vin MIDI, in modo th Eelenona le patches numero 18.031 io] Tati Nemerii: in mario Patch permet tono di selevionare lo Patches da 18 10 0 4 1138, m modo Fee Panel nimert dl Cam io Programma, Canal MIDI © parame [31] Write Perret dtrmemorizntne una Patch fivuna dell 32 lesson’ deponbi {i2] Enters Geneeamente Contra i sole Hons eetuata su tat namaril, sn modo patch selesiona le patehes numero T1027 [isyaitbiiParann: India| ast nasil at leimpostiaton dei canal MIDI ola medics de partotr sin modo pate sexo tpt hes numern 120 28 {na/ns} Octave Up & Octave Down: Traspon ono topetivamente ran'otava in akoe une Stave in basso. [16] Pateh Doventip: Funziona solamente in fnolo Patch permelte di pessare rapisamen {eds una patch 2 quela success o 4 quella precodont. Se dla patch namero $2 4 pre Ine Path Up viene selerinata la Patch ys da Pateh numero a preme Patch Down ve be seleiontaia Patel mero 5 {i Sustain: Tastino di Sustain [ia] Pate 1/32: Permele di seeonare qua teh ehamare ramate 116 east dade Etvchiamo dele patch Se aivato, (LED a es) tani dedieat al ichamo dele patch Seleroneranno Te pateh a 174 82 [io] Balt Permeite ts esledone di una delle the secon ala quale ni tezare Cal pro gpamma, Program Change, Qetave UsDown, Eanale MIDI, et {20} Kd Mote: Persette la slesioe citca Hel modl dl tastiers, Upper. Lower Upper tower {2h} Chorus OwOft: Attiva odisutiva ete. fod chre per sn iat dal Et sceeso {22} Reverb On/Ott: Attia odisatva ete Todt Reverb pet la sedtone indir zata dal LED Euit acceso, {25} Power On/O4" Switch ts fenslone dello stumento, {RITAC Adaptor Socket: Presa di eolegamen- to pot allmentatreesterno (Opaionle {Es[ MAI Out Socket: Presa eallmento MDT Out More diac. CONTENTS, BK PANEL DESCRIPTION « Bgosmeme ‘ PEATURES 3 Bava 7 SPECIFICATIONS wo EeRose B IMPORTANT NOTES Py AX-1 OFAN THE CARE OF YOUR AX-. arian u Room Location uo Fyne u Cabinet Care 14 tite wu Spartan rh Wn u Connections i AX- 1 OFELANTE DESCRIPTION Rat ie Patch 16 See Data finty Ie F222 eb oesommomy sein 18 How to astign a contral to the Data Entry Fader «16. FO 77 ITA ZORto Lae B How to eet different dynamie curves 18 te aes, & Transposer Wiest eet : i. How to set Transposition Ta ge ee et ie i" cy hoe ar OFbONEm — 2 Using the Variation Sesto, = BE Sol ea comb ts 7 ane ow to select a "Variation Sound RGA-7-OWROL OE 2 How ts ect MIDI Channels and Parameters og 728109 GRRE TH 3 MIDI Fy RE MIDI Channels and Parameters 2. H to be set for each Section am 4 2 Fit 29-7992 Qelave UpiOeiave Bown er Lanoi Setting of Reverb and Chorus Depth 2 SS e Reverb OniO# and Chorus Or/OfF 24 RO Bante How o use Sections Upper and Lower % Fe Lt fow to set Keyboard Modes : TN ae Limits of Splt-and Layer : 2 Fe ee aa Deloit Setinge ee to Peteh Memory 0 INGORE DFE Ak Retrieving of Default Settings 32 x1? Battery Check 2 If'your AX falls to operate 2 EXAMPLES OF CONNECTIONS ANTES 9D Body 2 kASC- SSL 4 ig hlest i AXLE T LY Ba — RA-90 Ost 36 4361 with Sound Canvas S055 BAC Ey) = XOUR 8 with ranger 1 E RhoeaV" 1000 BB a0 AX-1 with “EB” Series Keyboard See e ene staan ‘AX-1 with Rhodes Vi«-1000 10 LBW 32 BON, FOR 7 32 FACTORY PATCHES ep ea ee 0 Pateh Setting Memo 50 MIDI4 vFUXeF— Yay 51 MIDI IMPLEMENTATION 5 BI -E2080 5d ROLAND WORLD DISTRIBUTORS 54 6 INHALT BEDIENFELD 5 BIGENSCHARTEN 8 ‘TECHNISCHE DATEN n WICHTIGE HINWEIS! 1B BEHANDLUNG DES AX-1 Aufstellungsort 15 Gehatnseptlege 15 Binschalten 6 Anschlasse 5 BESCHREIBUNG Patel Ww Data Ents " ‘uvieisung eines Controllers fir den Data Entiy-Regler W Binsielien versebiedene! ‘Dynamik-Kurven 19 ‘Transposer 8 SlartStop 19 Verwendung der Vatiation- Sektion a Wahlen eines “Variation”-itlanges 21 Einsiellen von MIDI-Kandlen und Parameter fit Upper oder Lower 21 Binstellbare MIDE-Randle und Parameter fr jede Sektion 28 Octave UpiOetave Down 25 Binslellen der Chorus- und Reverb Tete Reverb On/Oi und Chorus On/OKt ‘Verwendung der Sektionen Upper und Lewtet n Binstellen der Keyboard Modes 29 Grenzen von Split und Layer. 29 Abspeiehern von Binstellungen in dden Pateh-Speicher a1 Voreinstellungen 38 Brreichen iler Voreinstellungen 33 Batteriepratung. 33 Eventuelle Fehifunktion ides Gerites 33 ANSCHLUSSBEISPUELE AXI mit Sound Canvas $C55 35, AXc1 mit RA.9D Arranger 37 AX-I mit "B-Keyboard 39 ‘AKL mit VK-2000 Rhodes a 32 FACTORY PATCHES 2 Pateh-Rinstellungsmemo 50 MIDLIMPLEMENTIERUNG 51 ROLAND-VERTRETUNGEN 54 INDEX DESCRIPTION DES PANNEAUX CARACTERISTIQUES CARACTERISTIQUES ‘TECHNIQUES PRECAUTIONS IMPORTANTES ENTRETIEN DE VOTRE AX-1 Emplacement Entretion du beitien Fonctionnement Connexions DESCRIPTION Patch Data Entry Comment destiner un contrdie ax Potentiométre Dats Enuy Comment séleetionne: différentes Courbes de dynamique ‘Transposer Sta USi0p Usage do la section Variation Comment séleetionner an som ide "Variation" Comment sélectionner les eanaux MIDI et différents parameties pour Upper et Lower Canaux MIDI et Parametres séleotionner pour chaque Section Octave UprOctave Down ‘Mise au point de Chorus Depthi Reveils Depth Reverb On/Off et Chorus OniOst Comment utiliser les sections Upper & Lower Content sélectionner ies Modes ‘de Clavier Limites de Split et Layer ‘Gomment conser ver les configu ations dans une Patch Memouy Configurations par Defaut Rétablissement dee Confige vations par Défaut Contiale Piles Liste de contréie 13 EXEMPLES DE BRANCHEMENTS AX-1 avee Sound Canvas SO-55, AXA avee RA-80 Avvanger ‘ANGI avee elivier de la série AX: avee VK-1000 Rhodes 32 PATCHES USINE Pateh Setting Memo MIDI IMPLEMENTATION DISTRIBUTEURS ROLAND DANS LE MONDE, 35 37 39 4M 2 30 51 INDICE DESCRIZIONE DEL PANNELLO 5 ‘CARATTERISTICHE, Q SPECIPICHE TECNICHE u PRECAUZIONI IMPORTANTE 13, MANUTENZIONE DELLA YOSTRA AXI Collocamento 6 Manutenzione 15 Funzionamento 6 Collegaments DESCRIZIONE Patch r Data Entry 7 Come assegmare un eontrollo al Data Enbyy Fader uv Impostazione di diverse curve ‘di dinamiea per Ia tastien 19 ‘Transposer 0 StavStop Utilizzo della sezione “Va Come selezionare un "Variation Sound 2 Come impostare i eanall MIDI ‘vari parametri per le sezioni Upper e Lower a ‘Tabolla canali MIDI e Parametsi impostabili per ogni Sezione 23 Octave UpiOctave Down 25 Impostazione det valovt di Rover Depth e Chorus Depth 25 Reverb On/Olf e Chorus OnlOf 25 lizzo delle sezioni Upper e Lower ‘Come impostare i modi di Timiti al Split e il Layer Come memotizzare le impostazion! in una Patch Memory a1 Paramotri di Default allaccensione 38 Procodua di ipristino dei ppatametti di Default Controllo delle pile Lista db eontrolla Tastiera BSEMPI DI COLLEGAMENTO AX1 con il Sound Canvas 80-55 35 ‘AX-1 eon Arranger RA-90 aT AI con sirumenti della serie “E" 30 AXT con il VK-1000 Rhodes rr 32 FACTORY PATCH 2 Patel Sothing Memo 50 IMPLEMENTAZIONE MIDI. 51 DISTRIBUTORI ROLAND NEL MONDO i FEATURES WAX: Shouldor Keyboard is a MIDI Master Control Key hoard that can be used whenever there is need for a key- Yard without tone generation. ‘Thanks to the new GS Gonttol, iis possible Lo send bank messages (OC 00 ad GC a2) to select Variation” sounds during “five” per It has a shoulder-strap which allows the musician to use it on stage freely W It basa 45-note dynamic sensitive keyboard and ean easily control one or more MIDI sound modules thas two separate sections (Upper, Lower) which ean be either used separately or together, treating spiit or layer situations FIs shape and use recall a guitar: the modulation or after- touch, piteh bender and sustain controls have bean insert 4 onto its “neak’, to enable the musician to pevform Squitar-atyle” excerpts Thoy consist of touch-sensitive buttons that contol propor- tionally the above mentioned parameters. ‘This new way of control enables maximum sensitivity Li provides 82 User Memory Patches easily reealled by me- auf the Ls buon with LEDs paced onthe stamens aay Fach User Memory Patch contains independent settings of: — "Transmission MIDI Channel = Octave Down/Up = Transpase On/Off and value of transposition ~ eC 00 = C32 } sound chosen for each section = Program Change) = Rotative Data Entry Control Assignment — Ayansmission filters for controls (Modulation, Pitch Bender, Sustain) — Dynamie eurve = Assignement ofthe expression bar to Modulation or AF ter Touch Volume of Sound assigned to section Upper Volume of Sound assigned to section Lower Ghorus Depth of section Upper ‘Chorus Depth of section Lower Reverb Depth of section Upper = Reverb Depth of section Lower MLD 1. the acronym for Musical Instrument Di terface. Its a standardized interface by which all digital ‘musical instruments also equipped with MIDL connections can exchange daia This means that your AX-1 can be used 25a MIDI contiol keyboaed to control other MIDI devices, FORO BANA Fao hang a PE DML CUNT BOS 7 ee 9 hot e WTR ET. 2477 4 DOH BSH ES Lame CT. WAND 2 PHOUTHT, AF= BETH AME STHS LETS ET, HAN - Lona 4558 (7 7 Fey AN YT, 290.bo MIL UM GRIME Sy bonnes ceased, WT 607-92 208M D, HAT fobs Po Be. MALMO EE GI SUCMS Se cee. BAX. 1 HUB eRuvasentey =I BY. TIFF 9h, EF LEAF DOsy heW oid, Hoa — AMERY ATHA BAS ky POMPEU BATH ET, W2yA7L, AAPM ER fs EWA IE ba veo RIA F—AMTL ET. COWL WOE Ko Ty RAMO MEDS © LWT EOE Ry BAW a4 oven yoo EED: HemoT. 2 Daa Hae FEY hy FEMMCMTMTC ESTE BAY FEY A FE, NS NM LBBE Wotuey MIDLER ty ae HADIR TIONG Th GD RB AR ALIFE! = cco = ccx ~ FOS L Fave Hoey INAS AND Sy bande UH seinen pniaremea te fod ae HAMMEL (EY ave ee, Ey FSH, Yara) HNO F mh EPATL Yay KNOY D. BERT II—~F 9) = Fy R~HRD BN = 27RD Bik <7 ym fIRD =A LRA HU(E%ab—ye ~ O73 A+ LRN LF MRD IK VS 27M MD Y= 7 LRA MIMIDI £ (2, Musica instrument Digitol Inerace OWT, WA CH SSR MT. LOWLY. MIDE ELE wilco 7 — 7 oe) wD ACUTE IED UTe AN-1 AE tho MDL 37 bo~ ne MDI yb o— ee HOVELTHS AWC R ET EIGENSCHAFTEN W Das AX-1 Schulterkeyboard ist ein MIDIMaster-Kontrollkeyboard, das ua, in der Lage ist, Bankwechsel (€C.00 und C32) au'senden, um dio ‘Variation ilange innerhalb des RO LAND GS-Formats wahrend “Li ve"Darbietungen direkt anwahien zu kénnen Es hat einen Schultergurt, der es dem Musiker erlaubt, sich frei aut det Buhne 2 bewexén W Uber die 45 anschlagdynamisehen ‘Tasten lassen sich mehrere MIDI- Soundmodale sehr leicht verwalten Zwei separate Sektionen (UpperiLo- ‘wer) konnen entweder ubereinan- dengelegt (Layer) oder gesplittet (Gplit) werden Seine Form und Bedienang ahnein dem ciner Gitarre: die Modula tion/Afier Touch-, Pitch Bend. und Sustain-Controller wurden auf sei rem. "‘Hals” angebracht, um dem ‘Musiker zu ermbglichen, Stacke im “Gitarrenstil” daraubieten, W Diese Controller bestehen aus set sitiven Tasten, die proportionell die obengenannten Parameter konttol- lieren. Diese neue Art der Kontrol- le ermoglct maximale Sensitivitat, WM Das AX-1 vorfigt ober 82 User Patches, die Uber 16 mit LEDs be- Teuchteten Tasten anf dem Korpus es Intrumentosabgerufen werden a ne .@ Kinstellangen von: — Sifbr-sendekanal = Octave Downitip ="Transpose EinfAus und Wert der ) gewahlter 6c a2 ) Kang fur = Programmsechse)jede Seltion — Data-Entry-Zuweising = Sendungsfilter fir Kontvollen (Mod, Pitch Bender, Sustain) ~ Dynamische Kurve = Zaweisung des Expression Reglers zu Modalation oder After Touch — Klanglautstirke far Seletion Upper — Klanglautstirke far Sektion Lower = Chorus-Tiefe der Sektion Upper = Ghorus-Tiefe der Seltion Lower = Reverb-Tiefe der Sektion Upper Reyerh-Tiefe der Sektion Lower MMLLD I ist das Akronym fir Musi- cal Instrument Digital Interface Digital-Schnittstelle fr Musikin- strumente) Diese genormte Schnitt stelle erlaubt den. Datenaustausch ‘zwischen Instrumenten, die mit MI- DI ansgertistat sind Das AX-1 ist cin MIDE-Stouorinstrument, welches ‘ber seine MIDI OUT Buchse ande- re MIDF-Instrwmente ther deren M- DIIN Buchse spielen kann. CARACTERISTIQUES W Le A¥-1 Shoulder Keyboard est an clavier de contréle MIDI erée pour tre utilise quand vous avez besoin d’am clavier sans generation Grice au noaveau contrdle “GS” vous pou- Yezenvoyer des messages de banque (€C-00 et CC-82) pour sélectionner Jes sons “Variation”” pendant des exéeutions en direct W Le AX-1 posséde une bandoulidre qui permet au musicien de utiliser sur Sebne aisément Wi Le AX est doté d'un clavier & 45 touches & dynamique qui permet de contréler aisément un ot plusieurs modules sonores MIDI Mi Le AX-1 a deux sections séparées (Upper et Lower): cellesci peuvent tre ullisées soit ensemble soit separ rément, vous donnant ainsi la possi- bilité dé eréer des situations de split. ude layer tm Sa forme et Ia fagon de utiliser rap. pelient une guitare: les eontréles de fnoddlation ou after touch, pitch ben- der et sustain ont été insérés su son manche pour permettre au musicien exécuter des morceaux style “guitare” Ce cont des boutons sonsbles au tow cher qui contrélent de facon propor- Hionelle les parambres ci-dessus Cette nouvelle facon de controler permet un maximum de sensiblité wl incorpore 82 User Memory Pat- cehes faciloment rappelables a 'aide ‘des 16 boutons avee LEDs relatifs, placés sur le “corps” de Vins: trament Chague User Memory Patch eon: tient les configurations indépendan- tes suivantes: — Octave MIDI de transmission = Qetave Down/Up = Transpose On/Off et valeur de trans- } son choisi pour } chaque section = 66 82 = Program Change! = Destination Contréle Rotatif Data Entry —Filtres de transmission controles (Mod. Pitch Bender, Sustain) — Courbe Dynamique = Destination barre d'expression & Modulation ou After Touch ‘Volume du Son attribué la seetion Upper zi = Volume du Son attribué a setion Lower ~ Chorus Depth de la section Upper = Chorus Depth de la section Lower = Reverb Depth de Ia section Uppet = Reverb Depth de in seation Lower HATIDI est le sigle de Musical Ins trumeni Digital Interface (Interface Musiale pour Instruments de Must (qe) MIDI est une interface standar- disee grace a lnquelle tous. les intranenls macau equips de commexions MIDI peuvent changer des données Cecirevientadire que votre AX-I peut etre utlisé comme Clavier de controle MIDI pour eon troler d'autres appareils MIDI 9 CARATTERISTICHE W La Shoulder Keyboard AX.2 @ una tastiera MIDI di controlo da utili re in tutte le situazioni nelle quali Sia iehiesta una tastiera priva ci ge- nerazione ehe permetta di inviare i messaggi di selecone di banco (CC 00 e CU 82) necessari alla selexione ai suoni “Variation” come pravisto nel nuove Formato GS, da usare in Sinaziont "Live™ mi La AX-1 i indossa 9 tracoli e por mette di sgancite i tastierista dal vineolo della postazione fissa wi La AX-1 6 dotata di una tastiera a 45 fast sensible ala dinamicae per imette agevolmente di contellare tino 6 pit modu sonort MIDI m La AX dispone di due secioni ce parate (Upper, Lower) che possono essere usate singolarmente 0 insic me eroando sittazion! di split © Layer 1 Ts sua forma e suo modo di utliz: 26 rieordanio molta da vibino una chi {arma cosi, per permettere perfor- mance instil citar isto, sono sta- {inset nel sua "manioo" i eontrol di modulation o after touch, pitch bender e sustain 'm Essiconsistono in placehette di ma- teriale sensibile al tocco delle dita che controllano in maniera propor Yionale j parametsi sopra indicat ‘Questo ndovo modo di contol pe metie i ottenere massima expres: mE dotata di 2 User Memory Patch agevolmente richiamabil tramite 16 ‘Tastini dotati di Led, posieionati sul corpo dello strumenta Ogni User Memory Patch contiene indipendenti settazgi di — Canale MIDI di Trasmissione = Ostave Down/Up = Transpose OWOF evalore di traspo = 96 00 } Suono seetto per =o conaecone = Program Change) = Assognazione del Controlo Data En tay Rotativo — Filtr di trasmissione per contr (Bod. Piteh Bender, Sustain) — Curva di dinamice = Assegnazione della expression bar a Modulation o After Touch ~ Volume del intro assegmto alias — Valame del timbroassegnato ala s- zione Lower — Chorus Depth della sezione Upper = Ghorus Depth della sezione Lower = Reverb Depth dela sezione Upper = Reverb Depth della sezione Lower HM MELDI. sta per Musiea! instrament Digi itertce ned dita er strumenti musical IDL 6 un inter‘aecia standard ta grazie ala quale tut gi strument Thusicliattrezzati con cllegarnenti IDI possono seambiare dati. Ci sk ‘ifiea che la vostra AX-1 pud e Fe utilizzata come tastiera, di controllo MIDI per controliarealtee attrezzature MIDL ‘Thank you for purchasing the Roland AX-1 MIDI Keyboard Controller ‘The AX-1 ean control the connected MIDI devices, eg. a sound module, effect unit, sequencer, remote keyboard, a "a sy3> tem”, allowing you to program various combinations of those deviees for live performances, ‘To make the best use of the AX-L, read this manual earefully ‘The AX-1 can transmit various MIDI messages, but these mes- sages may not function properly if the receiver unit cannot receive them. Rend the owner's manual of the receiver and aso the separate booklet MIDI Guidebook" nla with this manual SPECIFICATIONS MIDI Master Keyboard Controller AX-1 45-key dynamic postable keyboard, completely compatible with GS Format Programmable transposition, 32 User Patches, complete MIDI implementation, battery operated (alkaline battery - MN 1500, ‘or Sum 356 pes), Belt buttons Neek Master Controls Programmable Data Entry votative Knob, ‘Transpaso, Patch Down, Patch Up, Stait/Stop, Modulation/Bender/After ‘ouch Bar, Oetave Down, Octave Up, Sustain Switeh (Rear) Body Master Controls Patch Recall (16 Buttons), Patch 1/16, 17/82, Patch Mode ‘On/Off, Variation CC 00, Variation CC 82, Capital Program Change, 10 Numerical Buttons, Enter, White, Midi/Patam, Upper Section On/Off, Lower Seetion On/Off, Edit Up: periLower, Chorus On/Off, Reverb OniOff, Data Entry Assign, Real Panel Switchos and Outputs MIDI (Out), DC In, Power On/Ost Dimensions: mmm. 1001 199%90 Weight: Kg 8 Accessories supplied Shoaler Sap MIDI Cable (@ meter long) bosippiod ih your £1 are atalnebataes ype aN 1600. ‘hese will be found in the package (Batteries life expectance= approximately 25 hours). = "Turn over the AKA = Open the plastic cover and take oat the battery hokier. = tue batlees inthe appropriate postion Fite tho heer back ageln Int the appropriate location and eloe the plastic cover Optional ACID Adaptor (ACA). 10 COU, O- Fy MID A Fey OZ ANAL ASWVETURE SEL THD ME SCE UEG PaIFm. par oe—, VEA | HOPE, DAF KE UCHR e MDB Say bo MERCEMCR. S179 5 — Vy ALM OSASE MS SDESIPS EMTS ET. ASK HAL eee © MLAB ic le 8. AS LB RC OMB & CBRE CEU. AX 1REES SE MDIN MEM CS ETA, Must § ROO Bae A SEMEL TOC E. eH MMMEL UT EHD 24. ZERO BoM w Ms A lia MIDI Be 7 27 bb_ET BES CEL, Este MIDI —AK— F + Dy hO-S—AX-1 ASHLD 2 FEY AHB), OST 4-3 > Lowiay bom wale Koo A8- xa UIe, Baye, MOLT DT YA Fay a, GMC D HHO (NI 7 A VOX 6), AEG yPMADY Ky IRBOIY BG FAP Ry -DEH, PSL AR AHP He FOLAID KOT yy PeHI 2 AIHW AL Te BPD ET a bay a VIE FOND RIT IG~D ye ARIAT FOLD ADI TT TRY DYARE DAA DEV TORN) AMAOIY bo Poy FROHL AS Y (668), IT DAI, RD EPP AV Soya 7 (ay beara soi One y Bpyay (ay ban-weds SEV nurs ho Fay HID om Dy 94 heAD >. MIDI WSR YD SF 4 7 be Im), BSAA TRI Yim Fed DIRDRDL FOF EO PU TRA DDD HBO vF emt MIDIOUT). ACP IFS AF. MAL oF BNET E 004 Gl) % 193 BRA) x 904 J mm =a ake RR Bald ALG rT MIDI — 7 14 (RE sm) MS Tony AAA 6. WLR Ic sipdp id 5 5 25 BYE FY SAX LOGE IY ET S TUE GRID HAKAENCT, TBE T~ ADU ET. SELOUMEGMZUn ET, MORAY EROMMBERL, 7 —eOwET. BBE ACIDE 7 2 77 = {ACA 100) Wir bedanken uns for den Kaut des ROLAND AX-1 MIDI Keyboard Con- twollers, Das AX-1 erméglicht die zen- vale Steuerung vor mehreren MMIDHnstrumenten wie xB. Sound- Expander, Bffektgerdten mit MIDI oder MIDI-Sequenzer. Um alle Mog- lichkeiten des AX-1 kennerszulernen, le- ssen Sie diese Anleitung bitte sorgfaltig, uum sich mit den verschiedenen Parame- tera vertraut 2u machen. Da das AX-1 auch mit besonderen MIDI-Parametern ausgestattet ist, kann es méglich sein, ‘dass diese nicht von allen angeschlos- senen MIDLInstrumenten verstanden werden. Lesen Sie daher bitte auch die Bedienungsanleitung der anderen MIDLInstrumente, um festenstellen, welehe MIDLDate diese empiangen ‘annen TECHNISCHE DATEN MIDL-Master-Kontrollkeyboard ‘Umbinge-Keyboard mit 45 anscllagd namischen Tasten, komplette Kornp: tibilitit mit Roland) GS-Format, Programmierbaxe ransponierung, 32 User-Patches, komplette MIDI- Implementierting, Batterie-Betriob (Alkaline Batterie MIN 1600 oder Sun 85x6 Sik), Gurtkndpfe MIDI-Controller am Instrumenten- Hals Programmierbarer Data Entry: Drehiregier, ‘Transpose, Patch Down, Patch ip,’ StartiStop, Modulation’Ben- dler/After ‘Touch Regier, Octave Down, Octave Up, Sustain Schalter (Rickseite), MIDE-Controller auf dem Instrumen- ten-Korpus Patch-Abruf (16 Taster), Patch 1/16, 1/82, PateleModus BinvAus, Variation CC 00, Variation CC 32, Capital Programmavechsel, 10 Nummerntasten, Ener, Write, MIDMParam, Upper Sektion Ein/Aus, Lower-Seltion Ein/Aus, Edit Upper/Lawer, Chorus On/Olf, Re. verb On/Off, Data Eniry-Zuweisung, Ritckseite Sehalter und Ausginge MIDI (Out), DC In, Notz Ein/Aus Sonderzubehir AC/DC-Netztoil ACA, Abmessungen: 1004 193%90 mm Gowieht: 3 Kg Gubehor: Schultergurt MIDE-Kabel (5 Meter lang) Dem AX-1 lien ausserdem 6 Alkaline- Batterien (Typ MN 1600) bei. = Offnen Sie die Plastikiiappe auf der Riickseite des Gerates und nehmen Sie die Batteriehalterung heraus ie die Batterien in die Hal- — Stecken Sie die Halterung wieder in das Gerat und sciliessen Sie die Pla iclappe Die Labensdauer der Batterfen be- trdgt ea. 25 Stunden Anderungen der tehisehen Daten und des Design bleiben vorbehalten unl beduzfen einer besonileren Anktndigung | Far Druckfehler wird "keine Haftung aber Merei d'avoir acheté le clavier ROLAND AX-1. Le AX- peut contr: Jer differents appareis MIDI (module sonore, quence, claves) permettant inside programmes différentes com- iyinaigoné pour pouvoir les utiliser en temps tél Pout eonnattre& fond toutes les possi- bites de ee elavier de controle MIDI, Hsex attontivement ee mode d emploi Le AX-1 peut Uansmettre différents messages MIDI, mais ees messages peuvent ne pas’ passer si Punits de Féception n'est pas appropriée. Lises dong attentivement le mode d'emploi de unié de rGegption, ain que le "MIDI Guidebook” evjoint CARACTERISTIQUES TECH. NIQUES Midi Master Keyboard Controller Clavier portable a 45 touches & dyna- rmigue, totalement compatible avec le format GS (Sound Canvas). ‘Transposition programmable, 82 User Patches, implementation MIDI com- Tete, opérable & piles (piles alkalines - iN 1500 ou Sum 35 x 6 pivees), bow tons bandoulire. Contréles Prineipaux du Manche Bouton Data Entry rotatif programma- ble, Transpose, Patch Down, Patch Up, Start/Stap, Barre Modulation/Ben- der! After ‘Touch, Octave Down, Octave Up, Sustain Switeh (anrire), Contréles Principaux du Corps de Mnstrument Patch Recall (16 boutons), Patch 1/16, 17/82, Patch Mode On/Oif, Variation CC 06, Variation OC 82, Capital Pro- ‘gram Change, 10 Boutons Numériques, Enter, Weito, Midi/Param,, Upper Sec- tion On/Off, Lower Section On/Off, Edit Upper/Lower, Chorus On/Off, Reverb On/Off, Data Entry Assign Boutons et Sorties Panneau Arriére Midi (Out), DC IN, Power On/Oit Accessoires Optionnels Adaptateur Ae/De (type ACA). Dimensions mm 1001x193%90 Poids Kg 8 Accessoires en dotatio Bandouliére Gable MIDI (5 metres) Le AX-1 a aussi en dotation 6 pilesalka- lines MN 1500 contenues dans embal- lage (Iadurée des piles est de 25 heures environ) — Faitas pivoter V'instrument; = auvrez le couvercle en plastique et faites sortir le boitier pout les pile — introdaisez les piles dans le boii — introduisez le tout dans t'emplay tment appropri et fermer le eo ul Grazie per ayer acquistato Ia taster ROLAND AX<1 La AX-l pud control Jare varie attyezzature MIDI ad essa callegate (modulo ci suono, Sequencer, {astiers)permettendo cos di program mare diverse combinazion pet uti in tempo reale Per ben conoseere tute le possbilit di questa tasters oi controlle MIDI, leg- gete atientamente questo Nanuale Ea AX pud uasmettere vari messag- agi MIDI, Ta quest! messaga possono ‘on fanzionare bene se unith preposta alla ieezione non @ adatia, Leggete {quindi attentamente anche ii Manuale Tetrazion dlfunita vicevente nonchs i Ibyeto "MIDI Guidebook” che & alle gato al presente manvale CARATTERISTICHE GENERALT Midi Master Keyboard Controller Tastieva poviatile a 45 tasti, con dina- ‘mica, completamente compatibile con 1.GS Format ‘Trasposiaione programmabile, 32 User Patches, implementazione MIDI com: pleta, allmentazione a pile (pile aleali- ne » MN 15000 0 Sum 35 x 6 pezzi) bottoni per fissaggio tracolla Control Principal sal manico dello strumento Potenziometro rotativo progyammabi. Je Data Entry, Transpose, Patch Down, Patch Up, Siar Stop, Modulation/Ben- der/ After’ Touch Bar, Octave Down, Oc- tave Up, Sustain Switeh (posterior mente) Controlti Principali sul corpo dello strumento Patch Recall (16 Tastini), Patch 1/16, 11/82, Pateh Mode OniOfi, Variation CC 04, Variation CC 82, Capital Pro- gram Change, 10 Tastini numeri, En- ter, Write, Midi/Param, Upper Section OnlO#, Lower Section On/Off, Edit Upper/Lower, Chorus On/Off, Reverb On/Off, Data Entry Assign Interruttori ¢ Prese sul Pannello Posteriore ‘Midi (Out), DC In, Power On/Ott Accessori opzionali ‘Aduttatore AC/DC (ipo ACA) Dimensioni mm, 1000 19890 Peso: Kg 8 Accessori in dotazione ‘Fraeolla. Cavo MIDI da 5 mevi L'AX-1 ha inoltre in dotazione 6 pile al- cealine MIN 1500 contenute nellimballo (da durata delle pile & di eirea 25 ore) — Capavolgere lo strumento. = Aptire I coperchio in plastica ed esrarve il contenitone per Je pile dal apposita alloggiamento,situato net Ja parte inferiore dello strumento. — Inserire le pile nel’ apposite conte- nitore — Inserire di nuovo il eontenitore nel suo alloggiamento e chiudere il eo: perehio IMPORTANT NOTES ‘+ Ifyou wish to use the instrument with external AC Adap- tor, use only type BOSS ACA (optional) and observe these precautions * ‘The appropriate power supply for the instrument 100, 120, 220 or 240 V)is shown on the AC ADAPTOR name plate Please make sure that the line voltage in your country meets the requirements ‘Please do not use the same socket used for any noise gene- rating device (sueh as a motor, vatiable lighting system). + It is normal for this unit to become hot while being operated + Te the unit is not to be used for a long period of time, un plug the external AC Adaptor from the AC line * Disconnost the AC Adaptor immediately in the event of fan electrical storm + Before setting up this keyboard with othey MIDI devices, turn this keyboard off along with all other units + Be sure to connect the MIDI cable securely. Ifthe MIDI cable is disconnected while the instrument is being played, various troubles will oceur (e.g the note may continue to sound) * Static electricity may cause the built-in gomputer to male funetion. Should this oeeuy, simply reset the instrument, by taining the power switeh off and then after a few se conds, back on ‘+ ‘This instrument might not operate correctly if turned on immediately after being turned off Hf this happens, sim- ply tum it off and after afew seconds later, turn iton again + Operating the AX-1 near a neon light, fhioreseent lamp, ‘Vor CHP depiay, may eause note interference. If so, change the position of the instrument ‘+ To avoid risk of electric shock, do not perform any servi- cing, Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel 2 CHARLES ACT 779 — 4 BEL OIVALE, BOSS H ACA. 100( 336) DAC CE EEOC RSM, Ee, DFO ENTE STS HE MS enc yyy -a7 LATOR Onset Awe e- 2 —, ape PME ABGRMERS MOY ED PEON CEU, TACO Oia yey BE 27s be PRR E IMT So LAO ETH, MITRE ECL OLN SWE BIL, ACT ITY ~ oii — FEaD EY Fr SUMUTBUT CE Slee PUOBNAKS aMMI, MEE ACT ITF -oiMa— FEMUT CREO, @UEITE SMA, BTS TORBOWM AL» FE47 UTinSiTie TOES, OMI FAL oY EBAL TCE Ve AME HIN HME MIDI = FALMER SE. OAVAMK LS 7 HOI WED ET (MHD PERO). ath ay B29 size tera MURS TELTARE Ne HEARMUT CRE Ue cen MEO TH CANE. TEL COME LUNs e168 DET, COLIGER, UMEV>TLIES SC LTHS ARLES OKIE RA, MET, FLE, 9 ya, CRIA AILS OTLEY SE. HHOMML US EKKO ETOT, WR ERA THRE T CEL, MAMIE CEH, CO CEMET, 2 BNO UWE O92 Feb E RAMP IE CHRO nw