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APPENDIX A. ALLOWABLE STRESSES AND QUALITY FACTORS FOR METALLIC PIPING AND BOLTING MATERIALS Specifisaton Inde for Appontic A "Nowe for Appendix A Tables “Table Act asl Allowable Streses n Tension for Meal Materials on Casings Carbo Steet Pipes and Toes Pipes (Stata! Grad) Plies ad Shes Pltes and Shows Several) Forgings and Pings castings Low and Imermedite Alloy Stee Pipe Pes Forgings sad ings Castings pes and Tes Pes nd Sects Ferings tad Peings ber Casings [Copper and Copper Alloy Pipes and Tater Pes and Sets gigs Casings Nickel and Nik Alay Pipes and Tabs Pls and Shots Forgings nd iting. Rod an Bar 1 12. 155 156 1 160 1a 18 168 168 170 170 m 180 12 12. us 6 16 18 10 ra atc sour msi sings - Is “Tuam and Tio Alloy Pipes and Tabet oon 196 Paes and Shows : 196 Farings 196 iconv a Zeon ay pe an Toes 196 Pes and Sheets : 196 Forgings and Bat : 196 ‘Aluminum Alley Seales Pps and Tater . 198 Weied Piper an Tues ent) Sica Tues 19 Pints and Sheets . 200 orings and ings an casings : 25 ‘Table A-TA Basie Casting Quality Factors, Materials Caton St {ow and Inerodie Alloy Stl Snes Stet Copper ant Copp ily Niche an Nickel Alloy : Aluninum Ally 7 = ‘able A.1B Rasic Qual Factors for Longtanal Weld Joint in Pipes, Tbe, and Fins PESEERR Materite (Cubos Set 2s ‘ow a Inte Alloy Ste : ms Sines Stel i Cope and Copper Alloy oa Nickel and Nickel Alloy om “Tsim ad Tum Alloy 2a Zacoion sad Zz Alloy : 208 ‘unin Ally = ‘Table A-2 Desig Sires Values for Baling Material Materinte Catto Sct . eo Alloy tet, a Snes Stel . 2 (Copper an Capper ling oo 2s [Nickel and Nik Alay : a5 Aluminum Alloy 27 ‘SPECIFICATION INDEX FOR APPENDIX A es Pip, Sk a Haye 2 Ce igpammnerase, CEE ecco vt (eae ents eee eee ESHER ane Seirateenomennon te aaa ane moee eee ‘Prez Wem Pay Aly Set, Moyes ‘e Vin ore Ste sting i aes yr ei rt atone ar ‘ses Se Pa St sn Sr Prone cya ri Ft ree a an Sa a Per el Pat, lS ann SE Pia ‘Stat wae et Por Uo epee sama Frey Sl i Wah For Ere sn Lo eS! Tach Yn oy pon mens, nat Rate eter "Cota Pet Saber eat ren Ve Pe ly Sel 9 ere ea cred ute Cen ‘ay sm Pp ti emer Se ci Fw sr vr Pac ly St, Che ri lon Prsee tr roe Se Pe Star mre cei et a ay 8 Pe a rere Vel Pe art te Sen ores seve sea Cron Poe pet ras Pay a Cen