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How Quantum Physics Will Change Cybersecurity

Quantum physics is an often mind-boggling branch of science filled with strange behavior and bizarre implications. For many people, the mere mention of the term is enough to send us hurtling in the opposite direction, like an electron bouncing off the center of an atom. But evidence is mounting that the future of technology lies in quantum mechanics, which focuses on how the smallest things in our universe work. And a new breakthrough by scientists in China has just brought the world one very big step closer to this quantum revolution. Hundreds of miles closer, in fact. So it’s as good a time
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Outraged By the Google Diversity Memo? I Want You to Think About It

That leaked internal memo from James Damore at Google? The one that says one shouldn’t expect employees in all professions to reflect the demographics of the whole population? Well, that was a pretty dumb thing to write. But not because it’s wrong. Dumb is that Damore thought he could have a reasoned discussion about this. In the U.S.A., out of all places. The version of Damore’s memo that first appeared on Gizmodo missed references and images. But meanwhile, the diversity memo has its own website, and it comes with links and graphics. Damore’s memo strikes me as a pamphlet produced by a well-
Clean Eating
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Sleep Easy

At least 40 million American adults suff er from sleep disorders including insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. And when researchers behind the mindfulness app Calm recently surveyed more than 4,200 adults about the strangest cures for insomnia, the list of candidates was curious indeed. Eating sea slug entrails before bed? Lathering your hair in yellow soap? Yes, these are remedies that have actually been tried around the world. But you don’t have to eat a raw onion, point your bed northward or watch a video of a crossword puzzle tournament in order to secure a deep and restf
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An insider’s hilarious account…

Take a look at how Silicon Valley culture has run amok. What are all the wealthy people doing inside the tech bubble, and if they’re getting away with all that, what could possibly make it burst? Martinez relates his personal antics as a former Facebook and Twitter employee with cutting humor to paint a damning picture of unchecked privilege.