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LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF Jean-Philippe Smet |, Jean-Philippe Smet, residing and domiciled in Los Angeles County, California, United States of ‘America, make this my Wil, revoking all prior wills and codi FIRST: | declare that | am married and that the name of my wife is Laeticia Marie-Christine Smet née Boudou. We have two children of our marriage now living, namely: = Jade Smet, born August 3, 2004; and ~ Joy Smet, born July 27, 2008. have two children from previous relationships now living, namely: + David Smet, born August 14, 1966; ~ Laura Smet, born November 15, 1983. have no other children living or deceased. lintend the provisions of this Will to apply to and constitute the sole provision for my heirs at law. The omission to mention or make provision herein for any person who is or might become my heir at law, including but not limited to all of my descendants heretofore or hereafter born, is intentional. This Will shall not be revoked as to any person because of birth, ‘marriage or death. ‘SECOND: | give all of my property and estate, of whatever nature and wherever situated in the United States, France or elsewhere or held in accounts located in the United States, France or elsewhere, to the then acting Trustee of The JPS Trust established under that certain Declaration of Trust of even date herewith, executed on that date by me as Settlor, to be added to and augment the property then held in trust thereunder, and to be held and administered by such Trustee in accordance with the terms of said trust as stated in said Declaration of Trust, including any amendments thereto made before my death. ‘The property added to said trust shall be a part of the trust established by said Declaration of ‘Trust and such disposition thereof shall not constitute a testamentary trust under this Will. THIRD: | appoint my wife, Laeticia, as Executrix of this Will If for any reason my said wife shall fail or cease to act, | appoint Grégory Jean Henri Boudou| page 2 I 222 (2010 12 February 1976) a5 Executor ofthis Wil I direct that no bond shall be required of any person as Executrix/Executor hereunder. | give my Executrix/Executor full power to sell, ease or mortgage the whole or any portion of my estate, with or without notice, subject to such confirmation as may be required by law. | authorize my Executrix/Executor to hold and operate any property or business in which | may hhave an interest at the time of my death. | authorize my Executrix/Executor, subject to obtaining any necessary order of court therefor, to invest and reinvest any surplus monies of my estate in any property, real, personal or mixed, including but not limited to securities, bonds, mortgages, deeds of trust, and bank or corporation stocks. | authorize my Executrix/Executor to file a joint return with my wife for the year in which I die, even though my wife and not my estate is thereby benefited. Whenever it shall be necessary for my Executrix/Executor to make any apportionment or division of my estate for purposes of distribution, | authorize my Executrix/Executor, in my Executrix/Executor’s discretion, to make such apportionment or any distribution pursuant thereto in kind, or partly in kind and partly in money, pro rata or non-pro rata, and to that end to allot specific securities or property, or an undivided interest therein, to any part or share, or distributee, and the judgment of my Executrix/Executor concerning the propriety thereof, for the purpose of distribution of such securities or property so apportioned or interested in my estate, shall be final and conclusive. FOURTH: | declare that in the Declaration of Trust which is described in Article SECOND hereto I have made provision for the payment of certain expenses, claims and taxes. | hereby specifically authorize and empower my Executrix/Executor to make any and all certifications or demands to the Trustee thereunder for the purpose of providing for the payment of such items and direct my Executrix/Executor to cooperate with the Trustee in respect of the elections under Sections 2056A(a}(3) and 2056(b)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code and in respect of all other matters. | direct that in the event the payment out of said trust of any and all inheritance, estate or other death taxes directed to be paid therefrom shall be impossible by reason of its revocation, insufficiency of assets or otherwise, then and in any such event all such taxes or that portion thereof which cannot be paid out of said trust shall be paid out of the residue of my estate as an expense of administration. | | | IN WITNESS WHEREOF, | have hereunto set my hand this 11th day of July 2014, t. Jean-Philippe Smet D CUMENTS pry page 4 On the date indicated below, Jean-Philippe Smet declared to us that this instrument, consisting of four (4) pages, including this page signed by us as witnesses, was his Will and requested us to act as witnesses to it. He signed this Will in our presence. We now, at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other, subscribe our names as witnesses. Said Jean-Philippe Smet is over eighteen years of age and it is our belief that he is of sound mind and memory. We have no knowledge of any facts indicating that this Will, or any part of it, was procured by duress, menace, fraud, or undue influence. We declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct, | Declared and signed this 12th day of July, 2014, at_dor Argelet California, Signature: hz ZEA Signature: _——C a=

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