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Honourable Khushal LOBINE, MP Member of the National Assembly 5 of April 2021 To Honourable Charles Gaetan Xavier-Luc DUVAL, G.C.S.K, F.C.A, MP Leader of the Opposition Office of the Leader of the Opposition 5t Floor, Newton Tower, Cnr Sir William Newton & Remy Ollier Streets, Port Louis In Re: Resigning as Member of the Parliamentary Committee _on Independent Commission Against Corruption Honourable Leader of the Opposition, By virtue of Section 59(2) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002(POCA), whereby I was designated by your predecessor, the former Leader of the Opposition, to be a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), I am hereby informing you, that I shall NO longer be part of this Parliamentary Committee, inasmuch as by way of this letter [am tendering my resignation with immediate effect. The reasons for my resignation are as follows: 1. Since my designation as a member of the Parliamentary Committee as from the 14% February 2020 and up to now, I was committed and took the challenge to participate and make this Committee to operate as per the provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act 2002. 2. It is my humble opinion that this Parliamentary Committee is an important component as per Section 61 of the POCA to monitor and review the manner in which the Independent Commission Against Corruption(ICAC) fulfils its functions under this Act. 3. Iam also of the considered view that this Parliamentary Committee as per Section 60(1) of the POCA shall meet at least once every month, but unfortunately same has NOT been the case. I am of the humble opinion that it is mandatory for the Parliamentary Committee to meet at least once a month and as such the Committee has not fulfilled its legal obligations and in a statement before the Committee on Tuesday the 12 of January 2021, I drew the attention of the Chairperson to that effect. 4, The Parliamentary Committee has up to now only been looking at staffing requirements, budgetary estimates, financial management, allocation of resources to the various operations of the Commission and its Annual Report. But up to now the Committee has failed to address, the very essence of having a Parliamentary Committee. As per Section 61 (1)(d) of the POCA, the functions and powers of the Parliamentary Committee shall be to amongst others, ‘...isswe guidelines and give general directives to the Commission with regard to the manner in which the Commission is to perform its functions and exere owers 5. More importantly Section 61(1)(f) of the POCA makes it also mandatory for the Committee to, ‘...make a report to the Assembly where the Committee considers that it is expedient that the attention of the Assembly be directed to- i. the manner in which the Commission is discharging its functions and exercising its powers; ii. The financial situation of the Commission; iii. reforms; or iv. Any other matter rela The need for further legislative A to fl ry . The nine members of the Parliamentary Committee including the Chairperson, have never met to work on the preparation of guidelines. No working sessions were ever held with a view to prepare a report to be submitted to the Assembly on the need for further legislative reforms. In the light of the above, it is my considered view that the Committee has been unable to fulfil its legal obligations. I fail to understand why as at date the Committee has not considered it important that the elaboration of guidelines should be viewed as being of paramount importance and why it has not been contemplated expedient to make a report to the assembly to amongst others canvass the need for further legislative reforms. This is what [believe is expected from parliamentarians that have been designated to be member of the Parliamentary Committee. Honourable Leader of the Opposition, I thus seize this opportunity to thank your predecessor and I also thank you for your trust, but taking into account of what I have pointed out in this letter, Iam unable to continue as a member of this Parliamentary Committee and I shall thus kindly request you to convey to the clerk of the National Assembly who by virtue of Section 59(5) of the POCA is the Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee, so that in turn, she can inform the Speaker of the National Assembly, that I have resigned and shalll no longer be a member of the Parliamentary Committee Tthank you in anticipation for your kind consideration. Respectfully Yours, HONOURABLE KHUSHAL LOBINE, MP FIRST ELECTED MEMBER FOR CONSTITUENCY NO 15, LA CAVERNE AND PHOENIX 'F Floor, Chancery oun, Lstet Geolroy Streak, Pom Luts | Yel Nov 2065R59 | SAS ORS MODIS SSESSOIS E-mails: Mobine@zovmuons Mobine @Pbarstr mu | Webte:wanw.khvshalobine.com 3