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(6¢™*) — ANGLAIS Révisions rentrée ¥/ There is / There are Complete les phrases a Vaide de « There is » ou « There are». a a cinema next to the supermarket. DB. sssssessssessrseseeene CWO pet Shops in the district. .. twenty-five pupils in the class. 1. beautiful roses in the garden. .. a new bakery on Elm Street. fiom .. a box for you on the table. G vssssssussssnens Some One juice in the fridge. 2/ Some / Any Complete les phrases en utilisant SOME ou ANY. mustard in the fridge. wee Coke in the bottle. a. There is 6. There isn’t ¢. There aren’t .. cheeseburgers today. d. I have... ... money in my wallet. @. She CANE SEC sssssssrvsnseee CatS in the house. 3/ La possession (le génitif) Traduis en anglais les expressions suivantes. a. Le chat d’Anne. b. Le téléphone de mon pére. ¢. La voiture du professeur. d, Le livre de John. ¢. Le stylo de mon frére. f. Le chien de Tom. 4/ Simple Past of TO BE Complete les phrases suivantes a Vaide de WAS ou WERE. a. My parents . at the cinema yesterday. 6. Jack .. late today. 6. YOU sssssseee my best friend. 1 serene Born in Alaska. @. YOU ANd I... in the same class. Fi ThEY sssssssee happy to be on holiday. G- ShE sosssssse an artist,