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FOR TOURISM Easy Bahasa Indonesia phonetics

Basic knowledge for interaction with hotel guests

By M. Omar Bennouna

Tes0ng level & Introduc0on

What do you know ? Some basic words to start with Conversa0on 1 : Gree0ngs

What do you know ?

Bienve n ue

Je veux un caf
Puis je vous a i der ?

voyage ! Bon
S'il vous plat
Bons oir

z ? Comment Vous Appele

Merci beaucoup
De rien

Je suis le recep0onist

Basic words to start


I You He / She -----We You They

Je / moi (Je / mua) Vous (Vu) Lui / Elle (lui / El) -----Nous (Nu) Vous (Vu) ils / Elles (il / El)

Basic words to start


I am You are He / She is -----We are You are They are

Je suis (sui) Vous tes (et) Lui / Elle est (e) -----Nous sommes (som) Vous tes (et) ils / Elles sont (son)

* Name & Surname = Nom et Prnom

Basic words to start


My Your His / Her -----Our Your Their

Mon Votre Son -----Notre Votre Leur

* Room = Chambre

Basic words to start


Welcome ianven) (B

Goodbye (Orwoar)

Good night (Bonswa)

Good Morning (Bonjuur)

! Have a nice day (Bon Jurnh)

Basic words to start


(No) No
Big (Gra) Small (Pet) Bad (Mal)



Good (Bing)

Basic words to start


Numros (Nimero)

1 Un (A) 2 Deux (Dheu) 3 Trois (Troa) 4 Quatre (Katr) 5 Cinq (Senk)

6 Six (Siz) 7 Sept (Set) 8 Huit (Wit) 9 Neuf (Nef) 10 Dix (Diz)

Basic words to start



Comment (komo) Quand (Kahn) Ou (U) Qui (ki) Quoi (Kwa) Pour Quoi (Pur Kwa)

Basic words to start


Like this

Comment a (komsa)

Yesterday / Today /Tomorrow (Hier / Azourdhui / Demn) Here/There (Isi / Laba)

Basic words to start


torn) (Res


(Pisin) (Shambr)

Basic Ques0ons
Do you have ? Yes, I have Would you like ? Yes, Id like Awe wu? Ui, Ze Wule wu? Ui, Ze we

Hotel usual dialogues



Bonjur e Bianvenu a Ze mapel . Ze sui personel de .

- Komon saba ? - Bien ? - Le Restaurant / Wuayaz /Wotre visit /la chambre Se Bien ?

- Kom ze pu wuz ede ? (How I can you help?) - Wule wu ? (Would you like?)

Have you?

Awe wu an reservaCon ?
(Have you a reserva:on?)

Wule wu sa o sa?

(Would you like this or this?)

Asking for sth

Passport Wotre Shambre sil wu ple. Your Passport please. Room

Where is ?

Se u la XXXX le YYYY ??

Where is the XXX ?

Something more ?

Se tu ??
Thats all ?

Tu se correct ?
Everything correct?

Bye !

Orwar ! A Bianto ! (See you soon) Bon Jurne ! Bon Wuayaz !

Hotel usual dialogues



MeeCng & Introducing

Bonjur ! Bonjur !

MeeCng & Introducing

Komon saba ? Saba tre bian, mersi. E wu ?
Very good, thank you. And you ?

Saba, mersi
Good, thank you.

MeeCng & Introducing

Komo wuz apele ? Ze mapel Pat, e wu ? Komo wuz apele ?

Ze mapel Dominik. Onshonte, Dominik

Onshonte, Pat

MeeCng & Introducing

I come from France, Im French

Ze wian de Frans, Ze sui franses.

Wu wene du Dominik ?

You come From Where?

Wu zet American! Wu wene du egzaktemon ?

You are American! You come from where exactly ?

Wu zet franses! Ze wian de USA, Ze suis American. Ze wian de Boston

MeeCng & Introducing

Ze suis etudian
Ah, Wu zet etudian ! Mua, Ze suis Profesor, Profesor dAngle
You are student! Me, Im teacher, Teacher of english Im student

Ah, Wu zet profesor dAngle

MeeCng & Introducing

Wu Parle angl? Ui, e Wu parle frons ?
Yes, & you speak french? You speak english?

Ui, an peC po.

Yes, a liYle bit

MeeCng & Introducing

Ok, Ze we she mua mantn Ok, Mua os
Ok, I have to go my home Ok, me too

MeeCng & Introducing

Orwar, Bonjurn Orwar, Bonjurn!

Hotel usual dialogues



Guest Check-in
Bonjur Madam, Ze pu wuz ede ?
Id like a room please

Wuz awe an reservasion ? Ah! Wuala la reservasion. Du nui, an shambre, avec an sal de ban
There is! 2 nights 1 room with Bathroom

Bonjur, Ze mapel madam Kalik. Ze wudreh an shambr SVP Ui mesie, Ze an reservaCon pur du nui

Ive reserva0on for 2 nights

Super! mersi

MeeCng & Introducing

Wuz awe la shambre 18, o premier etaz Mersi. E a kel or e le peC dezone?
& at what 0me is the breakfast?

Le peC dezone e de 8or a 10or, dan la sal akote de la resepsion

Breakfast is from 8h to 10h, at the room next to recep0on

Mersi mesie

MeeCng & Introducing (at the Room)

An fenetre

An gran lit

PeCt table E an Sal de Ban avec an dush e an Tualet

MeeCng & Introducing

Ze sui dezoleh

Oh no! Mesie egskuse mua, il ya pa de serviyet

Excuse me Sir, there are no towels

Tut suit madam!

Right now madam!

E, il ya pa de shampuan. Ze wudreh de shampuan

&, there are no Shampoo. Id like shampoo.

MeeCng & Introducing

Wuala la kleh, nimero 18

The key

E la kleh ?

Egzkuse mua, wu wule leseh la kleh ?

Excuse me, Would you like to leave the key ?

Bon jurneh mesie ! Ui, mersi Mersi a wu

MeeCng & Introducing

E, wuz aleh u ozordui ?
&, you go where today?

I want to go to the Eifel tower, & to the Louvre

Ze we a la Tur ifel, e Ze we o Luwr

Se formidable. Amiuze wu bian!

Its wonderful. Have fun!

Bon jurneh ! Bon jurneh !

Hotel usual dialogues



Fill in the blanks

Kombian de _____ il ya dan mon shambr ? How much of ____ there are in my room ? Wuz awe sulmon An, ma il e ____ ____ . You have only one, but it is ___ ____ . Le Resto e _____ o ______ mantn ? The Resto is ____ or ____ right now ? il e _______ . Wule wu an caf ? It is ______ . Would you like a coffee ? Ui mersi, avec de ___ e ___ SVP. Yes thank you, with __ and ___ please. Egzkuse mua, de lo e pa ___ , Se posibl an po de ____ ? Excuse me, the water is not ___ , its possible a little of ___ ?

Hotel usual dialogues



Breakfast Buet
Ze pu prond se tabl isi ?
Can I take this table here ?

Bonjur madam, le bufe e par isi

The buet is over here.

Komon wu wule
However you want

Breakfast Buet
U e le caf ? SVP E, U e le leh mesieh ?
Leh Cafe Sukr

Le caf e sur la tabl

Le leh, e akote Le sukr e sur la tabl

E, le sukr ?

Mersi !

Breakfast Buet
Mersi. E, il ya le zu dorange
&, there is juice of Orange ?

Wuz awe osi le pan, la contur e le fromaz, sur la tabl, si wu wule Ze sui dezoleh madam, ma il ya pa de zu dorange. Ma il ya de chokol sho.
Chockol Fromaz

Mersi, ze fah !
Thank you, Im hungry !



Breakfast Buet
Ui mersi. E ladision ?
Yes thank you, & the bill ?

Wuz awe termineh madam ? Il ya pa de ladision pur le cliont de lhotel

Ze compron, mersi
I understand, Thank you

There isno bill for clients of hotel

De rian !

Hotel usual dialogues



Fill in the blanks

Dan le buffet il ya ______ de shoz. At the buffet there are _____ of things Ma, wuz awe osi de _______ pur le pan ? But, you have also _____ for the bread ? Ui madam il ya _____ tip. Yes madam there are ____ types. ______ mesie, Se u la pisin ? _____ ___ Sir, is where the pool ? Se zust ______ de le restoran. Its just _____ the restaurant. ___ de la pisin e ____ o ____ ? E il e ___ o ___ ? ____ of the pool is ___ or ___ ? & it is ___ or ___ ?

Hotel usual dialogues



Dinner at Restaurant
Bonsuar mesieh Wuz awe an reservaCon ? Pa de problem. Wua isi an tabl pur 3 person, e wua isi la cart
No problem, here you have a table for 3 person, & here is the menu

Bonsuar madam. Ze wudreh an tabl pur 3 person pur dineh SVP

Id like a table for 3 person for dinner please.

No, Ze pa de reservaCon Mersi madam

Dinner at Restaurant
Ui mesieh ? SVP ! Ze wudreh de lo
I would like water

Ui mesieh ! E pur dineh, wuz awe shuazi ?

& for dinner, have you choosed ?

Ze wudreh le menu a 15 Ze wudreh le pateh

Ui, an antreh ?
Yes, an ape0zer ?

Dinner at Restaurant
E, an plat prinsipal ?
&, a main course ?

Ze wudreh le steack frit

Bian, kel kuison ?

Well, how cooked ?

Bian kuit SVP. No, a puan SVP

Well done please. No!, medium please

An desert ?

An glas a la wanih

Dinner at Restaurant
Egzkuse mua. U se le tualet ? O Su sol
At under ground

O Su sol, wu desende leskalier

Ze compron pa. Wu puwe repeter SVP ?

I dont understand. You can reapeat please ?

Oh! Ze compron mantno. Mersi

Oh! I understand now.

Dinner at Restaurant
Komo wu truweh le steack frit ?
How you nd the fried steack ?

Se delisio, Se parfeh ! Ladision SVP

Is delicious, Is perfect. The Bill please

Bian mesieh. Wu puwe peyer a la kes

You can pay at the cashier.

Hotel usual dialogues



Fill in the blanks

Ze we fer an _____ pur katr person I want to make a ___ for four person Se an reservasion pur _____ se suar ? Its a reservation for ____ this afternoon ? Wuz et _____ de lhotel ? You are ___ of the hotel ? Ui madam, Ze sui a la shambr ____ Yes madam, I am at the room ___ A ___ ___ wule wu dineh ? At __ ___ would you like dinner ?. Ze we dineh dan le _____ ____ a 20h SVP I want to have dinner at the __ ___ at 20h please

Hotel usual dialogues



At the kiosk
Bonjur madam Egskuze mua, ze pu wuz ede? Wuz awe de kard postal ? Ui, la ba!

Bonjur mesieh

At the kiosk
Sa kut combian ? An , sankont E, Sa kut combian ? Du , wan Ze prond la card postal

At the kiosk
Bon, e wu dezireh an tambr ? Pur les Etaz Uni? Ui Se katre wan sanCm madam


Bon, Ze prond le tambr osi

At the kiosk
An card postal, e an tambr pur les Etaz Uni. Sa fe trua , SVP Wuala wotre moneh, an pies de du De rian, Ze wuz ompri madam. Bonjurneh ! Wuala sank , mesieh

Mersi !

Hotel usual dialogues



Fill in the blanks

Egskuse mua, ___ __ mesie Dimas le ______ ? Ze sui madam Gusfi, ze trawai a ____ _____ ______ sa kut an shambr delux pur du ___ ? Wu puwe le _____ a la resepsionist, El _____ Evi. Le ___ pur se shambre se 200 ___ _____ Oh mon Die ! Se tro ____ !

The colours






Complete the words

- Dezo - De -A - Sul - Dego - Bu - Kon - Eska - Su - Deman - Mos - - - - - - - - - - - sol vant mon de fitur zole lier Ku Tik Ne las

Match the meaning

How can I? Is it Possible? Can you? Do you think? How much? Can I? When? Do you have? Pense wu? Ze pu? Kombian? Kom ze pu? Se posibl? kan? Awe wu? Puwe wu?

Make your own sentences

Pense wu ________________________________________? Ze pu ____________________________________________? Kombian _________________________________________? Kom ze pu _______________________________________? Se posibl _________________________________________? Kan _____________________________________________? Awe wu __________________________________________? Puwe wu _________________________________________?

Training dialogues Guest / Employee

Bonzur madam. Bianbenu a JVI Kom ze pu vuz ede? Bonzur mesieh. Mersi

Ze an reservasion. Ze sui Madam Chlo

Oh ui! An shambre delux an grn li?

Ui, se sa!

Training dialogues Guest / Employee

Wu puwe me done kelke informasion? Pur le checkin? Wotre nom komplet? Madam Chlo Himawari Ok, e wotre az SVP? Ze sui 29 an. Ok, se tu! Mersi

Ui biansur!

Training dialogues Guest / Employee

Wotre shambr se le nimero 247 Ok. Ma, se u la shambr? La shambr se tut drua, a kote de la pisin Ok mersi.

Training dialogues Guest / Employee

Ui madam biansur. E wu puwe osi fer an reservasion pur duneh dan notre nJoglo Resto Egzkuze mua. Dan la shambr ze bezuan de an serviyet e an gran li. Se posibl?

Mersi a wu madam. Ze wuz ompri.

Ok, se parfeh! Mersi mesieh.

Hotel usual dialogues



Using to Be and to Have

I am You are He/She is We are You are They are Ze Sui Wu Zet Il / El E Nu Som Wu Zet Ils / Els Son

Using to Be and to Have

I have You have He/She has We have You have They have Ze Wuz Awe Il / El A Nuz Awon Wu Awe Ils / Els Ont

Using to Be and to Have

Im 3 yo and I have a small bed. Ze 3 an e Ze an pe0 li. My father is 45 yo and he has a big bed Mon per a 45 an e il a an gran li You have a restaurant, so you are very intelligent Wuz awe an restoran, alor Wu zet tre anteligent I am your friend because you have something special Ze sui wotre ami paske Wuz awe kelke shoz spesial I have a big pool and she is my mother Ze an gran pisin e El e ma mer You have an expensive bill because you are bule Wuz awe an adision tre sher paske Wu zet bule

Exercise with to Be and to Have

I have a key You are my guest He has something We are french They have towels I am your friend ils ont Il a Ze Ze sui Wu zet Nu som Franse Wotre Ami Mon clion An Kleh Kelke shoz serviyet

Translate to english
Ze an peCt restoran a Yogyakarta I have a small restaurant in Yogyakarta Wuz awe la kleh de ma shambr You have the key of my room il e le clion ki a buku de shoz He is the client that has a lot of things Sa se pa wotre pasport, se mon pasport That is not your passport, is my passport Ze bian manze ozordui dan votre resto I had good luch today in your resto Ze sui le responsabl de wotre securite I am the responsible of your security

Describe the pictures

What happens here ? ________________________________________________

What is this ? & oer something ________________________________________________

Where are the keys ? ___________________________________________

* Buy = Ashat * Sell = Wond

Describe the pictures

Who is she ? What does she want ? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Who is he ? What does he do ? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Describe how is each door: right, lei, colour, open, close ______________________________________________

* Door = Port